5 Best Dog Harnesses for Shih Tzus (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Shih Tzus have a unique body type, so the proper harness is a must for your pet’s safety. The Shih Tzu, unlike other larger breeds like the Boxer, has a very delicate neck.  In fact, the Shih Tzu’s neck can withstand very little pressure, which is why a harness that has attachments across the body, might be the better choice for your pet.

In fact, a quality harness can prevent severe injury to your Shih Tzu. If you plan on taking your Shih Tzu for walks, a harness is the better choice than a collar. In fact, a harness will give you better control of your Shih Tzu and lead to more comfortable and safe outings. However, it is critical you select the proper harness to prevent injury and keep your pet comfortable.

Best Dog Harnesses for Shih Tzus

Here are our Shih Tzu dog harness reviews.

1. EcoBark Classic Dog Harness

Ecobark Classic Dog Harness Soft Gentle No Pull & No Choke Dog Harnesses Double Padded Halter Ultra Cushioned Walking Breathable

EcoBark harnesses are safe, fun and natural. Made from recycled water bottles, EcoBark harnesses are hypoallergenic. The nu pull design helps your Shih Tzu’s legs from coming out and getting caught.

  • The EcoBark is made from breathable double layered mesh fabric.
  • The ultra padded vests include anti-rub technology to prevent chafing.
  • The harness is escape proof and designed to sit up higher on your dog to prevent their legs getting caught.
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2. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness

Poypet No Pull Adjustable Padded Dog Harness

The PoyPet harness was made with your pet’s safety and security in mind. With a convenient manner of taking the harness on and off, there’s no need to pull it over your Shih Tzu’s head. The breathable fabric stays cool in the summer and insulates in the winter.

  • PoyPet features two leash attachment hooks.
  • This harness has a soft training handle for greater control
  • The reflective material makes your dog visit in low light situations.
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3. Kurgo Dog Harness

Kurgo Dog Harness Pet Walking Harness Car Harness For Dogs Front D Ring For No Pull Training

The Kurgo Tru-Fit harness is perfect for everyday wear with your Shih Tzu. With a rear clip for normal walking and a front clip for training, this harness is ideal for Shih Tzus of all ages. And, it is lightweight and won’t pull your Shih Tzu down or cause fatigue.

  • Lightweight Kurgo also features a dog seatbelt.
  • There are five adjustable points and a plastic quick release button.
  • Kurgo is committed to quality and comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.
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4. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest

The Rabitgoo is highly rated by owners of toy breed dogs, like Shih Tzus. This harness features a no-pull design, so it is perfect for even young Shih Tzu puppies. The snug fit ensures your Shih Tzu will stay safe.

  • Two fast release buckles ensure the harness can guard your Shih Tzu and prevent him from slipping out.
  • Two neck straps and two chest straps make for custom adjustment.
  • Two D-rings are included, a front and a back pull for training or walking.
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5. Voyager Step-In Flex Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Flex Dog Harness All Weather Mesh, Step In Adjustable Harness For Small And Mediu

The Voyager Step-in harness is totally adjustable to your Shih Tzu. Unlike other harnesses that may come in a one-size-fits-all design, Voyager is fitted with the most adjustment points to create a custom fit. And with two metal D-rings, it can be used for training purposes or walks.

  • Voyager comes with a padded mesh panel for comfort.
  • The straightforward step-in design takes the hassle out of preparing for walks
  • Voyager is available in black, red, turquoise and fuchsia.
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Shih Tzu Dog Harness Buyer’s Guide

More and more, pet owners are considering buying a dog harness and using that over a collar for walks. This is especially important in the case of the Shih Tzu, which has an extremely delicate neck. In fact, Shih Tzus have suffered from collapsed tracheas because of poorly fitting collars and pulling. Dog harnesses also work well when you are training your Shih Tzu puppy. If you are interested in purchasing a dog harness for your Shih Tzu, you may be curious about what makes a quality harness. When you’re searching for a harness, there are a few elements that you should consider.

Lightweight, breathable material

Shih Tzu are energetic dogs, but it’s critical that the harness that they wear is lightweight and comfortable. A heavy harness will add to excess fatigue in your pet. Look for harnesses with breathable mesh that will keep cool in the summer and insulate in the winter.

Multiple points of adjustment

It’s critical that the harness you purchase for your Shih Tzu has multiple points of adjustment. This ensures the most secure fit so that your Shih Tzu stays safe and comfortable. Look for harnesses that offer at least three points of adjustment and ideally five. Also harnesses that have adjustment at the neck and girth are ideal

Durable stitching and material

The harness you purchase should be made of durable nylon fabric with double stitching or durable mesh. This ensures that the harness will be wearproof and waterproof. The double stitching should be present around the D-ring to ensure that the leash stays secure on the harness.

Reflective material

Your Shih Tzu and your safety are paramount. Look for harnesses that feature reflective materials that will keep your pet visible in low light. This is also important for you if you are going to take your pet out for a walk at night. Reflective materials help other pedestrians and automobile drivers see you and your pet.

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