Wire Pom Terrier Information-Everything You Need To Know

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Wire Pom Terriers are indeed a petite breed with an insatiable curiosity. These intelligent friends will offer excitement and joy to your life with their desire for attention and fearless hearts.

A Wire Pom Terrier is a rare cross between both the Pomeranian & the Wire Fox Terrier, both breeds with similar hunting & herding backgrounds.

Wire Pom Terrier History

Wire Pom Terrier Information Everything You Need To Know 1024x768Whereas the origins of a Wire Pom Terrier and the origins of its formation are unclear, the background of the Pomeranian & the Wire Fox Terrier can be traced much more easily.

A Wire Fox Terrier was bred specifically for hunting fox and other small ground wildlife in 1800s Wales.

The Wire Fox Terrier’s excellent odor made it a perfect hunting companion since it was fast and agile. In this context, the Pomeranian, sometimes known as a “Pom”, is a modern-day descendant of a considerably bigger German sheepherding canine.

The Pomeranian was formerly a popular pet under Queen Charlotte of Britain, but it developed into show dogs and gradually shrank to today’s size.

This breed, such as Wire Fox Terrier, does have a lively exuberance and intelligence that is most likely derived from the breed’s days as a working herding animal. Recognized.

The American Breed Standards recognize both breeds; however, its more recent hybrid has yet to be universally recognized as a crossbreed.

 A Pomeranian was a famous dog breed throughout North America since the early 1900s, continuously placing among the top fifteen most recognized dog breeds. In contrast, a Wire Fox Terrier is indeed a lesser-known breed.

A Wire Pom Terrier is a relatively young breed that has still to make a significant impact in the media or mainstream culture.

However, given the dog’s lovely personality and friendliness with both humans & animals, it’s unlikely this puppy will go unnoticed for long.

Wire Pom Terrier Characteristics

A Wire Pom Terrier is a little dog with a thick covering of hair & a primarily short, boxy nose. Sable & liver coat colors are common, and the breed’s medium-length hair is generally a blend of straight & wiry, two significant genetic features carried from its forefathers.

Since of the wide spectrum of coat colors, puppies from a similar litter are likely to have a variety of colorings.

The Wire Pom Terrier’s fur is dense everywhere the neck & needs to be brushed weekly to avoid becoming matted or knotted. Its face is similar to that of a Pomeranian, except for the Wire Fox Terrier’s more diamond-shaped snout.

Eyes that are dark black are the most prevalent, whereas blue eyes seem to be quite uncommon. Its ears are often coated in long hair strands & view up straight to a point.

With a lovely face that you can’t help but find love with, a Wire Pom Terrier is now a wonderful blend of its forefathers.

How Big Can A Wire Pom Terrier Get?

The Wire Pom Terrier would most likely grow to be little more than 11-13 inches tall and weigh just under 10-13 pounds.

How Long Can A Wire Pom Terrier Live?

The lifecycle of a Wire Pom Terrier is between 12- 16

How Much Does A Wire Pom Terrier Cost?

The cost of a Wire Pom Terrier is around 500$-1000$.

Wire Pom Terrier Personality/Temperament

This energetic dog, often a rebellious pretender, is a hunter with a knack for solving puzzles. Because of a Wire Pom Terrier’s tenacity, it is suggested that all these dogs be permitted to wander under close supervision.

Because these dogs are the main objective, they’ll likely pursue a squirrel up the tree or out of the backyard, so a house surrounded by walls outside space would be perfect. Overall, the animal’s willingness to learn is just moderate.

Greater energy levels entail more movement throughout the day & shorter attention spans but depending on the dog’s attitude. It may also make a wonderful lapdog. While a Wire Fox Terrier, several of the breed’s progenitors, is generally hypoallergenic, a Wire Pom Terrier is not fully free of allergens.

Shedding may still occur depending on the coat type inherited by the dog, and other dogs of the same breed may need moderate care.

Wire Pom Terrier Nutrition

Each day, a Wire Pom Terrier requires only 2 cups of dog food, which should be full of protein & carbohydrates.

How Do You Groom A Wire Pom Terrier?

The Wire Pom Terrier is a low-maintenance breed that requires only minor attention and energy release. Brushing should be done at least once a week to keep the dog’s fur from matting, while washing may be done once a month or as needed.

The Pom Terrier’s natural oils need not build up quickly due to a mixture of wiry & straight fur. Thus the dog’s fur stays cleaner for longer. The Wire Pom Terrier’s dental care may be more difficult because of its tiny size.

Brushing the dog’s teeth at least once a day is strongly advised to avoid numerous dental problems or difficulties. The Wire Pom Terrier’s ears require special attention and grooming.

Because both Wire Fox Terriers & Pomeranians are prone to ear infections, the Wire Pom Terrier needs bi-weekly ear deep cleaning to avoid infection.

Wire Pom Terrier Activity Level

A Wire Pom Terrier appreciates movement and exploration due to its ancestry, which includes two extremely curious and active canines. On the other hand, the Wire Pom Terrier inherited the Pomeranian’s constant love of naps & unwavering loyalty, making him an excellent lap dog & home friend.

This breed is well-suited to both houses & apartments since it is quite adaptive to its surroundings. A fence is recommended for residences with yards to keep this eager, nosy critter contained. The Wire Pom Terriers are well-suited to both urban & rural environments, and they survive in all temperatures.

Wire Pom Terrier Health Concerns

One of the most crucial variables to consider when purchasing a dog is the pet’s health. Crossbred dogs are typically less healthy than mixed-breed dogs, leaving them more susceptible to health issues.

Similar Breeds To A Wire Pom Terrier

Best Dog Food for Wire Pom Terriers

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Best Puppy Food for Wire Pom Terriers

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Best Dog Crate for Wire Pom Terriers

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Best Dog Bed for Wire Pom Terriers

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Best Dog Harness for Wire Pom Terriers

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