Dog Nutrition: What to Do When Your Dog Refuses to Sleep

What to Do When Your Dog Refuses to Sleep

Is your dog having difficulties at bedtime? Well, this is a serious problem that can result in behavior disorders. Dogs, like their human counterparts, require adequate sleep after strenuous activities. Rest is important for strong bone cartilage. Dogs without adequate rest are prime candidates for illness, so sleep deprivation should be dealt with immediately.

Visiting the vet often is the ideal solution for help with your dog’s sleep problems; the vet can provide you with medications if needed which will help soothe your dog at bedtime. I keep this checklist on-hand for when my dog begins to show symptoms of sleep deprivation, these are the most common causes for sleep problems in dogs.

Believe it or not, dogs get headaches quite often. These can be caused from playing too hard or malnutrition. Before you feed a dog, make sure his/her food does not contain corn glutton meal, a specific ingredient used in cheap dog foods, hard for the dogs to digest. I chose to eliminate this from my dog’s diet altogether, and I have found that my dog’s headaches have disappeared. To eliminate corn glutton meal, you will need to find organic dog food; Eukanuba is one of the best brands providing corn glutton free food. It can be found at most major pet stores and it will improve your dog’s headaches.

Sinus Infections

Dogs can get sinus infections from playing outside in the cold weather or from being left to sleep outside during foul weather. Also, dogs can pick up human viruses like the common cold. Preventing the sickness in your dogs isn’t hard; it just takes some higher doses of vitamin D and proper nutrition. In order to give your dog vitamin D you will need to incorporate it into his diet. I do this by breaking vitamin D tablets into the dogs’ drinking water. Vitamin D will knock down any mucus inside of your dog’s chest, and boost his/her immune system. Sure you can find doggie tablets, but I find that using generic human capsules works just fine when used with the dogs drinking water. The best part is the dog won’t even know he is getting vitamins, the perfect solution for everyone.

Bone Aches

Bone aches in dogs can be caused from extended play sessions or by laying on a cold surface for too long. When my dog first experienced a bone ache, I knew that’s what was causing his sleeping problems, so I wrapped his leg with a heating pad. This seemed to work great as my dog fell asleep like a baby, similar to a human. When heat is applied to the sore area the dog will feel relief.

External Noise

Dogs are like a human children. They need absolute quite when it reaches bedtime. I give my dogs a quiet little place by the fireplace to relax; with the warm pillow they can fall asleep in peace. External noise can cause an animal to stay awake for hours, especially dogs that are hyper-sensitive animals. If you must have noise around a dog near bedtime, I suggest getting a mini water fountain; this calming experience will give the dog a Zen-like retreat for rest periods. Having a well-rested dog is crucial for a longer lifespan, so keeping the exterior noise to a minimum is essential.


I have raised dogs for years, and sleep is important to help keep these animals healthy. Dogs are smart creatures with fine minds, and they can tell when there is a problem with their insides. Your job as the dog owner is to make sure that these companions have a pain-free sleeping experience, the dog will be happier and so will you as the lucky owner.

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