What is the Biggest Maine Coon Cat?

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Biggest Maine Coon CatWhile we find the average house cat entertaining even when it completely ignores us, there’s something about the beloved Maine Coon cat that captures our hearts. These stunning cats come with a distinctive appearance and impressive size that has cemented their reputation as the largest domestic cat breeds today. While they can certainly grow to a massive size, this article discusses the biggest Maine Coon cats to ever exist and where you can find them. 

What are Maine Coon Cats? 

Maine Coons are among the largest cats in the world, along with Norwegian Forest Cats. These felines come with long hair, large size, shaggy coat, and bushy tail which gives them a formidable appearance. Even so, they’re known to be gentle giants, which contributes to their overall appeal; they also have long, muscular-looking bodies with proportionately long legs, creating a well-balanced anatomy.    

They have an average lifespan between 10 to 15 years and hail from the state of Maine, hence their name. Because of their size and relaxed temperament, they are often considered to be the Great Dane of the cat world. They’re also considered to be great family pets, which is why cat lovers are such big fans of these fascinating felines.    

Origins of the Maine Coon 

There’s no denying that the Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, but did you know they’re also the oldest species of purebred cats in North America? However, where they come from remains a mystery, and experts can’t seem to agree on where they come from and why they’re so big. Some tall tales suggest that the breed first emerged from Marie Antoinette and her 6 favorite Turkish Angora cats, while other stories point to stories that link them to the Vikings. 

Scientists have proposed a few theories as to why they get larger compared to the average domestic cat, including: 

  • Growing bigger to keep warm and survive the extreme climates of Maine
  • Their slow growth rates enable their muscles and bone structure to get bigger

These reasons could be convincing but even Maine Coons living in tropical climates will still grow to a substantial size. Because of this, many people simply believe that getting big is just part of their genetic makeup. 

What is the Average Maine Coon Cat Size?

When it comes to this breed of cat, largeness is what sets it apart from others. All Maine Coons can grow into large cats but their size will vary by gender; below is a table that shows their average size

 Male Maine CoonFemale Maine Coon
Length19 to 40 inches19 to 40 inches
Height8 to 16 inches8 to 16 inches
Weight15 to 25 lbs8 to 12 lbs


In general, male Maine Coon cats will weigh more than female Maine Coons but both may grow to the same length and height. Even so, it’s safe to assume that males can become larger than females, growing as big as 40 inches but this will depend on their genetics and what you feed them. If you have just taken a Maine Coon cat home with you, keep in mind that they grow slowly — they will typically be fully grown between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. 

What is the Biggest Maine Coon Cat? 

The official state cat of Maine, these cats have held a lot of titles and are known as one of the tallest domestic cats, as well as one of the most well-loved cats in the United States. So now comes the question, “What is the biggest Maine Coon cat?” Below are some of the world’s largest domestic cats.   

1. Stewie

Also known by his full name, Mymains Stewart Gilligan, held the title of longest domestic cat in the world and is also the largest Maine Coon of all time. At the time of his measuring in 2010, he measured a staggering 48.5 inches. He lived with his owner, Robin Hendrickson, in Reno, Nevada, where he served as a registered therapy animal. 

He regularly visited their local senior center, until February 4th, 2013 when he passed away from cancer at the age of 8. After his death, the title of largest Maine Coon cat was passed on to Barivel.       

2. Barivel 

While his name means joker or clown in Italian, Barivel is the current longest cat that has been domesticated. Born sometime in September 2016, he lives in Vigevani, Italy where he is well known through his Instagram account which has attracted thousands of followers. While he isn’t longer than Stewie, he inherited the title after the latter passed away and is currently known as the biggest domestic cat. As of May 2018, Barivel came in at 120cm long and holds the world record. Despite all the attention he gets through social media, he is a shy and quiet Maine Coon.    

3. Ludo 

Once recognized as the biggest domestic cat in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, Ludo is a Maine Coon cat that lives in Wakefield, United Kingdom. When he received this title, Ludo measured 118.33 cm from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail and weighed a huge 34 pounds! Considering that the Maine Coon breed has an average weight of 15 to 25 lbs, Ludo’s enormous size makes him a giant in his own right. 

Unfortunately, Ludo only held the title for a short time. Around 1 year after he was officially recognized as the world’s heaviest cat and biggest living Maine Coon, Barivel entered the scene and took the record away from Ludo. He lives with 3 other Maine Coons and is known to be an easy-going, sociable, and friendly giant cat.  

4. Omar 

While Omar isn’t the largest Maine Coon on record, he was recognized as the ‘Largest Maine Coon Cat Alive’. He hasn’t been evaluated by the Guinness World Records yet, but those who have seen him swear that he’s truly a gentle giant that measures over 120cm. He lives with his owner in Melbourne and is considered to be Australia’s largest Maine Coon. 

His owner first got him as a 12-week-old Maine Coon kitten, but because of his robust diet, he was able to achieve a stunning weight of 30.8 lbs. But whether or not he becomes the new title holder for the world’s biggest cat, this tabby Maine Coon will still be a star on Instagram with more than 160,000 followers.    

5. Cygnus and Arcturus

Known as one of the biggest Maine Coons in the world, Cygnus lived in Detroit, Michigan, with his 3 other cat siblings and their humans. He was recognized by the Guinness World Record as having the longest tail on a domestic cat which measured 44.66cm and previously held the title of the tallest domestic cat. Cygnus also lived with his brother, Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, a Savannah cat that held a tight bond with him, and also held the record for the “World’s Tallest Domestic Cat.”  

While he isn’t a giant Maine Coon cat, he still belongs in the same category, since the Savannah is sometimes considered the world’s biggest cat breed. He measured 48.4cm long and weighed 30 lbs, making him a huge cat even by Maine Coon standards. Sadly, these cats passed away when their home caught fire; their owners remember them as kind and friendly cats who were inseparable. 

6. Samson 

Coming in at 121cm and 28 lbs, Samson is known as the biggest Maine Coon in New York City. While he has enjoyed a wonderful life, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, one of the more common health issues found in Maine Coons, back in 2020. Unfortunately, Samson died last year aged 10, leaving behind his 250,000 followers throughout his various social media accounts.    

7. Lotus

Lotus is a gorgeous tri-colored Maine Coon who lives in Sweden; his beautiful long coat has white, beige, and apricot colors. While he only weighs 22 lbs, his voluminous hair makes him appear bigger than he really is. He loves spending time with his owner, who has turned him into a star on social media; his Instagram alone has more than 327,000 followers, making it clear that he’s no ordinary baby. 

8. Moonwalk Magnum

This stunning white and gray Maine Coon cat weighs around 28 lbs; however, he has yet to be recorded for his big size. Even so, he’s still among the biggest Maine Coons in Europe and lives with his owner in Chaillé-les-Marais, France. According to a website, this Tuxedo Maine Coon cat currently measures 121 cm from end to end.  

9. Hélios

A beloved Maine Coon with a black and silver coat that certainly looks big enough to enter big cat competitions. Hélios is a big boy who lives in the French Riviera, south of France — he enjoys a steady viewership on YouTube, where he is appreciated for his size and looks. 

10. Sean Coonery

Another beautiful Maine Coon, Sean Coonery also has a YouTube following; his owner’s channel focuses on his vocal capabilities but also showcases just how big he is. While he looks quite serious and grumpy in many of his videos, this house cat is known to be gentle, sweet, and very talkative.  

11. Kefir

This 2-year-old, white Maine Coon from Russia first entered stardom in January 2022, thanks to his owner posting a picture of how big he’d gotten. The picture immediately went viral due to his huge size, and many viewers instantly said that he looked to be the same size as a dog. Weighing a whopping 28 lbs, Kefir has already surpassed the average size of most Maine Coons, and still has plenty of room for growth. 

Because Maine Coons don’t reach their full size until they reach around 3 to 5 years old, it’s very exciting to see how much more Kefir will grow. His owner, Yuliya Minina, who lives in Stary Oskol, Russia, regularly posts pictures of him on Instagram and is also a TikTok user, where she showcases his humongous size.  


Apart from setting the record for the ‘World’s Largest Domesticated Cat Breed’, they’re also known as the ‘Cats with the Longest Whiskers’. While they may have the appearance of wild cats, Maine Coons are house cats that want nothing more than to live a good life, sipping from their water bowl and grooming their fluffy tails. When given proper care, these gorgeous felines can be gentle and affectionate cats that can set records in more ways than one.