Why are Dogs the Best Pet

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Why are dogs the best petEveryone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend, but there’s actually a scientific explanation behind this. There are also many benefits to having a furry friend around your home, apart from seeing their adorable faces and feeling their infectious energy. In this blog post, we answer the question, “why are dogs the best pet?”

The Benefits of Having a Dog  

There are countless reasons why having a dog is beneficial; apart from the unconditional love they give, they also provide us with the following. 

They Help Us Stay Active

Because dogs need to walk every day, one of the key benefits they provide is significantly increasing the amount of physical activity you do daily. While it may be hard to find the motivation to go on a walk by yourself, once you know that your puppy is in need of exercise, then you won’t think twice. Before you know it, all the walks through the park and the woods will soon add up. 

Playing games with your dog also contributes to a more active lifestyle. You may have noticed how you can get tired after a game of fetch, even if your dog is doing most of the work. This is probably the biggest benefit to having a dog since they can encourage you to move more, while you also support their health and well being. 

They Help You Meet New People 

An unexpected benefit to having dogs is that they help you meet people outside your usual circle and can help create a social interaction in ways you don’t expect. Meeting other dog walkers by the park, undertaking obedience classes with other dog owners — there are a wide range of ways for your dog to add on to your social life. Your new pet will be able to help you get out more and try things you may never have considered before and could also introduce you to new experiences. 

Whether you make your way to a pet shop for the first time or looking for a new place to include in your daily walks, your dog is the key to meeting new people. You’re unlikely to stop and talk to a stranger when you’re by yourself, but it can become much easier when you’re with your dog and you can also make friends quicker. They can be invaluable dog walking companions, and they may even share their experience in raising dogs with you. 

They Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Another great benefit to getting a dog is their great ability to calm us, along with the brilliant effects on our health. Studies done by Harvard University have shown that dog owners tend to have a lower blood pressure as a result of more exercise. Moreover, just petting your pooch can also lower high blood pressure. 

You may also be surprised to learn that your blood pressure also has a profound effect on our well being as well. The next time you feel stressed or are looking to relax, be sure to give your pup some love — so you can both share in the benefits. 

They Make Brilliant Companions 

One of the more noticeable benefits of dog ownership is that it’s impossible to feel alone when your pet dog is next to you, and for good reason. Many dogs are highly sociable and make for great companion animals, whether they’re spending time with a human or another canine. 

Your canine friend will always find the time to enthusiastically greet you after work and will look forward to spending time with you. Because of their reputation as great companions many canines are trained to become therapy dogs. Moreover, dogs that come from an animal shelter are also highly capable of becoming loyal companions, often becoming obedient pets to their owners for life. 

They Teach Valuable Skills

One of the most important reasons why dogs are the best pet is that they teach us many valuable lessons and skills. Pet ownership and taking care of a dog requires a lot of patience, time, and hard work — all of which are useful in other areas of our lives. However, this isn’t the only thing that having a dog can teach us. 

Apart from enjoying the outdoors more, and enjoying the simplest things in life, our furry family members also lead by example in terms of happiness. These excellent companions are also a great match for children, and can teach them about responsibility. You can try making your little one responsible for feeding your pup or changing their litter box, while you oversee everything to instill life skills they won’t learn anywhere else. 

The Science Behind these Benefits 

Believe it or not, dogs can actually help people with health problems, especially those in older adults. Below are even more convincing reasons as to why dogs are a man’s best friend. 

Dogs for Cardiovascular Health

Recent studies of people across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia, and Australia have shown that owning a dog is linked to a 24% decrease in early deaths. The study also showed that people who have already suffered from a stroke or heart attack have a 31% lower risk of dying as a result of cardiovascular disease. 

According to the American Heart Association, another benefit to owning a dog is the reduction in diabetes. The AHA also points to studies which found that dog owners get an extra 30 minutes of exercise every day compared to those who don’t have dogs. In addition, dogs may also provide the emotional and social support that is needed to make the necessary behavioral changes that may lead to weight loss. 

Dogs for Anxiety and Mood

The superiority of canine companionship isn’t limited to getting daily exercise but can also extend to positive effects within human emotions. Pet owners believe that their canine companions can provide emotional support, especially when stress levels are through the roof. Research suggests that having a dog with you can increase good mood and decrease bad mood. 

Experts also believe that interacting with dogs can have many mental health benefits. Some research also suggests that having a dog with you at a time of anxiety and stress can help to reduce the symptoms related to the event. Moreover, because dogs can help improve our social skills, it also leads to an overall improvement in our self esteem. 

Dogs with Older Adults 

Apart from providing valuable companionship, owning a dog can help older people find a sense of purpose. While they may have retired from their career, or their children may have moved somewhere far away, caring for a dog may help to find them a new meaning to life. Here are just a few reasons dogs make for good pets for the elderly.

  • Great bodyguards: A larger animal such as a German Shepherd can provide a great way to protect older adults from unsuspecting threats. A dog guardian is an obvious choice when we need an alert pair of eyes when older members of our family are on their own. Dogs are also known for their efforts in finding missing persons, further establishing their reputation as great pets. 
  • Boost in Vitality: Adopting a dog from a rescue group could help improve physical health, lower the risk of heart disease, and help to moderate cholesterol levels in older adults. Dogs can also encourage laughter, playfulness, and exercise, all of which can boost their immune systems.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease: Alzheimer’s patients may exhibit a wide range of behavioral problems, which can be improved by having a cat or dog in the home. According to the University of California at Davis, the playfulness and gentle touch of a well-trained dog can help to soothe and decrease aggressive behavior. 

Dogs with Children 

Autistic children and those with other learning difficulties can interact better with pets compared to people. Just like animals, children with autism spectrum disorder will usually rely on nonverbal cues to communicate. Dogs can help small children with learning disabilities to regulate their stress and to remain calm, making them more well equipped to face the challenges that come with this disorder. 

Other Benefits of Having a Dog 

Service dogs can be a terrific addition to families in need of more help for family members going through specific disorders. These loyal dogs can help both the elderly and young children who suffer from a wide range of disabilities. Furthermore, children with a chronic illness can better cope with the treatment of their condition when working with a canine companion.

Dogs can also provide their owners with a sense of wellbeing, helping them to better recover from personal traumas, including bereavement. Apart from all of these great benefits, dogs are also a lot of fun to be with, and will always love you, no matter what. At the end of a hard day, they will make you laugh and give a reassuring hug when you need it the most. 

Why are Dogs the Best Pet?

Dogs are capable of so many things that can make our life so much better. From helping manage post-traumatic stress disorder, serving as a police dog, providing a significant drop in the risk of various diseases, and even aiding in child development. When you do find the perfect dog for your needs, be sure to look into pet insurance plans for them to avoid hefty vet bills and to provide them with regular veterinary care they need to have the best quality of life.