The Best Car Dog Crates (Updated 2024)

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Best Car Dog CratesTaking your best friend out for a long road trip can trigger travel anxiety at times, but you can turn this into a fun experience once you get your hands on a safe dog crate for traveling. Even if your trip doesn’t take you out of the state, using crash-tested dog crates should be a priority purchase to keep your pooch safe during long hauls or even a quick visit to the vet. Below are just a few of the best car dog crates that will be perfectly suitable for a crate-trained dog. 

Why Dogs Need a Crate Inside the Car  

Even if your dog settles calmly inside your front passenger seat, it’s still a good idea to secure it within a high-quality crate to protect it from potential hazards. Here are the reasons why. 


This is the most obvious reason behind getting a crate for your adult dog; every time you get inside your car, most dog owners will buckle up but forget to secure their own dog. When a crash occurs, an unsecured dog can be thrown out of the vehicle which may result in serious injuries or even death. 


In times of danger or if you’re injured, your dog will remain safe inside the crate where it can’t bite anyone or run away due to panic. 


If your furry friend is new to riding vehicles, it may get fussy inside the cargo area where they can become distracting as you drive. A 2019 safety study conducted by Volvo determined that unrestrained dogs contribute to significantly unsafe driving conditions, distraction to drivers, and more stress for both the dog and their owners.  

Best Car Dog Crates

This type of dog product won’t just keep your pooch safe and secure, but it will also act as a seat belt that will protect dogs from a potential impact. Below are some of the best travel crates for canines. 

1. Sport Pet Dog Car Seat Crate

Sport Pet Dog Car Seat Crate


  • Provides a safe, secure, and cozy space for your dog in the back seat of the vehicle
  • Comes with a durable gate on both sides and mesh paneling to keep your dog in view
  • With adjustable leash clips so you can secure it on a harness
  • Best for pets up to 25lbs. and ideal for pets with crate training
  • Measures 45-1/4”L x 17-1/4”W x 18-3/4”H and can be used on dogs of all life stages

Both dogs and cats will feel safe on every road trip with the Sport Pet Dog and Cat Car Seat Crate; this soft crate can provide your pup with a cozy spot in the backseat of your car. It comes with 2 openings that provide easy access, as well as security leash clips that help to hold it in place — at the same time, this collapsible crate can be folded flat for easy storage. It’s also very durable and provides enough visibility to let your pets see what’s going on around their surroundings.  


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2. Cool Runners Soft Kennel Car Crate

Cool Runners Soft Kennel Car Crate


  • Ensures a safe ride for your pet while protecting your pickup truck from scratches, dander, and other messes
  • Features an adjustable design to fit cats, dogs, and multiple pets
  • Secures your pet through adjustable straps that can be secured to the backseat
  • With mesh windows, it can keep your canine companion cool, and lets it see the view
  • A great option for going to the vet, the park, or for agility training

With the Cool Runners Pet Tube Soft Kennel Car Crate, you can give cats and small dogs even more comfort and you can even put dog beds inside for an enjoyable ride. It offers enough space to fit 2 small dogs or multiple cats while keeping your back seats neat and clean, no matter how rowdy they get! Depending on your car model and how big your dog is, this can be the right size for all your needs; simply secure its straps to the back of the headrests, and you can be on your way. 


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3. Impact Dog Crates Aluminum Dog Crate

Impact Dog Crates Aluminum Dog Crate


  • Comes in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your dog 
  • Provides pups with maximum comfort and safety for every trip
  • Made using strong, yet lightweight material that’s much safer than plastic crates
  • Shipped fully assembled and can be set up pretty quickly
  • With ventilated sides that offer optimal airflow and an easy-carry handle

Whether you have a Golden Retriever or a Chihuahua, you can find the right crate size for your pooch with the Impact Dog Crates Aluminum Dog Crate. This aluminum crate offers a sleek and folding design that takes up a lot less space compared to the traditional dog cage. Known for its low profile, your pup will love the ventilated sides, and strong construction which will keep it safe from any impact — you’ll love it because it comes with a carrying handle and can be operated with one hand, making it one of the best investments you’ll make for your travel buddy. 


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4. Mirapet USA Airline Travel Carrier Dog Crate

Mirapet Usa Airline Travel Carrier Dog Crate


  • With a built-in handle for easy carrying
  • Can collapse quickly for convenient travel and storage 
  • With a coated pad and a nylon cover for easy cleaning
  • Provides added comfort thanks to its high-density foam pad
  • Provides pets with a comfortable space during travels and vet visits

Your fur baby will be comfortable for a long time during your travels thanks to the Mirapet USA Airline Travel Carrier Dog & Cat Crate. Collapsable and easy to store, this convenient solution can go everywhere you go thanks to its high-density foam pad that’s covered with an easy-to-clean nylon cover. Equipped with a built-in handle, you can carry it anywhere you want and you can unfold it anytime you want to go on another adventure — be sure to place your dog’s favorite toy to help it create a positive association with your new crate! 


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5. Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel

Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel


  • Has multiple doors for versatility and easy access
  • Uses plastic and steel wire construction to keep your dog safe and secure
  • Comes in two sizes that can carry pets between 5 to 20 pounds
  • With a heavy-duty and ergonomic handle to safely transfer your pet
  • Its modern design lets your little one ride in style

You can train your pet and take it with you during trips using the Petmate Two Door Top Load Dog Kennel; this collapsible wire crate is the ideal choice for housetraining and travel, providing plenty of access, ventilation, and safety. With a combination of plastic and steel, this sturdy carrier provides convenience for you and your pets, while its secure steel top and front doors allow them to go in and out easily. Plus its attractive design is another check for fashion-forward pet owners who are looking for a modern design.  


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What to Look for in Car Dog Crates

Before you take a pick from the car dog crates above, there are a few things you should take into account to ensure that it will be the right fit for your dog and its needs. It’s also important to consider safety standards and whether they meet these requirements. 

Size and Fit

As you measure your pooch for a crate, make sure that you get a snug fit; working with too much excess space may lead to injuries if your cat crashes. However, you shouldn’t have it too small either because your dog may not have enough room to move around.  


To keep your dog protected, look for a crate made from a solid piece of molded polyethylene to ensure there are no weak areas in their kennel that could fail during an impact. A few materials to avoid include fabrics, wires, “clamshell” dog crates, and poorly made folding crates. 


In 2015, the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) created the standard for crash testing in partnership with Subaru of America to ensure that car dog crates are as safe as they can be. While there are many dog crates that claim to be crash-tested, not all will meet their requirements. As such, it’s up to you to do your homework and ensure that your crate meets their criteria for safety. 


Now that you know what to look for in the perfect car dog crate, you can place your dog in the back or front seat without worrying about their safety. To help them feel more comfortable during long rides, be sure to give them interactive toys that will keep them entertained for hours.