Wolfhound Dane Information-Everything You Need To Know

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The Wolfhound Dane, an Irish Dane, is a designer cross dog with a statuesque appearance. He looks like a cross between an Irish Wolfhound and a Great Dane. He is sweet, caring, and loving despite his size. Because of his size, you’ll need to ensure you have enough area for him.

This large guy reaches 32 – 38 inches tall & weighs 120- 180lbs at the shoulders.

 A Wolfhound Dane has gained popularity in the last 20 years. However, the Wolfhound Dane is considered to have been formed in the 1800s when breeders chose to combine the two-parent behemoths to produce a hybrid mix.

Wolfhound Dane History

Wolfhound Dane Information 1536x2048A Wolfhound Dane is a fantastic hybrid that brings out the best characteristics of both parent breeds. The origins of the Irish Wolfhound may be traced back to the first century.

He is an old breed that was once used to chase elk and other large animals. He was also trained to be a battle dog. Cu, which means ‘War Dog’ in Gaelic, was the name given to the breed in its early days.

Throughout history, he has also served as a valuable security dog. Just noblemen & royalty were permitted to possess the massive dogs in the past. Depending on the family’s status, there were also limits on how many a family could own.

In the 1800s, the breed’s population dwindled drastically due to its restrictions. Major Richardson & Captain Graham are credited with bringing the breed back to life.

They employed Irish Danes, Glengarry Deerhounds, & Tibetan Mastiffs in a breeding scheme to produce the current Irish Wolfhound.

Unlike historical Irish Wolfhounds, the current breed is not aggressive and is not a suitable watchdog.

In 1950, the American Breed Standards recognized the breed and classified it as a member of the Hound Group. A Great Dane is a long-lived breed with origins dating back to thousands of BC.

The Great Dane was initially produced by the Assyrians, who crossed their canines with Roman Mastiffs. They were originally called Boar Hounds as they were employed to hunt boars.

The English Danois was the name given to the breed around the 1500s.

In the 1500s, French visitors to Denmark began to refer to such canines as the Grand Danios. German breeders soon became interested in the breed, and it was developed from a violent hunter to a peaceful, family dog.

The American Breed Standards originally recognized the Great Dane in 1885, and it was placed in the Working Group.

Wolfhound Dane Characteristics

A Wolfhound Dane is a huge dog with a long, rectangular head. His ears are floppy, and his almond-shaped eyes are black.

His coat ranges in length from the Great Dane to the Irish Wolfhound, which is longer and coarser. Grey, black, brown, blue, white, creamy gold, fawn, red, brindle, speckled, spotted, and salt and pepper are just some of his hues.

His tail is lengthy and curled slightly. His feet have a colossal size. His overall appearance is one of pure, massive muscle.

How Big Can A Wolfhound Dane Get?

The Wolfhound Dane would most likely grow to be little more than 32-38 inches tall and weigh just under 120-180 pounds.

How Long Can A Wolfhound Dane Live?

The lifecycle of a Wolfhound Dane is between 8- and 10.

How Much Does A Wolfhound Dane Cost?

The cost of a Wolfhound Dane is around 1200$-2000$. That covers the puppy; it does not include things like a cage, immunizations, vet visits, a collar, food, water bowls, etc.

In reality, the cost of a Wire Fo-Chon could be much more or cheaper. A genuinely excellent example may easily cost $1500. Similarly, you could be lucky to get one in your area for just a few hundred dollars.

Wolfhound Dane Personality/Temperament

A Wolfhound Dane is a gentle and affectionate dog. He’s a devoted giant. Despite his size, he is gentle & gets along very well with other animals.

Many people believe that this formidable breed is unsuitable for keeping as a family pet. However, the contrary is true. He makes an excellent family dog and likes youngsters.

Although he is not a security dog, he’s intimidating stature is generally enough to dissuade would-be intruders. He doesn’t bark very much, which many people think is a plus.

Wolfhound Dane Nutrition

Each day, a Wolfhound Dane requires only 3  cups of dog food, which should be full of protein & carbohydrates.

How Do You Groom A Wolfhound Dane?

The Wolfhound Dane is a low-maintenance breed. A monthly shower will normally eliminate any odors. Because his fur doesn’t tangle or shed excessively, all he needs is a monthly brushing with the smoother brush to keep him looking clean and smart.

You’ll have to cut his nails every few weeks if he doesn’t get enough activity to wear them down. Once a week, clean out his floppy ears to eliminate any accumulated debris.

To manage canine breath and avoid gum disease, some owners wash their dogs’ teeth once a week.

Wolfhound Dane Activity Level

Despite his size, a Wolfhound Dane is a fairly laid-back dog who does not require a lot of activity. A brief daily stroll is beneficial to him, but he is not a suitable jogging partner because his physique is not meant for speed and long-distance running.

He doesn’t care for activities like fetch and catching a Frisbee. Because he is constantly eager to please his owner, he succeeds well in obedience.

He likes to take things slow and easily most of the time.

Wolfhound Dane Health Concerns

One of the most crucial variables to consider when purchasing a dog is the pet’s health.

Crossbred dogs are typically less healthy than mixed-breed dogs, leaving them more susceptible to health issues.

On the other hand, the Wolfhound Dane is an outlier.

This breed is relatively healthy, with only a few small health concerns to be aware of. This breed is free of all diseases except for elbow and hip problems.

Similar Breeds To A Wolfhound Dane

Best Dog Food for Wolfhound Danes

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Best Dog Crate for Wolfhound Danes

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Best Dog Bed for Wolfhound Danes

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Best Dog Harness for Wolfhound Danes

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