Why Does My Dog Lick People?

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Why Does My Dog Lick PeopleDoes your furry best friend love to cover you with slobbery wet kisses? More than likely, the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’; but did you ever stop to wonder why he licks you?

It turns out that there are a few reasons why canines like to lick their human companions. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons, according to veterinarians and animal experts…


You may not have four legs or a tail, but to your fur-baby, you are the alpha; the leader of her pack. To show you how much she loves you, she will cover you with licks; think of it as her way of giving you a kiss.


Have you ever noticed that your pup licks you after you do something for her? Perhaps you got her out of a stick situation or maybe you tossed that rubber dog toy a few extra times or kept the game of tug-o-war with that rope and tug toy going a little longer…  To show her gratitude, she might lick you.


Your dog might lick you when she wants something from you; a belly rub, a dog treat, a dental chew, or when she wants you to strap her into her dog harness or dog collar and take her for a walk, for example. To a canine, licking is a great way to solicit whatever it is that she desires.


Canines often use their mouths to explore their world, so when your pup is licking you, she may simply be exploring you. Exploring what? – Perhaps whatever flavor is on your hand from the food you ate last, or to see if you have recently pet any other animals.


Remember how we said that you are a member of your pup’s pack? Well, in the wild, pack members groom one another, so when your pooch is licking you, it may be her way of trying to keep you clean, just like you do when you fill up her dog bath, wash her down with dog shampoo or a puppy shampoo, and brush out her coat with a dog brush.

You’re Tasty

Believe it or not, your dog may simply lick you because to her, you taste good! Human skin tastes a bit salty (just like a bully sticks for dogs, which also have a savory flavor that canines love!) If you’ve recently had your hand in a bag of nuts or chips, or you’ve just eaten something, you may notice that your pup concentrates on your hands and face, and for good reason; whatever you ate added to your tastiness!

Those are just some of the reasons why it’s believed that your furry friend might like to lick you. If your pup does tend to plant wet ones on you, if you’re worried about those licks harming you, don’t be; to date no illnesses from dog licking have been documented. However, do note that if you have a wound, you might want to cover it up or keep your pooch’s tongue away from it, as there is a small chance that the bacteria in his mouth could cause an infection.

Image Source: FoxNews.com