How Big is a Maine Coon?

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How Big Is A Maine Coon CatMaine Coons are known for their large size and are among the largest breeds of domestic cats around the world. Native to New England and the state of Maine, these longhaired cats are a great choice for a cat show or the furr-fect cuddly buddy at home, depending on your needs. Below we answer the question, “How big is a Maine Coon” while addressing the origins of this giant feline.   

What is a Maine Coon? 

Also known as the tabby Maine Coon, this gorgeous kitty serves as the official state cat of Maine, where it was originally bred. There are many stories about this cat’s origin, but the most famous one tells the story of how the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, attempted to escape execution with her beloved cats. While she never made it to the United States, her cats managed to reach Wiscasset, Maine, where they were bred with short-haired breeds which resulted in the modern Maine Coon. 

Other stories that tell the supposed origins of these cats include a story in which Marie Antoinette bred cats with raccoons, resulting in a big cat that is part raccoon. However, studies show that this species shares genetics with the random-bred cat population found in New York. They are also related to the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian Cat, leading to theories that the Maine Coon is a descendant of these felines. 

But despite all the mystery surrounding this breed, one thing remains the same — their large size always remains consistent, and this is the reason why they’re the largest domestic cat breeds. Their size has also been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records where they have been immortalized with the title of the world’s longest cat. Because it’s a noticeably large cat, they are usually mistaken for a bobcat; not all will grow to a larger size but if you get a Maine Coon kitten you can’t expect them to remain small for too long.

Once they reach their full size, everything becomes bigger from their large paws to their bushy tail as well as their fluffy body, which makes them such a beautiful breed. All of these qualities and more are what make these lovable cats so popular.          

How Big is a Maine Coon?

So far this cat breed sounds like a dream, and we couldn’t agree more but you might be intimidated by the fact that it’s the biggest domestic cat not just in the country but in the world. But how do they compare to other cats? Below are the answers you’re looking for. 

Average Weight

Despite their title of longest domestic cat, a Maine Coon won’t always grow past the size of a normal cat. In general, the males will grow bigger than female Maine Coons; the average male cat will weigh as much as 25 pounds and females can reach 18 pounds. A healthy weight for Maine Coons will typically range from 10 to 20 pounds — not all Maine Coons will reach this weight but their length and height will make them look bigger.   

Average Height

In general, a Maine Coon will be bigger compared to your average domestic cat but not at all times. The average height of the Maine Coon will be around 10 to 16 inches tall while small Maine Coon cats will be as tall as other cat breeds. Their height is one of the reasons why Maine Coons can grow to be so massive but genetics will play a huge role in this so don’t expect every cat to grow big. 

Average Length

There’s a big reason why Maine Coon cats are always featured as the largest domesticated cat breeds on the Guinness World Records. A male named named “Stewie” holds the record for the longest maine coon cat, measuring 48.5 inches from the end of his tail to the tip of his nose. In general, they can reach 3 feet in length; it’s this sheer size that makes them stand out from the rest of the domestic breeds.    

Comparisons with Other Breeds

Compared to the Maine Coon, domestic house cats will be a lot smaller and even a Maine Coon on the smaller side will still grow to the average size of a big domestic cat. As discussed above, a Maine Coon will range between 10 to 25 pounds while the average cat will weigh around 6 to 12 pounds. Moreover, regular cats will usually stand at 10 inches tall, which is considered to be the smallest size for Maine Coons while the biggest cats will reach up to 16 inches tall.  

When it comes to their length, the Maine Coon Cat’s size can be double the size of a regular cat which is 15 to 20 inches long. You’ll see a huge difference in body length when comparing them to the average domestic cat — a rectangular body is very fitting for these muscular cats. 

Caring for Your Maine Coon Cat

Among the oldest natural breeds of cats with long coats that are native to the United States, the Maine Coon has learned to navigate harsh winters with their long fur that keeps them warm. In modern days, these cats are known to be sweet and friendly, despite having the appearance of a wild predator. However, individual cats will have different personalities and none of them will be the same; understanding how to care for your kitty will help determine if they’re a good fit for you. 

Common Health Problems 

One reason why some people don’t always consider Maine Coons as pets is that they can suffer from health issues such as heart failure in the form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), heart disease, hip dysplasia, and stomach issues. SMA is defined as a genetic disorder that causes fewer nerves along the spinal cord to develop, resulting in the loss of control of their limbs. Moreover, because these cats can be so large, they might end up knocking over everything in your home — not a health problem for the cat, but certainly a problem for your pocket. 


Maine Coon owners will need to give their cats a weekly brushing to keep their hair under control; luckily, the Maine Coon cat breed is among the easiest to care for. Because they don’t shed too much, you won’t have to vacuum too much and they’re also unique in the sense that they can be shaved. The length of their coat will vary depending on the season, where their fur can adapt to the harsh weather — it’s shorter during summer and longer during winter. 


A healthy diet for a full-grown Maine Coon consists of regular cat food that’s high in protein — be sure to keep their water bowl full at all times. A large Maine Coon will do well when given meat, but if you choose to get one, it’s best to speak to a vet to get the right information about feeding this breed. You can also talk to a reputable breeder about what they feed their cats to keep them healthy. 


Maine Coon cats are social and friendly, which is why they’re great for families with kids. They’re also known to have high emotional intelligence and will love spending time with their humans. If you won’t be at home with them often, it’s best to adopt another cat to keep them happy — it will be better if you can adopt one from their litter. 

These kitties are also easy to train and are a good choice for a new maine coon owner no matter the Maine Coon’s size. Even the largest cat will be low-maintenance and will make for a great indoor pet. 


The Maine Coon cat size is inherited and won’t be present in all individuals. These cats are relatively healthy, low-maintenance, have a good temperament, and have high levels of energy. Giving it good food will ensure healthy growth during its first year — regular exercise will be able to keep adult cats healthy and fit. 

Be sure to provide your indoor Maine Coon the space to climb and jump — a tree will be a good idea. It’s also good to give it a scratching post to allow for muscle flexing and to protect your furniture from damage. This normally healthy breed will be affected by the lifestyle you give so it’s important to keep them physically fit whether they stay indoors or outdoors.  

Living with a Maine Coon

People aren’t just drawn to Maine Coons because of their size — these gentle giants are also playful and lovable and want nothing more than to enjoy their life with their humans. Their growth rate is faster compared to most cats since they can grow big quickly; by the time they reach a few years of age, they can reach big proportions. Compared to males, female Maine Coon cats are quiet and reserved and will take some time before warming up to people. 

However, they are still playful and friendly — with enough love and care, they will live happy and long lives. They’re also extremely loving and patient which makes them great family pets and they’re highly intelligent so you can easily teach them all kinds of commands. 

Are Maine Coons a Good Pet? 

If you’re looking for a cat with a fluffy tail these adorable and lovable kitties could be the right pet for you. All you need to do is provide them with enough space to move around along with a big litter box — these cats are very big, so make sure that you can provide them with a good home. Finally, make sure that you’re able to spend plenty of time so they don’t feel lonely, and give them the time and attention they need to keep them happy.