How To Get Respect From A Maltipoo?

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How To Get Respect From A MaltipooMaltipoos are known for their fun-loving and affectionate nature, intelligence, adaptability, and are an absolute treat to the eye. They are the perfect companion pets to have.

These dogs adapt to all kinds of homes and will respect you as long as you respect them and treat them as one of your own. However, if you feel that your little bussy does not respect or love you, that can be worked upon.

Read along to find out how to get respect from a Maltipoo. 

How smart is a Maltipoo? 

Maltipoos are incredibly bright and intelligent dogs, provided they are trained and brought up well. They are not guard/watchdogs, but they possess many traits any owner would feel lucky to find in a dog. 

They are social and interactive, and they enjoy being around people. They respond well to several training methods like a reward system, positive reinforcements, corrections, anything that doesn’t involve being violent. They are compassionate and friendly and can fit in comfortably amongst a new crowd. 

However, don’t let all the virtues of this dog carry you away. Since they are exceptionally smart, if you don’t train them to understand what they should and shouldn’t be doing, they will turn bratty and stubborn.

Things to keep in mind while dealing with a Maltipoo

One distinctive trait of Maltipoos is that they love barking. Hence, it is essential to make your dog understand what it should bark at and what it shouldn’t.

This can be done through positive reinforcement techniques such as food rewards, play, and praise, and you’ll be successful in no time. When your Maltipoo receives the reward, it will know that it has done something good. Pair it with a verbal cue like “Good boy!” or “Good girl!” 

Another method that works with Maltipoos is correction. Every time your dog does something, it shouldn’t be doing, merely saying NO will make it understand and respect you, ensuring that it won’t repeat the same behavior.

Maltipoos will respect you if they are happy and in a good mood, and for this, they need a daily dose of exercise. They are dogs that like to stay fit. Give your Maltipoo about 15 minutes of exercise every day, and you’re good to go!

At all costs, don’t spank or use violence as a method of correction. Punishments will only lead to more behavioral problems. 

How to get a Maltipoo to like you? 

Maltipoos need attention. They cannot be left alone for long periods and cannot be isolated from people. Doing either of the two will make them grumpy and aggressive, and will not go down well with the dog.

Spend time with your Maltipoo, give it the right amount of attention and love, and you will find yourself a best friend in your dog. Engage in exercises and activities with your dog. This will not only keep it fit but also improve your bond.

A Maltipoo is a small, delicate dog and needs to be treated with care. Be kind and gentle with your Maltipoo, and ensure your visitors are too. 

How to get a Maltipoo to like kids? 

Maltipoos are delicate dogs and need to be handled delicately. Children under the age of 6 might not have the maturity and understanding of how to handle a dog. They might jokingly hit your dog, kick it, and these gestures could unintentionally hurt and frighten your dog. We suggest you avoid making children under the age of 6 meet your Maltipoo.

If a young child does spend time with your dog, make sure an adult is around to supervise. Older kids will get along with Maltipoos effortlessly as these dogs are people-friendly.

To sum it up 

Maltipoos are one of the easiest and friendliest dogs to get along with and are a great company. As long as you don’t leave your dog alone for very long, make sure it is around good company, and train it well at a young age, Maltipoos will bring you nothing but happiness.

The main thing to keep in mind while dealing with respect issues in Maltipoos is not to resort to violence or punishment. With the right steps, getting respect from your Maltipoo will be effortless, as they are friendly dogs. 


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