6 Large-Breed Dog Ramps for Beds

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Best Large-Breed Dog Ramps For BedsDog owners who live with large dogs or older dogs that suffer from health problems may want to consider getting a sturdy ramp that can aid them through their mobility issues. However, not all dog ramps are made equal — some can support more weight than others and will be more suitable for large dog breeds. In this article, we share the best large-breed dog ramps for beds that your best friend can use for easy access to a good night’s sleep.  

What are Dog Ramps?

Dog ramps are tools that allow dogs to reach beds and other high surfaces such as couches and cars specifically designed for pups that find it difficult to maneuver heights. As such, they can help with health conditions such as disabilities and arthritis, as well as elderly dogs that struggle to keep up with younger dogs or those with longer legs. Dog ramps also come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and materials but their main function is to provide access to higher areas and may be adjustable depending on your pet’s needs. 

Why Use Dog Ramps? 

There are plenty of benefits to using a ramp for our dogs, especially if they’re having a hard time moving around or just aren’t as physically capable as they used to be. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider using doggie ramps. 

Less Chance for Injury

For small dogs, jumping off the couch and landing unfavorably could be enough to cause an injury. The use of a ramp can eliminate the risk of getting fall-related injuries as well as long-term health issues. 

Provides Access to High Areas

This is particularly useful for smaller dogs and pups that struggle to get onto the bed or couch for snuggle time. A small dog ramp can provide an easy and safe way for them to get up and reach their favorite resting areas. 

Less Strain on Your Pet’s Joints 

While large breed dogs find it easier to get up and down compared to dogs with short legs, jumping too much can cause joint conditions in the long term. Even as puppies, larger dogs will need all the support they can get for their developing joints — giving them a ramp can prevent long-term damage.  

It Can Ease Discomfort and Pain

For giant dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with mobility issues the act of simply jumping can hurt a lot, and giving them a ramp that can help them get to places easily will be able to take away unnecessary pain. 

Long-Term Use

Dog ramps can be used at any time in your dog’s life, making it a great investment for your dog’s future. Moreover, many products are versatile and can be used both in and out of your home and for multiple pets. 

The 6 Best Large-Breed Dog Ramps for Beds 

Below is our curated list of the 6 best overall dog ramps for large-breed dogs that you should look into. 

1. Pet Gear Dog and Cat Ramp and Step Combo



  • Designed to have a gentle slope that’s easy on the joints
  • Easy to set up, simply snap everything together
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • With a removable cover made from carpet which is machine washable
  • Made durable using heavy-duty plastic

With the Pet Gear Dog and Cat Ramp, you’ll be able to help your large furry friend get up safely on high beds, sofas, and other high places with ease! It has a weight capacity of up to 150 lbs, yet it’s light enough to move from one room to another without any hassles. This dog step and ramp combo also has a removable carpet that’s machine washable and has rubber grips to keep it in place at all times.   


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2. PetSafe CozyUp Wooden Cat & Dog Ramp



  • A convenient ramp that all pets can use to reach high places
  • With a stylish finish that will match your home’s interior
  • Made from wood that makes it the perfect choice for your home
  • Has a weight limit of 120 pounds and stands 25 inches tall
  • Complete with a heavy-duty carpet cover for safety   

The PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp is a large dog ramp that you can use to make your dog’s life a lot easier, giving it the freedom to come and go as it pleases from the bed and couch. This quality product is made with sturdy wood construction and a stylish finish that will compliment your home’s interior. It also features a high-traction surface that will keep your dog from slipping and help prevent further injury to your aging dog. 


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3. Carlson Pet Products Heritage Dog Ramp



  • Provides an effective way for your pet to easily access its favorite hangouts
  • This pet ramp comes with an adjustable height feature
  • With non-slip carpets that help your pup climb without straining too much
  • Its gorgeous white wood and carpet combo makes it the ideal choice for bedrooms
  • With rubber feet at the bottom to ensure it stays in place

Pet owners swear by this popular ramp and have proven that the Carlson Pet Products Heritage Dog Ramp works for dogs of different sizes. This adjustable ramp will work well for small dogs, medium dogs, and dogs of a large size, and can give a positive experience for all kinds of dogs, including German Shepherds. Great Danes, and Golden Retrievers. Because it can be adjusted to different heights, it’s the best option for homes with multiple pets and will help provide more quality time with your pups.   


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4. Gen7Pets Mini Indoor Foldable Dog Ramp



  • Its ease of use allows pets to reach high surfaces around your home
  • An excellent option for pets with joint problems
  • A smaller option that can carry a hefty amount of weight
  • With a soft carpet lining that allows your pets to walk with ease and comfort
  • A collapsable dog ramp that can be folded flat for easy storage

Pet parents can now help their canine companions reach a tall bed without the need for assistance using the Gen7Pets Mini Indoor Pet Ramp. These premier pet steps are 42 inches long but can be folded to a measly 21 inches so you can keep it right under the couch or bed and can also be used as dog car ramps. While it offers a compact size when folded, it’s strong enough to carry dogs of up to 200 pounds, so it’s not just a puppy ramp as the name suggests.   


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5. Adjustable Dog Ramp for All Dogs and Cats



  • With adjustable heights that make it a great option for various dogs
  • Made using a solid wood construction that makes it durable and sturdy
  • Features a comfortable and nonslip surface that’s also scratch-resistant
  • Can be folded and stored under the sofa, bed, or car without taking up much space
  • No assembly is needed and is also easy to clean

This portable dog ramp can be adjusted to 5 different heights which makes it an excellent choice for dogs with hip dysplasia and mobility problems, helping them reach high areas around your home. They’re also suitable for outdoor use when you need to transport your dog to the car, while its wooden construction doesn’t wobble and is perfectly safe for use. This is already fully assembled upon delivery and ready to use right away, adding more convenience to its overall use.  


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6. HOVONO Extra Wide and Extra Long Dog Ramp



  • Widened to 19.7” providing wider steps for your elderly dog
  • With non-slip traction and more dense crossbars compared to others
  • Offers 6 adjustable heights to fit most furniture around your home
  • Can support big dogs of up to 132 pounds guaranteed
  • Can be used on various pets for multiple purposes 

The HOVONO Extra Wide and Extra Long Dog Ramp has been tried and tested over 8000 times to ensure its structural integrity, stability, and durability. With a weight capacity of up to 132 pounds, it can undoubtedly carry a wide range of dogs, cats, and other pets in your home without worrying about injuries. It comes with 6 adjustable heights and offers an easier slope that offers unmatched safety while its upgraded non-slip design ensures maximum paw grip for your older or mobility-impaired pooch. 


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Dog Bed Ramp Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the best dog bed ramp for your pet, there are a few things you should consider if you’re unsure of which option to pick. 

  • Assembly: Look for easy-to-assemble options that have a maximum of 3 to five pieces that you can build and maintain for the years to come. 
  • Incline: The ramp should have a gentle incline so that your pup will be able to comfortably and safely climb.
  • Appearance: There are many designs but you should look for something stylish that won’t compromise your dog’s safety.
  • Height and Weight: Consider the ramp’s height and how much weight it can carry — it’s also a good idea to check if it’s light enough to carry around. 
  • Durability: Consider what materials it was made from and if it will withstand your pet’s weight; choose something that can be used in the long term. 


If your dog is too big, too small, or too old to get around certain areas around your home such as the bed, getting a dog bed ramp is a great idea. While there are plenty of options to choose from in the market, it’s best to choose an option that won’t just help small or large dogs, but medium-sized dogs too. The top picks we shared above are some of the best and most well-rated items available in the market, so any one of them could be a great addition to your home.