Why Your Dog Hates Bathing

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Why Your Dog Hates BathingIt’s a scene that far too many pet parents are familiar with: they quietly get out the dog shampoo, the medicated dog shampoo, the puppy shampoo (or whatever other type of shampoo they use), the dog brush, the nail clippers for dogs, the towels – and all of the other grooming supplies they need. Then the start filling up the dog bath tub, and as soon as their pooches hear that water running, they run and hide in fear.

If your furry pal shakes, quivers, or flat-out protests the bath, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is. Keep on reading to find out why some pooches simply dread the bath.

They Find it Uncomfortable

Some pups might not like taking a bath simply because they find it uncomfortable. The tub may be too big, the water may be too chilly or to hot, the pressure may be too strong… It’s understandable; a bath is nowhere near as comfortable as lying in a dog bed or on the couch. If you think discomfort is the cause of bath-phobia, try doing everything that you can to make it a more comfortable experience. Get a dog bath that your dog properly fits into, make sure the water pressure isn’t too hard, and test the water to ensure that it is a pleasant temperature.

Bad Previous Bathing Experience

If your pup has ever had a bad experience with the bath in the past, chances are that he is associating all future baths with that one bad one. If someone scrubbed him too hard, pulled his hair, got soap in his eyes, he got a lot of water up his nose, or anything else negative happened, bath time can be a struggle from there on out. To make your pup less fearful, try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Bring some water toys for dogs into the tub, offer some dog treats, use a happy, sing-songy voice; do anything you can to try to make bath time as positive and exciting as you possibly can.

Some Pups Like Being Dirty

Believe it or not, your pooch may hate the bath for the simple fact that it gets him clean. That’s right; your pooch might just like being dirty! Your canine companion processes smells a lot differently than you do. Something that reeks and smells completely foul to you might smell like the best scent on earth to your furry friend. Maybe that garbage your four-legged pal rolled in smells like a trendy cologne and when you wash it away, your taking away the scent that he loves so much. If your dog just likes being dirty, there’s really no advice we can give you to make bath time easier, except to make the process as enjoyable as possible; and, make sure you reward your pooch for a job well done.

Some dogs just hate the bath; but, with a little patience and some adjustments, you can make bath time an enjoyable experience for everyone.