Why Smart Homes are Installing Smart Doggy Doors

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Why Smart Homes Are Installing Smart Doggy DoorsBragging about your home automation setup and smart home is great. However, not pushing these benefits to your furry friend is a fool’s errand. As such, more and more people with smart homes are opting to install smart pet doors in their homes. But why? Let’s dig in.


It’s true. The convenience offered by smart doggy doors in your daily routine is measurable. Much like the ease of use of other pet-related automation products like automatic fetch machines and automatic dog feeders, smart doggy doors provide extensive benefits and boost your productivity as well as your furry friend’s.

Think about it, once you install this door, you are no longer at the beck and call of your dog’s bathroom needs. They can be taught to take themselves out to do their business. This also serves to return a bit of the freedom that your pet is always looking to attain.

Smart pet doors allow your dogs to enter and exit the house at will. This, in turn, allows you the freedom from responsibilities associated with your dog.


Standard pet doors have provided people with quite a few benefits over time. However, they have also caused quite a few issues for households. Stray animals can enter your home. You are at a security risk by having a gaping hole in your front or side door. That same hole is allowing heat or cold air to escape, increasing electric bills. There have even been reports of the door getting stuck on pup’s dog collar and causing a massive choking hazard.

Sure, you could get a lock for the door at certain times, but that comes with additional issues. With this, you are now at the beck and call of your dog’s bathroom needs. With a lock, you have to get up and unlock the dog door, then relock it again when they are done, completely defeating the purpose of the door in the first place!


It is here that smart dog doors can alleviate the inconvenience and potential drawbacks of regular dog doors for your smart home. There are extensive benefits of an electronic dog door compared to standard doors. These include:

  • Integration into your smart home, allowing voice control and activation via Alexa or Google Home, and complements with additional smart devices using automation workflow tools such as If This Then That and Zapier.
  • Proximity activation, much like key cards at hotels, via a key fob that attaches to your dog collar, or even communicates with your dog’s embedded microchip.
  • Smart dog doors provide more enhanced insulation than a flap, keeping your home the temperature that it needs to be and reducing electric bills as a result.
  • Programmability and timers allow you to set time ranges for when the smart dog door is locked and unlocked automatically.
  • Some of the leading smart dog doors provide an automation suite inside a smartphone app, allowing owners the option to lock, unlock, open and close their dog doors with the press of a phone button from anywhere.

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