The Best Yogurt for Dogs: How to Choose the Right Probiotics

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Finding the right type of yogurt to give to your dogIt’s no secret that probiotic yogurt has many health benefits for us humans. But did you know that it can also be beneficial for our furry friends? Yes, there are now special yogurts made specifically for healthy dogs. But how do you know which one is the best? In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the key things to keep in mind when choosing a probiotic yogurt for your dog’s diet. 

What Are Probiotics? 

Before we get into the specifics of probiotic dog yogurt, let’s go over what probiotics are in general. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live naturally in our digestive systems and help keep us healthy. They work by keeping harmful bacteria in check and promoting good gut health. As such, they play an important role in maintaining our overall well-being and mental health. 

The same goes for our furry friends! If a dog isn’t getting enough beneficial bacteria in their diet, their digestive system can become unbalanced and lead to a variety of issues ranging from gas to diarrhea. That’s why supplementing with probiotics is so important—it helps restore balance and promote optimal health in our pets. It can also be a great thing for those with sensitive stomachs. Also, low-fat yogurt and peanut butter or fruit can be a tasty treat for your furry friend.

What to Consider When Choosing Yogurt


When shopping for a probiotic yogurt for your dog, the first thing you should consider is the ingredients. Look out for artificial sweeteners and added sugar as these can be harmful to your pet’s health. You should also check the fat content – too much of this can lead to obesity in dogs. Try to avoid dairy products if possible as they may contain lactose which can cause digestive problems in some dogs. 


Next, look at the live cultures (live bacteria) and active cultures in the yogurt, what we consider good bacteria. These are present in all types of human foods and animals consume them on a daily basis. These are what give it its “probiotic” power, so make sure that they are present! Some yogurts may contain other types of beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium which can help boost your dog’s immune system and aid digestion. 

Types of Yogurt

Finally, think about what type of yogurt is best suited to their diet. Plain yogurt is usually a good choice as it contains fewer calories than flavored varieties but still the best way to pack a probiotic punch! Greek-style yogurt is also becoming increasingly popular as they tend to contain less lactose and more beneficial bacteria than regular yogurts. Dog owners can also purchase a probiotic supplement for their dog’s digestive system. If you want something with more flavor then opt for a low-fat, sugar-free yogurt with added fruits or vegetables – make sure that there is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, for the sake of your dog’s health! 

How Much Yogurt Should You Give Your Dog? 

When it comes to feeding your canine companions new foods like probiotic yogurt, it’s best to start slow and see how they react before increasing the amount given each day. Start by giving them just a small amount (1 teaspoon) per day in your dog’s food and then slowly increase over time until you find the right balance that works for them (generally no more than 1 tablespoon per day). Additionally, it’s important to remember that too much dairy can cause liver failure in dogs so it’s important not to give them too much at once or too often.  

Yogurt is Great For Fido

With so many different kinds of yogurts on the market today, it can be tricky for pet parents to find the right one for their pet. However, by keeping an eye out for artificial sweeteners and added sugar, checking out the fat content, and looking at what beneficial bacteria are included, you will be able to find the best probiotics for your beloved pooch! This way, you can ensure that your pup gets all of the health benefits associated with probiotics without any nasty side effects from unnecessary additives or ingredients. So go ahead – grab yourself some dog-friendly yogurt today! Your pup will thank you later!