Why Does My Maltipoo Growl At Me?

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Why Does My Maltipoo Growl At MeMaltipoos are very friendly and adorable dogs. Hence, when these cute and cuddly fluff balls growl, it can catch you off-guard. While a little growling is acceptable, if your dog continues to growl, it could be a serious problem.

Are you dealing with growling and constant barking in your Maltipoo and have no clue how to make it stop?

We’ve got your back! Continue reading to know the reasons for your dog’s growling and how you can make it stop.

Reasons for your Maltiopoo’s growling

Maltipoos are a hybrid breed, a result of crossing Maltese and Poodles. There is no clarity on which parent breed is quieter or barks more, but there is a concept that small dogs tend to bark more than larger dogs.

Your dog could be growling due to some injury or physical pain. Examine your dog for any wounds. Even if there may not be any external wound, if your dog is not at ease, it can resort to growling. In such cases, consult a vet.

Having said that, here are a few other reasons why your Maltipoo might be growling at you.

It feels triggered

Your dog may feel triggered by someone or something. Something as simple as someone getting close to its food bowl may annoy and trigger your dog, leading to it’s growling. Observe and learn what exactly triggers your Maltipoo and work on it until your dog calms down.

Feeling fear and anxiety

Humans and dogs both encounter anxiety and fear. With dogs, they may growl or whine in such situations. This may occur when they see a person they don’t know or a thing they feel afraid of. You can distract your dog’s attention during excessive growling with toys. It is easier to remove the source of fear temporarily rather than trying to pacify your dog in such situations, as the dog might get more aggressive.

Feeling bored

Your Maltipoo can also show signs of growling due to boredom and loneliness. Your dog may also growl at you to seek your attention. Your dog may fee unattended and alone, and this may lead to constant growling for your attention. To avoid this, set a time for you to spend with your dog. You both could go for a short walk, play fetch, or indulge in other fun activities.

How to stop Maltipoo growling?

Maltipoos are intelligent dogs and are easy to train in order to stop growling. The first thing while training a Maltipoo to growl less is to ensure that your dog feels safe in the environment around it. Understand what your dog is feeling and sense its mood.

Maltipoos don’t like to respond to rude instructions. Make your Maltipoo feel safe and happy around you. You could use some good words of encouragement of resort to treats.  Surround your dog with toys and shower it with love.

Gradually expose your dog to your surroundings so that you know what triggers your dog and what makes it anxious and growl. It can be so me sound too, like that of a vacuum cleaner or a telephone. Be patient with your dog, and familiarize it with daily objects and the sounds they make.

Lastly, spend enough time with your dog so that it doesn’t feel lonely. Make sure you walk your dog and play with it to reduce its frustration and anxiety.

To sum up

The Maltipoo is an intelligent breed and understands what behavior is expected from it, and what is not. However, you need to make sure your dog feels safe and loved in the environment that surrounds it.

While there could be many reasons for your dog’s growling, observing it to know the trigger and acting upon it is the right way to go. Pay regular visits to the vet as the growling could also be due to some physical pain. As long as you are patient with your little buddy, your dog will eventually stop this behavior.


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