Treeing Walker Coonoodle Information-Everything You Need To Know

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The Treeing Walker Coonoodle is a cross between two breeds, Poodle & Coonhound, bred to work. Although the parent breeds have extremely distinct dispositions, the Coonoodle will be reliable, loyal, and easy to teach.

 This breed will likely take on traits from one parent over the other, resulting in a wide range of personalities, but one thing is certain: this breed will have one. He’ll be a fantastic buddy. He will, however, be quite active and will require an area where he can exercise regularly and aggressively. Because keeping him cooped up indoors isn’t always a smart idea, this breed is best suited to a household where he can spend a lot of time outside.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle History

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Information Everything You Need To KnowThe Poodle element of this cross is said to have originated in Germany, although they are well-known in France, where they spent most of their growth. They are recognized as a traditional breed with an exquisite appearance, especially when groomed well. However, few people understand that Poodles were initially designed for employment in waterfowl recovery and herding sectors. They have been represented in both art & literature since at least the 1500s. The Poodle rapidly became popular in Spain, and tiny toy versions were developed as household pets for Europe’s Royal Courts.

They may be found in works by Goya and Durer, among others. The Treeing Walker Coonhound is descended from many different English hounds, such as the English Foxhound and the English Coonhound. They were imported to Colonial America of the nation’s founding when they were bred for a specific purpose: to hunt & tree animals. Because a Treeing Walker Coonhound is a relatively new breed, you won’t discover much about them in the media or literature. They are, however, swiftly gaining popularity and were recognized with the American Breed Standards in the Hound Group in 2012.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Characteristics

The Coonoodle may convincingly imitate either parent dog’s look. The Poodle’s hair and ears are frequently immediately distinguishable, but color patterns vary greatly. This dog’s face has a broad range of facial traits and emotions since they may be quite expressive.

The Coonoodle’s nose, like its muzzle, will be moderate to short in length, with teeth and jaws that are proportionate to the snout. The toes are normally hairy since they are in both parents, and the feet will match the general build of the dog.

How Big Can A Treeing Walker Coonoodle Get?

A Coondle is a moderate-sized dog with male heights between 17-27 inches tall and weighs between 48-80lbs. The female is shorter, has heights between 15-24 inches tall, and weighs between 45-75lbs.

How Long Can A Treeing Walker Coonoodle Live?

The Lifespan of the Treeing Walker Coondle is 12-13 years.

How Much Does A Treeing Walker Coonoodle Costs?

Puppies of the Treeing Walker Coonoodle cost around $600-$800 on average. That’s just for the puppy; it doesn’t cover things like a kennel, vaccinations, vet appointments, a leash, food, water bowls, etc.

Of fact, the price of your Treeing Walker Coonoodle might be significantly more or lower than this. You might easily pay $1,000 for a truly exceptional specimen. Similarly, you might be able to get one for a few hundred dollars near you.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Personality/Temperament

The Treeing Walker Coonoodle is a lively, energetic dog eager to demonstrate devotion to every family member.

Because Poodles are renowned for being a little naughty, it’s advisable to be cautious when very young children want to interact with the dog.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Nutrition

As a very active breed, buying high-quality dog food with such a high protein content can aid in the development of robust muscles in your Treeing Walker Coonoodle. It’s up to you whether you give dry kibble, wet food, a combination of the two (or a raw food diet), and a Treeing Walker Coonoodle will thrive on any of them.

Treats are a great way to keep your dog motivated throughout exercise, but make sure to account for them when calculating your dog’s daily ratio. Letting your Treeing Walker Coonoodle gain too much weight might put additional strain on their long backs, increasing the chance of injury.

A Treeing Walker Coondle only needs 2 cups of dog food each day, and it should be high in protein and carbs.

How Do You Groom A Treeing Walker Coonoodle?

Brush your Coonoodle thoroughly once a week and more frequently if outside play causes your pet to get disheveled. It is the greatest time to do it during a snuggle session whenever your pet is comfortable.

 Most dogs learn to like it if allowed to become acclimated to grooming while young. After every bath, brushing your dog’s fur is also important to avoid knots and matting. Bathing can be done once every three weeks to once a month, or more frequently if needed.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Activity Level

Because this mix is so lively, you’ll want to make sure they have a place to go outside and play for a bit. If you don’t have exposure to a dog park at a nearby park or even your yard isn’t fenced in, take this dog for long walks to get the appropriate amount of exercise.

 Since both the Coonhound & Poodle parents have a high prey drive, taking the Treeing Walker Coonhound for an off-leash walk is not advisable. Apartment life is not ideal for your dog; instead, a house with a securely enclosed yard is the best option.

Treeing Walker Coonoodle Health Concerns

A Treeing Walker Coonoodle is a generally healthy breed. They are descended from a line of ancestors.

Even so, get them to the veterinary for annual exams to ensure that any health problems are discovered early.

The Treeing Walker Coonoodle, on the other hand, is an exception. This breed is quite healthy, with minimal health issues to be concerned about. Apart from elbow & hip dysplasia, this breed does not suffer from other diseases.

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Best Dog Food for Treeing Walker Coonoodles

Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Canine Recipe

The best dog food for Treeing Walker Coonoodle is Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This puppy food is made of venison and bison. It contains high amounts of protein for developing muscle health and strength.  

  • Contains minerals and vitamins for whole-body nourishment.
  • Enhances digestive system K9 strain probiotics.
  • Crafted without the use of wheat, corn, grain, and artificial ingredients.

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Best Puppy Food for Treeing Walker Coonoodles

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Treeing Walker Coonoodle is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. This puppy food by Blue Buffalo has been made of real chicken, which makes it great for muscle development. Moreover, it does not include by-product meals, flavors, wheat, corn, and soy.

  • Fulfills your pup’s meat craving with high-protein formula.
  • Develops vision and cognition with omega fatty acids.
  • Boosts immunity through minerals.

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Best Dog Crate for Treeing Walker Coonoodles

Midwest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Treeing Walker Coonoodle is MidWest Ovation Single Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate. This crate has a garage-style door that can be lifted and used with higher convenience. It also has slide bolt latches for better security. 

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  • Easy to travel due to fold-and-carry design.

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Best Dog Bed for Treeing Walker Coonoodles

Furhaven Nap Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Treeing Walker Coonoodle is FurHaven NAP Ultra Plush Orthopedic Deluxe Cat & Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. This dog bed has a super cozy design. It makes a good place for a better sleeping experience for your pal. 

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  • Reduces pressure on muscles and joints with egg-crate foam.
  • Stays cool during summer and hot during winter.

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Best Dog Harness for Treeing Walker Coonoodles

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Treeing Walker Coonoodle is Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness. This harness has a very cozy design. It is made of weather-proof material for reducing strain on the neck.  

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  • Promotes natural shoulder movements with a non-restrictive design.

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