What are the Benefits of Adopting a Dog?

What Are The Benefits Of Adopting A DogYou’ve been thinking about it for a while; heck, you’ve even started researching all of the necessary supplies, like a dog bed, a dog bowl, a dog crate, and different types of dog food. You might have even gone so far as to pick up a few interactive dog toys and plush dog toys! Yes, you are definitely ready to bring a four-legged member into your family.

While you may have done a lot of research on pet care and you might be totally ready to welcome a fur baby into your family; have you considered where you are going to get the pup from? If the idea of a pet shop or a breeder has crossed your mind, we urge you to consider adopting instead. Countless loveable dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds are just waiting at shelters across the country – across the world! – to find their fur-ever homes.

Why should you rescue a shelter dog? Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of adopting your pooch instead of buying.

Tons of Variety

Shelters house so many different types of dogs, so whether you’re looking for a pure-bred puppy, an adolescent mixed-breed, or a pure-bred mutt, you’ll be sure to find a pooch that will make your heart sing when you adopt!

It’s Less Expensive

While there are some fees that you’ll need to cover when you adopt a dog, the cost is a mere fraction of what it will cost you to adopt a pup. Breeders can charge thousands of dollars, and pet stores charge a lot, too. Not only will you spend less when you adopt, but the money that you to pay will be put to good use, like veterinary care, outdoor dog kennels, dry dog food and wet dog food for other shelter dogs. Everybody wins!

Fully Screened and Fixed

On top of the outlandish prices breeders and pet stores charge, you’ll also have to cover the cost of your new furry friend’s vaccines and spaying or neutering. When you adopt, those things will already be taken care of! Shelters vaccinate and spay or neuter their dogs before they can be adopted, so you won’t have to worry about the added expense.

You’re Supporting a Great Cause

Every day, countless dogs are brought into shelters, and it costs a lot of money to keep those shelters up and running. By adopting a dog, you’ll be supporting the shelter that took in your pooch, and all of his canine roommates. That’s definitely worth it!

You’ll Save a Life

Every time a pup is adopted from a shelter, a new spot is available for another homeless dog. That means that when you adopt, you are giving another pooch a chance to find a good life; just like the furry guy that you are adopting did!

If you’re thinking about bringing a dog into your family, a rescue is definitely the way to go! You won’t realize how much love your heart can hold until you adopt a rescue dog!

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