Whippig Information – Everything You Need To Know

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The Whippig is a small-sized hybrid dog breed and can live happily in all environments. The dog loves to snuggle with its owner and has a high prey drive.

This article will discuss different aspects of the Whippig, such as its size, origins, diet, personality etc.

Whippig’s History

Whippig Information 768x1024The Whippig is a mix of the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet. Since the Whippig is a hybrid, its origins are a mystery.

We know that the Wippig is a recent dog breed, and both parents have a lengthy origin story.

It is believed that the Italian Greyhound was developed in Turkey and Greece but soon caught the attention of Italian Nobles.

There are many paintings from the Middle Ages that feature the Italian Greyhound.

However, the breed only became popular in the 1600s, as it was considered a prized pet and was often gifted to English Nobility.

On the other hand, workers developed the Whippet in England in the 1800s. The workers bred terriers with Greyhounds to make a small and fast Sighthound.

Competitions would regularly occur to see which dog was the quickest and most efficient at catching prey. When the Whippets weren’t being used in racing, they were used for hunting rabbits.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) officially recognized the Whippet in 1888.

Whippig Characteristics

The Whippig is a slim dog with a broad chest and long legs. The dog has powerful hindquarters, which enables it to reach high speeds.

The eyes are set at the side of the narrow skull, which gives the canine a wide vision range. While the dog can fold its ears, they are typically held behind the skull.

The Whippig has a smooth and short, but sometimes it can develop a long coat. The fur comes in all types of colours and markings.

The nose is usually black or dark brown, and the eyes are dark brown.

How Big Can A Whippig Get?

The average weight of a Whippig is 20 to 30 Pounds. The average height of a Whippig is 17 to 20 inches.

How Long Can A Whippig Live?

The typical lifespan of the Whippig is 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does A Whippig Cost?

The average cost of a Whippig puppy is $ 800 to 1000.

Whippig Personality/Temperament

Like their parent breeds, the Whippig has a friendly and affectionate nature. The dog is playful and energetic and loves to cuddle with his human friends.

The dog will watch a movie with you or walk around the neighbourhood. The Whippig is a gentle dog, making it perfectly suitable for kids.

The dog is also strong-willed and likes being independent. While training the Whippig is tough, reward-based training usually works well.

Socializing the Whippig at a young age will have no issues interacting with other dogs.

, like the Italian Greyhound, it is tough to potty train the Whippig, which is why many owners crate train the Whippig.

The Whippig has a strong prey drive, which may not make it suitable for smaller pets like cats. If the dog is separated from its owner for an extended period, it may develop anxiety.

Whippig’s Nutrition

On average, the Whippig requires 1 to 2 cups of quality dry dog food daily. However, you can also feed the dog other dog food varieties such as American natural dog food and Addiction dog food. Please don’t exceed the recommended quantity as they will lead to obesity.

How Do You Groom A Whippig?

Due to their smooth and short coats, the Whippig has a low shedding rate. This dog has low grooming needs, and brushing it monthly with a dog brush is sufficient.

You should only bathe the dog when necessary in a Dog bathtub. However, since the dog has a short coat, it is sensitive to developing cold, so it will need to wear a sweater in colder climates.

The Whippig hates being, so they will probably enjoy going out in the rain. You will need to clip the nails and brush the teeth once a month to keep the infections at bay.

Activity Levels of the Whippig

The Whippig is an active dog breed and will require approximately an hour of exercise daily. If you don’t give the dog chances to exercise, it can become mischievous and destructive.

Since the dog has a high prey drive, it can run over 25 mph. You must keep the Whippig on a leash while taking it for a walk.

If you let the dog out in the yard, ensure it is properly fenced. The Whippig is great for agility competitions because they are speedy and smart.

Health Concerns for Whippig

The Whippig is generally a very healthy dog, but there are a few health concerns that you should be aware of:

  • Flea Allergy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

Flea Allergy

Flea allergy, also known as Flea Allergy Dermatitis, is a severe allergic reaction to a flea bite. Dogs can develop this allergy and usually have an extreme reaction to some proteins in the Flea’s saliva.

The flea injects the saliva into the dog’s skin during feeding. Some dogs are so allergic to a flea bite that they experience an abrupt reaction.

If left untreated, this allergy can make dogs feel miserable, and it comes with inflammation and excessive itching, which can also damage the dog’s skin.

Patellar Luxation

Luxation is a term used to describe something that is dislocated or out of place. Patellar Luxation is a condition in which the kneecap moves out of its socket.

Owners sometimes may notice that their dog is walking awkwardly or is walking on three legs. Suddenly, he will start moving properly because the patella (Knee cap) goes back into its socket.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is a condition commonly found in cats and dogs. Atrophy means the partial or complete waste of a body part.

The PRA Is part of a group of degenerative conditions that attack the Photoreceptor cells. When this condition occurs in dogs, the cells deteriorate rapidly, and in most cases, blindness occurs.

Breeds Similar To a Whippig

Best Dog Food for Whippigs

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Best Puppy Food for Whippigs

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Best Dog Crate for Whippigs

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Best Dog Bed for Whippigs

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Best Dog Harness for Whippigs

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