Wire Fo-Tzu Information-Everything You Need To Know

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When you cross a Shih-Tzu with a Wire Fox Terrier, you have the Wire Fo-Tzu, a lively little ball of wiry hair. These little dogs are wonderful pets for almost everyone, but they thrive best in households, excluding children as young as four.

They may live in every size home and therefore do not require as much activity as other dogs because they do not grow much larger than 20 pounds.

They live up to 16 years old and are typically healthy. They are, however, tough to train, and you’ll need a great deal of patience to work with them. The Wire Fo-Tzu, like littlest dogs, is prone to small dog illness.

Wire Fo-Tzu History

Wire Fo Tzu Information Everything You Need To KnowSo because Wire Fo-Tzu is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Wire Fox Terrier, it’s crucial to consider their backgrounds while determining your new dog’s complicated nature.

Since the seventh century, the Shih Tzu has been a Chinese friend to royal households. Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan Alpine Dogs, & Pekingese are said to have been bred to become lapdogs for royalty.

They eventually gained popularity among the general population and were practically extinct during the Chinese Revolution. During that period, 14 Shih Tzus were saved, and it is said that all present Shih Tzus are offspring of those Fourteen dogs.

The Shih Tzu began to appear in various countries throughout the early twentieth century, including the U. S, England, and Norway. However, they were sometimes mistaken for Lhasa Apsos. It wasn’t until 1938 that separate criteria for the two breeds were established.

Surprisingly, the Shih Tzu took additional 31 years to be approved by the American Breed Standard, but they are today the 20th most popular breed in the USA.

The history of the Wire Fox Terrier may be traced back to the nineteenth century in England when fox hunters chose to create a tiny yet brave breed to pursue their prey out of foxholes.

Breeders mated the Smooth & Wire Fox Terrier to create a cleaner & white-coated dog to avoid getting confused for a fox, but this was halted many years ago to preserve the bloodline pure. The Wire Fox Terrier is an energetic and clever dog that excels in the arena at Westminster Dog Shows, having won the top award 13 times.

They are, however, just the 101st most popular breed in America, where the American Breed Standards has recognized them since 1885.

Wire Fo-Tzu Characteristics

Your Wire Fo-Tzu will have a thick, wiry, medium-length coat that is tricolored white with colors of brown, mocha, and black, or brindle, pied, brown, lemon, or white.

With fuzzy ears that often hang down on the face, slightly protruding coffee-colored eyes, and an attentive look, their wide head is proportional to the rest of their little physique.

Its black nose is tiny and broad, and its legs are short and chubby, with a long, tapering tail that curls up across its back. Although it is not widespread, a short tail is seen in certain Wire Fo-Tzus.

How Big Can A Wire Fo-Tzu Get?

The Wire Fo-Tzu would most likely grow to be little more than 9-12 inches tall and weigh just under 15-20 pounds.

How Long Can A Wire Fo-Tzu Live?

The lifecycle of a Wire Fo-Tzu is between 11- and 13.

How Much Does A Wire Fo-Tzu Cost?

The cost of a Wire Fo-Tzu is around 400$-800$. That covers the puppy; it does not include a cage, immunizations, vet visits, a collar, food, water bowls, etc.

In reality, the cost of a Wire Fo-Chon could be much more or cheaper. A genuinely excellent example may easily cost $1000. Similarly, you could be lucky to get one in your area for just a few hundred dollars.

Wire Fo-Tzu Personality/Temperament

Since the Wire Fo-Tzu is a designer breed, it might have the disposition of one or even both parent breeds.

The Shih Tzu is a small, barking dog with a pleasant nature and a happy disposition. They can, however, be abrasive with children and may struggle with housebreaking.

The dog might be Ok as much as you seem firm and consistent. Because the Wire Fox Terrier is a hunter with a high level of intellect, they may become violent toward children and small animals if not properly socialized.

Routines and timetables aid these dogs by keeping them happy and on track.

Wire Fo-Tzu Nutrition

Each day, a Wire Fo-Tzu requires only 1 cup of dog food, which should be full of protein & carbohydrates.

How Do You Groom A Wire Fo-Tzu?

Although your Wire Fo-Tzu has a combination of silky soft and wiry fur, it is prone to tangling.

Brush your dog’s hair carefully at a minimum 3 – 4 times a week using a dematting tool & stainless steel comb to prevent matting. To keep her fur from shedding excessively, regularly brush her softly with a smoother brush.

If your Wire-Fo-coat Tzu’s is very wiry, you’ll need to strip it at least 3 times per year, which you may accomplish by hand or with the help of a stripping blade—brushing her teeth a couple of times a week to avoid dental problems. Clip her nails a couple of times a month as well.

Wire Fo-Tzu Activity Level

The Shih Tzu may be a sluggish dog who likes to lie by its feet. They do, however, have a predisposition to get overweight if they do not receive enough exercise.

Because of its strong prey drive, a Wire Fox Terrier is an extremely active dog who enjoys running and chasing the surrounding wildlife.

Since you’re not a hunter, to let them run around the backyard for a few hours each day is plenty, but you must certainly take her for a few daily walks and possibly a visit to a local park to play with the other canines.

Wire Fo-Tzu Health Concerns

One of the most crucial variables to consider when purchasing a dog is the pet’s health. Crossbred dogs are typically less healthy than mixed-breed dogs, leaving them more susceptible to health issues.

On the other hand, the Wire Fo-Chon is an outlier.

This breed is relatively healthy, with only a few small health concerns to be aware of. This breed is free of all diseases except for elbow and hip problems.

Similar Breeds To A Wire Fo-Tzu

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