Standard Ratzer Information – Everything You Need To Know

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A charming cross between a Rat Terrier and a Standard Schnauzer, the Standard Ratzer. Because the Rat Terrier comes in two sizes, their size fluctuates, but they seldom weigh over 30 pounds and stand less than 20 feet tall. As long as they are socialized as puppies, this breed makes a fantastic home companion that gets along with everyone.

The Standard Ratzer lives for around 18 years on average, but it has been expected to live for up to 23 years! However, you should be aware of specific congenital health issues, such as Schnauzer comedo disease and intrahepatic shunt.

Standard Ratzer’s History

Standard Ratzer Information Everything You Need To KnowLook into the Rat Terrier & Regular Terrier origins to obtain a sense of your Standard Ratzer’s heritage. A Rat Terrier is indeed an American vermin-hunting dog created in the 1800s. They are believed to be descended from Beagles, Greyhounds, Whippets, and many European and Fox Terrier breeds.

The Little and Normal Rat Terrier are the two sizes available. A Miniature Rat Terrier can only weigh approximately 10 pounds, but the Standard Rat Terrier may weigh 25 pounds. The Rat Terrier’s personality, speed, agility, and scenting skills were all enhanced by the mix of these breeds.

A Rat Terrier was perhaps the most prevalent worker field dog in America in the early 1900s. Teddy’s Terriers were named after President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who owned six of them while at the White House. The Rat Terrier was approved by American Kennel Club in 2013, and it is now the 96th most popular dog breed in the US. The Normal Schnauzer was likewise created to become a vermin hunter.

The breed was developed from Wolf Dog, Boxer, Pinscher, and Schnauzer in Germany during the Middle Ages. According to some, Albrecht Durer painted a portrait of the Standard Schnauzer in the 15th century. But, they were not well-known outside of Germany till the 1800s, when mating programs were established to create the Schnauzer standard.

Standard Ratzer Characteristics

It would be best if you examined the parents to decide the appearance of your Ratzer. American Rat Terriers are characterized by small muscular bodies, robust, wide chests, and sturdy necks. As a result, the hybrid adopts these traits and the Schnauzer’s square-shaped head, beards, and mustaches.

Furthermore, the hybrids are pointed or upright, so they will grow erect when he’s on alert.

How Big Can A Standard Ratzer Get?

Ratzer is between 18 and 22 inches tall and weighs between 20 and 25 pounds. The female is smaller, weighing 8-23 pounds, and measures 17-23 inches tall.

How Long Can A Standard Ratzer Live?

The typical Ratzer is a large dog with a reasonable lifespan compared to other dogs of this kind. The life expectancy of this mixed breed is mainly determined by their health, which varies depending on good monitoring and care. It has a lifetime of 10 – 15 years on average.

How Much Does A Standard Ratzer Cost?

Fortunately, a Standard Ratzer dog won’t break the bank. It’s easily available in the $400-$1100 range. The price varies depending on the hybrid’s pedigree, the puppy’s health, and parents’ health. Furthermore, you must check that the breeder’s facility is hygienic and trustworthy.

Standard Ratzer Personality/Temperament

The Standard Ratzer is indeed a wonderful dog with many personalities that would be ideal for a family seeking a dog that is easy to get along with. It is a dog with a friendly and upbeat demeanor that makes an ideal family companion. This puppy is full of curiosity and is interested in everything, it also has a lot of energy.

To be healthy and happy, its curious and active disposition requires frequent rigorous play sessions. The alert, loyal, and powerful is not only a nice cuddling friend but also an excellent watchdog who barks a lot to warn you of intruders. This puppy, on the other hand, does not like to be left all alone loves to be among humans.

Standard Ratzer’s Nutrition

The Standard Ratzer, like their hunger, is relatively tiny. As a result, it only requires 1-1/2 cups of Dog Food every day. However, because it is a high-energy dog, you should provide it with a diet rich in nutritious carbs and a sufficient quantity of crude protein. You may either add some water to that Dry Dog Food or use Wet Dog Food.

How Do You Groom A Standard Ratzer?

Thanks to the Schnauzer father, the Ratzer does have a low hypoallergenic inclination and does not shed much! Despite how little it sheds, it requires periodic brushing with a Dog Brush & annual cost-cutting with Dog Grooming Clippers. Because this dog is prone to ear infections and allergies, keeping his ears clean is crucial.

Activity Levels Of A Standard Ratzer

A Standard Ratzer is a high-energy, energetic dog. It needs room to expel its pent-up energy, and a guarded garden is great for a brisk run or sport of fetch. It will also require vigorous walks, running, playing, and romping to stay physically active.

Health Of A Standard Ratzer

Patellar Luxation, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Hip, And Elbow Malformations, Portosystemic Transfer, Gastritis, Demodectic Handle, Eye problems, Pigment Mixture Baldness, Terrier Comedo Disorder, Haematuria, and Infections are among conditions that can affect Standard Ratzers. Fortunately, it is considerably less prone to succumb to illnesses than purebred dogs, although frequent veterinarian visits are still required.

Breeds Similar To A Standard Ratzer 

Best Dog Food For  A Standard Ratzer

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Standard Ratzer is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. This recipe is rich in antioxidants taken from real fruits and vegetables to strengthen the immune system. It also includes wholesome grains like barley and oatmeal to provide nourishment to the body.

  • It includes calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones. 
  • Glucosamine helps to maintain joint health and stimulate mobility.
  • Omega fatty acids like 3 and 6 are present to enhance the skin and coat.

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Best Puppy Food For Standard Ratzer

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Standard Ratzer is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula. This meal obtains its proteins from real lamb meat to help develop strong muscles. The brown rice in this product provides essential carbohydrates to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

  • Calcium provides essential minerals to maintain strong teeth and gums. 
  • DHA taken from fish oil helps to improve vision and cognitive functions. 
  • There are live probiotics, which boost the digestive system and help to maintain it.

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Best Dog Crate For Standard Ratzer

Precision Pet Products Provalu Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Standard Ratzer is Precision Pet Products Provalu Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This carte is available in several convenient sizes and is extremely comfortable for regular use. The wires of the crate are made from high-quality metal, which provides a safe den for your Ratzer.

  • This crate has a carry handle for effortless portability. 
  • The corners of the crate are rounded to avoid any kind of injury.
  • It allows proper inflow of air to get rid of claustrophobia.

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Best Dog Bed For Standard Ratzer

Best Friends By Sheri Lux Fur Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Standard Ratzer is Best Friends by Sheri Calming Lux Fur Donut Cuddler Bolster Dog Bed. This bed is constructed from soft faux fur, which is not only comfortable but also luxurious. It is shaped like a donut which allows them to snuggle in, cozily, for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  • Features a water-resistant nylon base.
  • The whole bed can be washed in the machine and left out to dry.
  • It has an eco-friendly polyester filling, which does not release any harmful toxins or chemicals.

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Best Dog Harness For Standard Ratzer

Petsafe Easy Walkdog Harness

The best dog harness for Standard Ratzer is PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. This harness is made from high-quality fabric, which is waterproof and hence compatible with all seasons. It discourages dogs from tugging or pulling and gives you more control over them during walks.

  • There are quick snap buckles to make it easier to wear and open.
  • It can be attached with a leash and best suited for training purposes. 
  • There are four adjustment points on the harness to avoid them from choking and providing a more comfortable experience.

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