How To Potty Train A Jack Russell Terrier

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How To Potty Train A Jack Russell TerrierThe Jack Russell Terriers are energetic members of the Terrier family. They are renowned for their highly active lifestyle and intelligence. Although these dogs don’t consume much food, it can cause you trouble if not potty trained.

Jack Russells can take up a lot of your time, and honestly, who wouldn’t love spending time with these adorable dogs? Sometimes, you are too engaged in playing around with your dog that the thought of giving them proper training slips off your mind. Don’t worry! We are here to share a few tips on how to potty train your Jack Russell Terrier.

How to potty train a Jack Russell Terriers puppy

We bet your puppy is lovely, isn’t it? We’re sure you must have puppy-proofed your house in advance. A pet is a marvelous addition to your family. It is essential to train this new family member on a few basic things like when and where to relieve itself.

When is the right time?

To be honest, there isn’t a perfect to start your dog’s potty training. You are advised to start training it the very moment it gets through your door, happily wagging its tail.

Though the younger puppies of weeks old would not be able to understand everything you say, you must be patient. Eventually, your pup will start to respond when you call it by its name, and you might be lucky enough to get a “woof”.

Teaching it to listen to you is necessary from such a young age, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

How can I start potty training?

Reward your puppy

The most basic way to potty train your pet is by introducing a reward system. Give them a treat whenever they do it in the right spot. Time to time, keep adding new words to your dog’s dictionary like “Good boy”, “here’s your treat”, and so on, when it has excreted in the right place.

Keep introducing positive enforcement techniques by rewarding your puppy on good behavior.

Puppy pads

If your puppy is too small to go out, you can also take the help of puppy pads. The smell of the puppy pad will attract your pet to use it. Again, don’t forget to treat them when they pee at the right place.

Timings matter

Another important technique is by setting a routine for them, which is actually healthy for them too. When you have fixed timings of giving your puppy food, it will regulate their metabolism and enhance their ability to excrete at a particular time. You can then take them to the desired spot at that time, and they’ll adapt to this habit.

How to potty train a Jack Russell Senior

Unfortunately, there will come a time when your puppy will transition into an old dog. It won’t be able to be as energetic and patient as it once used to be. This will be a time when your dog will require more attention and care. 

Most adult dogs are already trained enough; hence they don’t require as rigorous potty training as puppies do. There might be a problem if they aren’t trained. You can ensure that you buy a crate the day the dog gets in. Encouraging your dog by using words can boost up the process.

 Dogs develop a habit of relieving themselves at a particular spot, and it can be difficult to change this habit for senior Jack Russells. The key is to start at the earliest and create a routine eventually.

Summing up

Potty training is the basic step that would be helpful for both you and your dog. So, ensure that you’re doing it right since the first day. Once your dog develops a bad habit, it can be quite challenging to get rid of it.

However, remember not to be too strict with Jack Russels as they are highly emotional dogs. Showing them love and patience while being stern at the same time is the best.