The Best Natural Treats for Dogs

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Natural Treats For DogsWhen you want snacks for your dogs that don’t have any chemicals, additives, or other bad ingredients, be sure to look for the best natural treats. This usually takes the form of animal parts that would otherwise be wasted in the meat industry since they aren’t suitable for human consumption. For instance, these include cow skin, chicken feet, and pig ears, which are dehydrated to remove moisture, turning them into healthy puppy treats that are free from grain. 

Health Benefits of Natural Treats

If you’re unsure why you should get natural products for your dogs, here are just a few great reasons. 

Natural is Healthy 

Because dogs are carnivores, their digestive tract has been designed to eat meat rather than processed grains. When dogs are fed natural ingredients such as high-protein beef muscle, you’re giving them a treat that’s a good source of fuel and is easy for them to digest. As a result, they’ll be more energetic and have less stomach upset which will cut down on their vet trips.  

Improved Dental Health 

Dental hygiene is extremely important for dogs; fortunately, natural chews can help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Tartar and plaque build-up can lead to gum disease, but giving your pooch natural dog chews that contain high-quality protein in bite-size pieces can remove plaque and tartar. This can be a great form of dental care that can help maintain their oral health and improve their dental hygiene.  

Available in a Wide Range

There is a huge variety of natural alternatives to commercially made dog snacks; as such, your dog will never get bored of eating the same treat over and over again. The best healthy dog treats will keep your pup wanting more because they will come in different shapes, flavors, and sizes, so there’s always something new to try. If you’re unsure what kind of treat will work best with your canine companion, be sure to consult an animal nutritionist for the best options.  

Increased Energy

The best natural dog treats will also boost your pup’s energy and will help it become more active. This is thanks to the antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients found in these treats. If you have senior dogs, giving them the right snacks can help ease their aging process by maintaining their energy levels and activity. 

Choosing the Right Treat for Your Dog

Apart from peanut butter, your dog deserves the best possible product that won’t contain any artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Below are some of the best products available in the market today, whether you’re looking for long-lasting chews, options for older dogs, or need to help overweight dogs maintain their weight. 

Pig Ears

These are among the most popular training treats in the market. But you might find that many commercial brands will come with lots of additives and sugars that make them unnatural and may lead to stomach upset. Getting natural pig ears can help eliminate additives and will be graded to the highest welfare grade for dogs, which makes them a healthy and safe choice for monthly rewards. 

Rabbit Ears

These are an excellent choice for those looking for guilt-free and delectable treats that are both low in fat and odor. They’re also great for dogs with food sensitivities and food allergies; they’re also a great alternative to dogs that are sensitive to pig ears. Rabbit ears are also low in calories and fat while being high in protein. They may also aid in dental hygiene by keeping teeth clean. 

Chicken Necks

Dried chicken necks are low in fat and will also be a good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These low-fat chew sticks are often made from 100% poultry meat that’s guaranteed to have no artificial preservatives or colors. As such, they can be a great snack for small dogs or to give as a quick reward during training sessions.

Chicken necks contain high amounts of calcium and protein; they’re also low in odor and won’t make a mess since they’re not greasy.   

Duck Necks

These refer to the neck of the duck without the skin, crop, or head — they’re bigger compared to chicken necks but smaller than turkey necks measuring around 8 to 9 inches. Duck neck comes with essential nutrients and is an incredibly healthy snack for dogs since it contains vitamins B6 and B12 which play a huge role in supporting your dog’s immune system. Other nutrients it provides include selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium which provide a boost in metabolism. 

Chicken Feet 

These little treats are perfectly natural and are a healthy option for dogs; they are naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine which can help to support dog mobility and joint health. Both raw or dried chicken bones are known to be safe for consumption and will not pose a choking hazard. Unlike cooked chicken bones, dried chicken feet will be quite brittle and soft — when they’re chewed, they will be crushed but won’t break into pointy pieces making them fully digestible for canines. 

Beef Tails

These are a great option for dogs that may suffer from allergies or sensitive digestion — they’re also low in fat and high in protein. When dried slowly, they can be even better than the best bully sticks and can be used as a snack in between meals since they’re a natural cartilage for pups. Beef tails are odor-free and will help keep your dog’s jaws and teeth in top shape, working to strengthen the jaw muscles while keeping their teeth and gums clean.  

Inner Pig Ear

As its name suggests, this snack is made from the inner ears of pigs and can provide a good way to give your furry friend a single treat for a healthy snack. Irresistible to dogs and loaded with flavor, not only does a pig’s ear offer real nutritional value but it can also promote a positive oral health in your pup. Moreover, it’s also high in protein which can be a great addition for dogs with high energy levels.  

Beef Lung

These tasty treats are almost fat-free and are suitable for breeds of all sizes but are best used on smaller dogs. Thanks to their alluring aroma and single ingredient source, these easy-to-chew treats are loved by all dogs. Natural beef lung chews are high in protein and will provide energy for even the most energetic dog breeds.     

Chicken Breast

Whether you want to reward your dog for good behavior or mix in something special with their regular food, chicken breasts are among the best treats you can give your canine companion. Using dried chicken breast is a great way to give puppies and small dogs the protein they need since it has a higher protein content compared to many other commercial dog treats. This tasty and nutritious treat will benefit small dogs by giving them the energy they need for their daily routine. 

Turkey Wings

A pair of turkey wings can provide a healthy and delicious choice when you’re looking for natural dog treats. Packed with phosphorus, calcium, and protein, these are an excellent option for strengthening bones and supporting joint health. Unlike store-bought treats, using dried wings is among the best ways to give your dog a natural treat without preservatives or additives; nothing but the genuine taste of turkey that dogs love.   

Lamb Ears

This is another great treat to give to your dog and will come with high amounts of vitamins and proteins but very little fat. It also contains essential minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus. Because lamb ears don’t have any artificial colors or flavors, you won’t need to worry about your dog getting an overload of unhealthy fats. 

Fish Skin

Treats made from fish skin are becoming highly popular among dog owners since they have a wide range of benefits such as providing plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids, around the same amount as you would find in fish oil supplements. These don’t just support healthy skin and coats, but they can also reduce the joint pain and inflammation an old dog may suffer from. It’s also high in protein, so it can be a wonderful source of nutrition without adding extra pounds to your dog. 

Beef Trachea

Beef trachea can be used as a chew and offers a natural source of glucosamine which can help to maintain healthy joints in dogs. Moreover, it can help eliminate food particles caught between teeth which also keeps the teeth and gums healthy. Dried beef trachea can come in big sizes which can last a long time even against heavy chewers, making them the perfect option for bigger dogs. 


When it comes to our dogs, their health should always be a priority, so feeding them human food instead of dog food should never happen. While it might be a good idea to give them homemade dog treats, we won’t always know how it will affect their body, and giving them regular dog treats may lead to weight gain. Luckily, the natural treats above are good options for picky eaters and dogs on a special diet, so no matter which you choose, you’ll be giving the best to your dog.