The Best Indoor Dog Parks in Minnesota

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Indoor Dog ParksWith four seasons per year, Minnesota is home to plenty of outdoor lovers and adventurers. It’s also full of pet parents who are eager to take their furry friends out for a great time, no matter the temperatures outside. But when it’s a bit too chilly during the winter months and your pup needs to burn off its excess energy, going to an outdoor dog park won’t cut it. 

In this quick guide, we discuss the best indoor dog parks in Minnesota to give your dog the most exciting time with each visit!  

Minnesota’s Best Indoor Dog Parks  

Whether you live here or simply visiting, there are plenty of places for your dog to play with other furry pals. Below are a few of the best options when you want to keep your pet in a safe environment away from the elements. 

1. Unleashed Hounds & Hops

Known as Minnesota’s first indoor and outdoor dog park, bar, and eatery, Unleashed Hounds & Hops is a great place for pet owners and their canine pals to gather and meet new friends. Located beside the Minneapolis Farmers Market Annex, this favorite hotspot among dog lovers offers a full-service bar complete with wine and craft beer, as well as a full kitchen. As such, both dogs and their owners can enjoy the experience together — kick back with some food and a brew while your furbaby socializes with other pups in a clean environment.   

Just remember that pups visiting for the first time will need to be registered before they can use this indoor facility and it’s highly recommended to make a reservation ahead of time. However, Unleashed is highly popular in the Twin Cities; their day pass starts at $9 for one dog and $14 for two dogs. You can also get annual memberships starting at $275 for one dog and $425 for two dogs for a maximum of two dogs per guest. 

2. Grey Face Rescue

When it’s too cold to take your pooch through hiking trails, one of the best ways to help them keep warm and spend their energy is to take them somewhere with indoor play areas. Luckily, you can count on Grey Face Rescue & Retirement to give your pup the open space it needs for exercise. Located in St.Cloud, Grey Face Rescue & Retirement runs this indoor park to help raise and care for their senior rescues. 

They are open on Mondays between 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for group dog play sessions, or you may schedule private sessions to use this dog-friendly park for your special needs through their website.     

3. Stone Mountain Pet Lodge

Often referred to as the holy grail of indoor parks, Stone Mountain Pet Lodge at Brooklyn Park offers 10 acres (435,600 square feet) of off-leash areas where your dog can play to its heart’s content. Open every Sunday from December until March, it offers a climate-controlled place for dogs to enjoy some time away from home, and for dog parents to get some time to themselves. They provide a wide variety of services, including the following: 

  • Doggy daycare
  • Dog grooming 
  • Dog boarding
  • Dog training 
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Dog taxi
  • Hosting special events

They also set up agility equipment and lots of toys to provide their furry guests with challenges, while giving dogs and humans the opportunity to mingle with other dogs and meet like-minded pet parents. Take note that all dogs must be vaccinated, and will need to be pre-registered before entering the park. There’s also a $15 fee, so be sure to book your dog a spot early. 

4. Brew Park

Your four-legged friends will never be bored again when they spend time at Brew Park; Happy Hour is from 3 to 6 p.m. during weekdays, where they can enjoy the company of other good boys and girls. Dogs are welcome to play off-leash while supervised by their park rangers while their humans enjoy food services provided at the Barkery. Here, you can choose from a selection of great beer and food — there’s also a coffee bar for your caffeine needs! 

While there is a seating area, it is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and your pooch will need to be registered ahead of time to get access to the park. They also offer a pet retreat that offers dog daycare, boarding services, training, and grooming. Brew Park has also teamed up with a veterinary hospital to provide a unique experience for dog owners and their pets to ensure their health at all times.  

5. Indoor Zoomies

Made exclusive for small dogs weighing 30 pounds or less, Indoor Zoomies provides a sanctuary for all kinds of tiny dogs and their owners. This new facility only just opened a few weeks ago but is already a favorite among visitors and has received plenty of top recommendations. Their main spaces are used for dog walking and playing, while they also offer separate areas for dogs and owners who want their own happy place. 

Make sure that you register your canine buddy online before its first visit, and upload its vet records for everyone’s safety. They don’t require reservations and you may simply pay through the front desk.   


An outdoor play area may be suitable for playing with your dog during milder winter days, but when the weather is a bit nippy, you’ll want to switch over to an indoor park. Fortunately, there are plenty of places for you and your dog to spend some time and have fun socializing. A dog’s life should be full of love and excitement — taking them to these indoor parks is sure to do that for your favorite partner.