Why Does My Affenpinscher Growl At Me?

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Why Does My Affenpinscher Growl At MeAffenpinschers are generally very adorable dogs, and so, it may surprise you when they growl. Although fun-loving with adults, these dogs do not enjoy chasing, rough play, or being held on your lap.

Growling is a form of communication for dogs. Understanding the circumstances and type of growl may give you some clarity of the reason.

If you are wondering about the cause behind your little dog’s growling, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the possible reason for your Affenpinscher’s growling and what you can do about it.

Possible reasons for the growling

While there may be several reasons why your dog is growling at you, these are some of the most common reasons. If the growling continues for an unusually long period, we suggest you consult a vet.


This is the most common cause of growling among dogs. It is exhibited when they feel threatened or scared. Fearful growling is displayed to create a distance between your dog and the potential threat.

In these situations, try to identify the person causing your dog to be scared and move your dog away from the cause. If immediate steps are not taken, it may lead to a conflict between your dog and the potential threat.


Aggressive growling may be portrayed when your Affenpinscher is in the presence of other dogs. The growling may intend to initiate a fight or simply assert dominance over the other dogs.

If you have your dog on a leash, leave the area immediately. Affenpinschers can get into a fight with bigger dogs without a second thought.

Resource guarding

If your Affenpinscher pup has a toy he is fond of, you may have witnessed growling if you try to take it away from it. This goes for anything your dog perceives as valuable, such as food. 

You can try training it on behavior modification to curb this type of growling.

Fighting growl

Sometimes while playing, your Affenpinscher may tend to graduate from playful growling to a fight growl. This could essentially lead to a fight with other dogs or an attack on people. This could be due to a lack of socialization, where your dog is not accustomed to interacting with people outside

your family.

How to stop Affenpinschers from growling?

Once you understand the reason behind the growling, correcting this behavior becomes easy. You can use the following methods to prevent your Affenpinscher from growling.

Do not resort to punishments

If your dog is fearful of growling at you, it may suppress its anger and frustration. Removing the warning before an attack could be harmful to you. An agitated dog is far from a well-trained dog.

Remove the cause of stress

Identify the cause of growling and try to remove it from the setting. Stop anything that potentially triggers your Affenpinscher’s growling. Avoid eye contact and wait for your dog to calm down and then slowly move away.

Create distractions

If your dog indulges in growling while doing something he is not supposed to, use a familiar word or toss treats at your dog. However, you should not do this often, as it might lead your dog to think that growling can bring it treats.

Visit a vet

Growling could also be a sign that your Affenpinscher is suffering from some pain. It may not be physically visible to you, but your dog may be trying to communicate it with you. Notice any changes in your dog’s eating habits and sleep schedule.

To sum up

Since growling is a form of communication for your dog, never attempt to suppress this emotion. Rather, try to understand the type of growl and the reason behind it.

Although Affenpinschers are generally cute, they might growl at times. If your Affenpinscher is being troublesome, consult a professional trainer to find effective ways to deal with uncontrollable growling.


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