Why Does My Yorkipoo Growl At Me?

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Why Does My Yorkipoo Growl At MeWhile Yorkipoos are very friendly and sociable dogs, it can get confusing when they start growling at you. These dogs generally love human company, and if they are growling, it means they are trying to convey some message.

If you own a Yorkipoo, and it has started to growl at you, does it mean your little buddy dislikes you? By no means. There could be several reasons why your dog is growling at you. Continue reading to find out more about your dog’s growling and how you can stop it before its too late.

Reasons for the growling

One Can think of many reasons when your pet is growling at you. We are here to help you to figure out what’s the cause behind it.

A chaotic environment

Yorkipoo is a small breed of dogs. They are playful, active, and also make good watchdogs. However, they are scared, frightful, and possess territorial issues at times.

Your behavior and the environment around can play a crucial role in their aggressive episodes. If you have been shouting at people around you, then there is a probability that your dog will pick up that trait from you.


Yorkipoos are possessive, and trying to step into your dog’s personal space, will make it alert. Your dog might try to retaliate in that situation by being growling and even barking at you. So try not to snatch your dog’s favorite toy from its mouth.

It might also be possessive of you when you meet new people. Understand your dog’s intention and be patient with it.


One of the most common reasons for pet aggression is an illness, injury, or health and sex-related problems. Your Yorkipoo might be growling due to irritation caused by health issues.

A condition recurrent in Yorkipoos, known as Hypothyroidismscan make it irritated and project anger as a symptom.

Take your dog to a vet immediately if you think this might be the reason behind its growling.

How to stop Yorkipoo growling?


Make your pet feel relaxed and try calming it down by diverting its attention towards something else. You could give your dog a treat or a toy to pacify your dog for the time being. However, once you’ve given your dog some time, make sure to find the root cause, and work on it.

Train without punishment

Do not bully or punish your pet for its bad behavior. It will turn your dog into a rebel and a notorious pet to have. Remember, when your Yorkipoo is showing you aversion, it is trying to convey something to you. Yorkipoos are relatively easier to train as they like to please their owner.

Be observant

Keep an eye on what its triggers are and try keeping it as away as possible. Their trigger could be something as simple as the doorbell, or a guest at your house. Be observant of what is causing this behavior and work on familiarizing your dog with it slowly.

Engage your dog in exercise

Make your dog exercise, take it out for a walk to a dog park, and let it socialize. Play a few outdoor games with your dog, and try working on your bond. If your dog shows signs of aggression even outside your house, try to redirect it from that situation, make eye contact, and try to calm it down.

Visit a vet

If your dog has always been calm and is suddenly growling at you, it can be a red flag indicating some medical instability within it. Go and get your pet checked with your vet. If your pet is getting aggressive due to lack of sex, talk to the vet about neutering it.

To sum up

Growling in Yorkipoos can be easily controlled by being patient with your dog and training it. A little bit of growling is acceptable, but if you feel your dog is growling excessively, make sure to consult a vet.

Try to understand the reason or the trigger for your dog’s behavior and act upon it. In the end, these animals are trying to convey something to you, so don’t be harsh on them and try to understand the situation.


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