Why Do Puppies Whine So Much?

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Puppies Whine So MuchIf your puppy has been whining non-stop lately, you might find that it can be troublesome, especially when it’s time for everyone to sleep. An excessive whining problem can become frustrating, and overwhelming, and may leave you unsure of how you can help your new furry family member. There are many different reasons why a puppy whines, but you will first need to understand these before you can give them a solution.

Is Whining Normal for Puppies?  

Whining is among the normal behaviors you’ll see in puppies and most will go through it sometime in their lives. According to experts, this is because whining is a way for puppies to communicate, and much like a new baby, puppies whine to tell their mother when something is wrong, and whenever they require something. Whining also serves as an alarm for mother dogs, which lets her know when her puppy needs her attention. 

A dog’s whining will let its mother know where her puppy is, and that she needs to give it comfort. Even when a puppy is old enough to join its new family, it will keep whining to express its needs, and may sometimes be referred to as attention-seeking whining. As such, it’s up to their new pet parents to try and understand the reason for whining in the middle of the night or any other time. 

Why Do Puppies Whine? 

Below are some of the most common reasons puppies whine, so you can help the newest addition to your family feel comfortable in their new home. 

1. Your New Puppy Needs Something 

A whining puppy is likely doing this because it needs your help or it needs something from you. This could be due to an urgent potty break, or it could be so you can get their favorite toy for them. Just like human babies, there are many potential reasons why your puppy needs you, so it’s up to you to read their body language and decode what they might be trying to say. 

2. They’re Looking for Attention

One obvious reason behind a crying puppy is that it wants you to pay attention to it. When they’re left alone for a long period of time, young puppies may start looking for negative attention, kind of like how kids stop what their parents are doing to get someone to play with them. It’s important to remember that a dog is a pack animal, and a bored dog will often turn to bad behaviors such as whining and destruction of furniture to alleviate their boredom.      

3. They’re Stressed, Anxious, or Scared 

Whining can also be an indicator that your pup is feeling anxious or scared — if they start trembling, panting, or pacing while they’re whining, then you may be dealing with anxious dogs. These dogs may be dealing with negative experiences such as anxiety or fear regarding a particular situation, such as a new environment or a new guest. Some dogs may start whining when their favorite person isn’t with them; even being in a different room is enough for them to experience separation anxiety.   

If this is the reason for your whining, then a simple fix for this is to spend time with them. 

4. They Feel Excited

Sometimes, puppies can whine when they get too excited or when they’re anticipating a positive event. This can happen when you give your puppy lots of chew toys, go out for a walk, or even a simple game of tug-of-war. If this is the case, whining is used to express their eagerness and enthusiasm, and will usually occur when they’re given a lot of stimulation.  

5. They’re Sharing Their Dissatisfaction

Some puppies will whine to express their displeasure in certain situations, like being placed inside a crate for the first time. Much like people, dogs will have their personal preferences and will communicate their dissatisfaction through vocalizations such as whining. When dogs whine, be sure to pay attention to get a better understanding — crate training with a certified professional dog trainer may make a difference if your new best friend is uncomfortable with a crate. 

6. They’re Experiencing Pain and Discomfort

Other possible reasons for your dog’s whining may be due to physical discomfort. For example, adult dogs may start whining as a result of joint pain — a dog that whines whenever it attempts to leap on your couch may be suffering from an injury. If you’re unable to see an explanation for your pup’s whining, you may need to bring it to the vet, where they might be able to find an underlying reason and ensure it gets the right treatment.   

How Long Will My Puppy Keep Whining? 

According to animal experts, the duration of your puppy’s whining stage will depend on its temperament as well as the environment it’s in. In general, puppies usually whine less frequently when they become more secure and comfortable with their new home, routine, and feeding schedule. Many dogs will eventually decrease their whining once they know they’re living in a safe place and may settle in a new place after about a month.  

Understanding Your Puppy’s Whining

If your puppy keeps whining, the best way to understand the reason for it is to determine if there is an underlying cause or if there’s something wrong in their environment. It’s a good idea to observe your pup whenever it whines to see what it may be unhappy about. If you suspect that a medical issue is causing their whining, the first step is to take them to your vet for a thorough examination.  

For instance, if your pup is struggling with potty training, your dog’s behavior may be more negative, including whining. Puppy training can be a great way to help your pup learn faster and more effectively. Positive reinforcement can be a great way to help them learn better, so whenever your pup does a good job of potty training, be sure to give them a small treat!   

If your puppy is whining as a means of letting you know that they need to defecate or urinate, then an accident may be imminent. A 2-month-old puppy that’s active may need to go potty more frequently, so it’s best to be proactive with your pup rather than waiting for it to start whining. Unfortunately, crated pups won’t be able to hold their bladder for a long time, usually a maximum of 2 hours. 

Helping Your Puppy’s Whining

As a responsible pet parent, it’s up to you to determine when it’s time not to give in to your pet’s whimper and when you need to be an attentive parent. For instance, there are times when it’s OK to ignore your puppy’s whining. Doing this can help discourage attention-seeking behavior while teaching your pooch to become more independent. 

However, it’s important for you to use your best judgment and carefully consider your pup’s circumstances before you decide whether it’s best to ignore their whining or not. Below are a few examples of when you should quickly spring into action with your puppy’s whining. 

  • If they need to use the potty, be sure to quickly take them outside to do their business, and to help avoid accidents inside your home. 
  • If they seem to be experiencing discomfort or are in physical pain, take them to your vet as soon as possible to get an assessment of their condition. 
  • If they’re scared as a result of loud noises or a thunderstorm or are whining as a result of fear, don’t ignore them since doing so may exacerbate their stress. Experts say that in these situations, it’s essential that you address their issue and work with your pup to build their confidence and provide them comfort in every way possible. 
  • If your pup whines after you put their food bowl near them, then be sure to give them some time to calm down before you do so. 


Whining is your dog’s way of getting your attention or expressing themselves. Providing physical and mental stimulation is a good way to help your dog keep their mind off things to whine about. Sometimes, when a dog has a lot of energy, giving it enough exercise is all it needs to stop whining, while puzzle toys can be a great solution for bored dogs. Family members all share the responsibility for keeping their puppies happy and healthy, so be sure to do your part and try to understand how you can help your beloved pooch.