The 5 Best Extra-Large Dog Sofa Beds

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5 Extra-Large Dog Sofa BedsDid you know that older dogs are more vulnerable to joint pain when given normal dog beds as opposed to an orthopedic dog bed? If you’re in the market for a pet bed that’s suitable for large breed dogs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this quick guide, we point you to the 5 best extra-large dog sofa beds, while highlighting their individual benefits and why they should be your first choice.   

Why Buy an Extra Large Dog Bed? 

According to a clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania, picking the right size of bed for your dog can make a huge difference in both joint pain and hip dysplasia. The best dog beds will provide relief from pain, protect joints from pressure, and maintain proper alignment as your pooch rests. Pet owners with big dogs will also be able to help their canine pals with mobility issues, as well as provide plenty of neck support with the right bed. 

The Best Extra Large Dog Sofa Beds 

If you want to give your big furry friend next-level comfort that you won’t be able to find elsewhere, look no further than these options. 

1. Keet Fluffly Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed

Keet Fluffy Deluxe Pet Bed


  • Its cushion uses memory foam fillings for complete comfort
  • The arms double as a comfortable headrest
  • With a washable cover made of soft fabric
  • Made with a solid wood frame and high-quality leatherette 

A big dog like a Great Dane will love lounging in this luxurious sofa bed; the modern and gorgeous Keet Fluffly Deluxe Sofa Dog Bed features a handmade wooden frame that’s durable and beautiful. Upholstered with a deluxe leatherette material, it’s not just suitable for extra-large dogs but is also great for all kinds of home interiors. Thanks to the washable cover, it’s easy to use and clean, so your pup will enjoy sleeping on his very own bed every night! 


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2. Moots Personalized Leatherette Sofa Dog Bed

Moots Premium Leatherette Pets Sofa


  • The cushion is made with a waterproof liner that protects it from cold water 
  • Provides a personalized and handmade touch just for your furbaby
  • Stuffed with memory foam and polyester fiber for comfort and breathability
  • With strong wooden legs that provide firmer surfaces for your pooch to sleep on

The Moots Personalized Leatherette Dog Bed is a cozy and welcoming accessory that your four-legged friend will just adore! Handmade and open for personalization, it also offers a modern look and strong foundation that will fit right in your home, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, its premium faux leather upholstery combined with textile mesh guarantees that any large-size dog will enjoy this soft bed. 


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3. Frisco Elevated Art Deco Dog & Cat Sofa Bed

Frisco Elevated Art Deco Dog & Cat Sofa Bed


  • Comes in three different color options: emerald green, teal blue, or gray
  • Provides a cozy bed for your dog and a statement piece for your home
  • Available in different sizes; from small dogs to big dogs
  • With removable sofa cushions for easier spot cleaning

The Frisco Elevated Art Deco Dog & Cat Sofa Bed is a big dog bed that dog owners and their pets will absolutely adore! Complete with padded arms, a velvety-smooth surface, golden legs, and back support, it is the top choice for many looking to spoil their pets with a good night’s rest. With this great sofa and its removable cushions, you can be sure that your pet naps like royalty and that it will stay as beautiful as the day you got it. 


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4. FurHaven Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort Orthopedic Sofa

Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large Dogs


  • With a removable cover that’s machine washable for easy cleaning 
  • An orthopedic bed designed to support joints and relieve pressure 
  • Comes with wrap-around bolsters for your pet to rest its head on
  • Features a comfy sleeping surface made of faux fur

This bolster sofa dog bed by FurHaven will provide your furbaby with all the comfort it needs; it’s a great choice if your pooch loves to snuggle and cuddle. The base is also made from orthopedic foam designed to support your dog’s pressure points and joints, improving its overall circulation. With velvet-soft bolsters and insulating fillings, these large dog sofa beds offer a heavenly place to rest. 


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5. La-Z-Boy Chaise Furniture Sofa Dog Bed

La Z Boy Solana Chaise Lounger Dog Bed


  • Designed with legs that lift your pooch a few inches off the ground and off the floor
  • With human-grade chenille upholstery that hides daily wear and tear 
  • Made from furniture-grade materials like solid wood for the feet and base 
  • Comes with bolsters that give your furry friend extra head support 

These sofa dog beds by La-Z-Boy will have your dog over the moon with their lush and comfortable design, nailhead details, and gorgeous look. Thanks to its human-grade upholstery, this washable dog bed is easy to clean and maintain, so your dog can enjoy it for entire years at a time. Finally, your dog will love resting its head on the bolsters that provide extra neck support. 


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Get Your Extra-Large Dog Sofa Beds! 

Each of the options above is among the best sofa beds for dogs available in the market today, so don’t dilly-dally and get your hands on them now. Take advantage of the sales for these items and get free shipping for select dog sofa beds! While the delivery may take a few business days, you’ll be happy with your purchase once you see how much your dog loves its brand-new bed that it can enjoy all to itself.