The Best Blue Heeler Mixed Breeds

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Blue Heeler Mixed BreedsIf you’ve heard of the Australian Cattle Dog, you’ll know that these dogs come with a rugged and tough exterior but with a soft heart that makes them extremely protective, loyal, and affectionate! They’re also among the smartest dog breeds in the canine world and are well-suited to families who can put them to good use. In this article, we share all the best Blue Heeler mixed breeds that you can add to the family today! 

What is the Blue Heeler? 

The Blue Heeler, also known as the Australian Cattle Dog, is an energetic and active breed native to Australia. It features a distinct, blue-speckled coat; these handsome and hardworking dogs are the result of crossing the Dalmatian with a Border Collie. Originally bred during the 19th century, Blue Heelers were initially created to herd cattle back inside their farms after grazing across the vast Australian outback. 

They are available in two coat colors; the blue hue that gives them the name Blue Heeler and red, which gives them the name Red Heeler. These pups got their name from their habit of nipping the heels of cattle to get them moving; they’re also remarkably tough and resilient dogs that are able to handle the harsh climates of Australia. In 1980, the Blue Heeler was recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred dog, where their standards were also set. 

The Best Blue Heeler Mixed Breeds 

If for some reason you’re unable to find purebred dogs, you may want to consider a Blue Heeler mix. There is a wide range of mixes for you to choose from; below are just a few of the best Blue Heeler mixed breeds that you can take back to a loving home! 


This breed combines two of the most energetic breeds known in the canine world, the Australian Cattle Dog and the Labrador Retriever, so they will have extremely high activity levels and will want to go on all kinds of adventures with you. Because of the Labrador parent breed, it will love water; they will be happy to swim and will enjoy playing water sports. While they can be reserved at times, most of these dogs have a goofy side you’ll see sooner or later.

Labraheelers can be wonderful family companions for everyone who leads an active lifestyle and wants a protective and loyal pup.

Border Heeler

A combination of an Australian Cattle Dog and a Border Collie produces the Border Heeler, a no-nonsense dog that takes its job seriously and is always alert. These dogs thrive with owners who can match their high energy levels and can keep them busy at all times of the day. Because both parent breeds are highly intelligent, their offspring will surely be just as smart, if not more!

Given their cleverness, they will likely learn anything you teach them but try to make their training sessions interesting so they don’t get bored. Keep them engaged with puzzles, tricks, and new approaches to training. 


When you mix the Australian Cattle Dog with the Siberian Husky, you’ll get the perfect jogging partner. Both dog breeds were bred to travel over long distances and can tolerate all kinds of terrain in their path. This Husky mix is incredibly playful; your Aussie Husky puppy can get into trouble and mischief since they’re eager explorers but you can trust them to be loyal and will always put you first. 

Cattle Shepherd

By mixing the Australian Cattle Dog with the German Shepherd, you can take home the Cattle Shepherd, a woofer that’s highly alert, devoted, and protective of its owners. This German Shepherd mix has plenty of qualities that make it one of the best watchdogs available. When working with German Shepherds, however, be sure to give them extra socialization and training to ensure that their protectiveness stays healthy. 

These dogs can be aloof around strangers but they can be very affectionate with those they love. After taking them on long walks, you can be sure that they will spoil you with lots of hugs and kisses. 

Australian Cattle Dog and Great Dane

When you want a bigger dog with the same energy levels as a Blue Heeler, then try this mix between the Australian Cattle Dog and Great Dane. While there aren’t any of these dogs around, they have been described as sweet, long-legged dogs who love action. Because both are friendly dogs, they can be a great addition to families while their larger size makes them a suitable watchdog. 

Chi Heeler

The Blue Heeler and Chihuahua mix may sound like a strange combination at first, but it actually works according to people who have owned them. In terms of appearance, Chi Heelers are small to medium-sized dogs that carry the stature of a Chihuahua and the robust, blue-speckled body of the Blue Heeler. When it comes to their temperament, they’ll get a mix between the Chihuahua’s sass and the Heeler’s alert brain. 

While they may seem like a handful at first, they’re also active and fun dogs that will always stand guard over you and your property. However, they may not be the best choice for families with children since their inner Chihuahua may come out, showing a more bossy and dominant side. An old mixed Chihuahua will tend to be easy to look after but they may take over the home if they don’t have a firm leader — they will need lots of love and attention but they’re a rewarding dog to have. 

Texas Heeler

Both the Australian Shepherd and the Australian Cattle Dog are herding breeds that share similar temperaments. As such, it’s safe to assume that the Texas Heeler (which has been named after where it really originates since the name Australian Shepherd is confusing). These mixed breeds come with a strong work ethic, high energy levels, and a protective nature, making them the perfect match for like-minded owners. 

While these dogs will be hard to handle for novice owners, those who are more experienced will be happy with a faithful and loyal canine that’s sure to brighten your home with its unconditional love. Finally, if your mixed breed takes after its Aussie Shepherd parent it will be happy to cuddle up close to you and keep your lap warm.  


The Aussimo is a mix between the Australian Cattle Dog and the American Eskimo Dog, a cheery pup with a mischievous side. Luckily, when they get proper training and lots of positive encouragement, they’ll be eager to please and will wow your visitors with their mastery over complex commands. They’ll grow around 15 inches high and will weigh under 30 pounds, although their exact size will depend on their American Eskimo parent. 

The ACD can be mixed with the toy, miniature, or standard American Eskimo, which will affect how big they can get. 

French Bull Heeler

Also known as the French Blue Heeler Bulldog, the French Bull Heeler is a mix of the Blue Heeler and the French Bulldog, which produces a cute miniature version of the former. These mixed-breed dogs are intelligent, active, lively, and sturdy. Because of their Blue Heeler background, they may come with a high prey drive, so they may chase after small animals. 

But if you’re looking for a hardy and athletic dog that looks like a Frenchie but is as active as the Heeler, then you’ve found the perfect match for you. 

Blue Cadoodle (Australian Cattle Dog x Poodle)

While the name Blue Cadoodle sounds like it might have come straight out of a children’s book, it’s a real dog that can be developed by mixing the Australian Cattle Dog and Poodle. Also known as a Cattle Doodle, these dogs can be made using the standard Poodle, miniature Poodles, or even toy Poodles. These dogs are incredibly intelligent and friendly; they’re also easy to train, thrive in human company, and will learn quickly through positive reinforcement. 

Golden Cattle Dog

One of the most adorable combinations on this list is one between the Australian Cattle Dog and the Golden Retriever; these dogs take their job of being your best friend seriously. These dogs are incredibly affectionate and loyal, making for the perfect playmate. However, these active dogs will need plenty of exercise to keep their herding instincts in check, so they’re best suited to an active and adventurous family.  

Pit Heeler 

The Pit Heeler is a cross between the American Bully and the Australian Cattle Dog, resulting in a crossbreed that’s also known as the Queensland Pit, the Bull Pit Heeler, and the Bull Heeler. While this is still a relatively new breed, both American Bullies and ACDs are known for their loyalty and herding prowess, which makes them a great choice for farm work. These dogs enjoy moderately cold weather but won’t fare so well in hot temperatures as a result of their thick coat. 

They will need mental stimulation, daily exercise, and lots of attention to prevent them from developing destructive behavior. When given consistent training, your Pit Heeler can become a loving pet that’s always eager to please and impress you.     

Is a Blue Heeler Mix Right for You?

The Blue Heeler and its mixes can make great companions and have a great range of characteristics that make them wonderful companions and faithful family dogs. However, hybrid dogs can take characteristics from both parents so you might get a pup with a strong personality. Moreover, you can expect a dog with high energy levels and will need a lot of exercise, training, and mental stimulation. 

But if you’re serious about taking one of these Blue Heeler mixes home, make sure that you research both breeds that make up your pup and learn about their needs. It’s essential that you understand their temperament, care, health, exercise, and training needs. Make sure you only talk to a reputable breeder and do all the necessary checks required to make sure that your new puppy is both healthy and happy. 

Now that you have all the information you need, you can now go out to look for the newest addition to your family. Before you choose the Blue Heeler mix you like the most, make sure that it will be the right fit for you, your family, and other pets you may already have. 


While pet ownership can be a good idea especially if you’re looking to give old dogs new homes, knowing which dog to add to your family is imperative if you want to save homeless pets. Be sure to look through animal shelters or call a rescue organisation if there’s a particular Blue heeler mix you’re after. If you’re serious about buying a new dog and giving it a good home, be sure to speak to responsible dog breeders who will give you a healthy dog.