5 Best Dog Raincoat Reviews (Updated 2019)

5 Best Dog Raincoat ReviewsWhen it comes to accessories for your dog, one of the ones that you may want to consider is a dog raincoat. There are some compelling reasons to get a dog raincoat, and you have to know how to shop for one and whether or not your dog needs one in the first place. If you do decide to get one, then you are going to want to know what sort of things to look for to get a good one.

That’s exactly what this buying guide is intended to provide. Not only will we be looking at the top five dog raincoats currently on the market, we will also be exploring many of the factors that you need to consider before buying your dog a raincoat. However, let’s get started by looking at the best ones currently available.

Let’s take a look at the top five dog raincoats currently on the market. These dog raincoats have all of the features that make them perfect for many different breeds of dogs. Although there are a lot of breeds out there from French Bulldogs, Poodles, Beagles and Rottweilers to Yorkshire Terriers and Pointers, these raincoats were intended to fit most of the major breeds out there.

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs

Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat For Dogs Product ImageThe Hurtta Pet Collection brings this coat for dogs to protect even against the toughest torrent. There are no less than 14 different sizes and three different colors for this raincoat, but you should still be aware that it might not fit every single dog out there. That’s why you should use the chart that is shown on the product listing in order to determine whether or not this is going to work for your particular dog. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and unfortunately, unless you make thousands of raincoat options for every dog at every stage of life, it is impossible to create enough to be able to provide the perfect fit for every dog. Luckily, this comes pretty close, with the ones that are listed fitting extremely well.

There are some other great things to love about this dog raincoat as well. For one thing, this is a tough coat that is intended to stand up against the harshest weather conditions. Although you should probably not take your dog out in a hurricane, this will protect your dog if you do. This torrent coat was developed for use in very demanding conditions, and it offers protection against rain and wind. There are other benefits as well. This will work for both long and short-haired dogs, something that you do not find among most of the dog raincoats on the market, but it is best for short haired dogs that do not have a great deal of protection from the rain.

There are other advantages with this product as well. Besides the fact that it comes in so many sizes to custom fit your dog, it also has reflectors so that your dog can be seen at night, even in the rain, when crossing in front of cars. It is also really easy to put on your dog with a handy buckle that it attaches to the back of the coat with no legs needing to be lifted in order to outfit your dog with a raincoat that will protect them.

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#2 – RUFFWEAR – Aira Full Coverage, Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket for Dogs

Rufffwear Ruffwear Aira Full Coverage, Waterproof, Breathable Rain Jacket For Dogs Product ImageFrom RUFFWEAR, this full coverage, waterproof and breathable raincoat only comes in three different sizes and two different colors, but that does not necessarily mean that it will not fit your dog. In fact, it fits most of the breeds on the market including Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds as well as a variety of smaller breeds. That’s simply due to the winning design that this raincoat exhibits. There are plenty of accessories that you can buy for your dog including a dog playpen, dog house, outdoor dog kennel, dog bed or dog crate, but you also want to consider dog raincoats as a possible accessory.

There is a lot to love about this particular raincoat, including the fact that it is made with a soft mesh material that allows your dog to stay cool during the warm weather and protected during the rainy season. If it rains, your dog is protected, but if it happens to turn sunny suddenly, your dog can still wear this raincoat without overheating. Overheating is an important factor to consider with dogs, especially if you’re putting clothes on them, because since they do not have the ability to lower their temperature the same way the humans do, they can often have body temperatures that are much higher than is normal.

Some of the other features that this raincoat comes with include leg loops that fit your dog securely for even the windiest of conditions, waterproof, windproof and breathable fabric that will protect your dog during a variety of different conditions, suitability for warm and cold weather, and a non-insulating design that allows for additional layers to be worn over the jacket protect against major cold. This is truly one of the most versatile and comprehensive dog jackets on the market these days. This may be one of your top choices when it comes to dog jackets to get for your dog.

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#3 – Elite Dog Wear Zip Up Dog Raincoat

Elite Dog Wear Zip Up Dog Raincoat Product ImageThis is an easy zip-up raincoat from Elite Dog Wear that makes it extremely easy to put the jacket on your dog and get them ready for a walk out into the rain. Some dogs actually love rain, and they will frolic in it the same way that you will if you were to go out in a warm rain and trod barefoot through the puddles. But other dogs actually hate rain, particularly those with short hair or exposed skin that have a difficult time dealing with the chill and the wetness that rain causes. These are the types of dogs that need a rain jacket, and we will be looking at one of the best ones on the market in this review.

This dog raincoat has a double layer design with a zipper that makes this coat extremely effective at protecting against rain as well as well-fitting and stylish. It is completely water-resistant and will keep your dog safe in wet conditions. In addition, these raincoats come with a feature that is not often included on dog raincoats – pockets. This allows you to store things like unused poop bags, dog treats and other essentials that you might need when taking your dog for a walk right in the pockets of your dog raincoat. This coat also comes with a removable hoodie as well.

The coat is extremely comfortable and easy to adjust, with a small opening on the upper part of the rain jacket for those who use harnesses. Since you can adjust this jacket, it will fit any breed that you can think of and it is quality inspected to make sure that it is something that you can rely upon to keep your dog safe and warm. This is a top-quality product with plenty of features and will work with various other accessories such as a dog seat belt, dog bike trailers, a GPS tracker for dogs collar attachment or dog activity monitors.

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#4 – RC Pet Products West Coast Rainwear Raincoat

Rc Pet Products West Coast Rainwear Raincoat Product ImageRC Pet Products makes a couple of the raincoats on our list, and the first is this West Coast raincoat that is just as useful for your dog as puzzle toys for dogs or automatic fetch machines; and makes one of the best Christmas presents for dogs out there. This jacket is definitely going to keep your dog protected from the elements, and is one of the best accessories that you can get for your puppy. This is especially good for dogs with thin or short hair that do not have a lot of natural protection from the rain. Plus, it comes from a brand that has earned a good reputation for making high-quality pet products that last for a very long time.

There are number of features that make this one of the best raincoats on the market for dogs. For one thing, the nylon shell of the raincoat is treated to be water resistant, and it is combined with a fleece liner that is comfortable and soft and make sure that your does not penetrate your dog’s coat. In addition, it comes with reflective strips that make sure that your dog is seen at night and especially in car headlights. It also gives you a great deal of coverage over your entire dog with the built-in chest panel and Velcro closures that are intended to make this fit on any breed, size or shape of dog.

There are no less than 14 different sizes to choose from and 12 different colors within those sizes. This gives you a great deal of customization when it comes to choosing the perfect jacket for your dog. There is a chart that you can look at to determine which would be best for your dog and tells you how to measure your dog for a rain jacket. This is a high quality jacket that is protected by a solid warranty that will last for the lifetime of your pet. This is definitely one of the best raincoats out there which is why it was included on this list.

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#5 – RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

Rc Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho Product ImageThe second entry from RC Pet Products is this packable dog rain Poncho, which is a terrific accessory for your dog and something that they will appreciate as much as an accessory like dog car seat covers. This is a high-quality dog raincoat that is available in eight different sizes and almost 20 different colors; making it one of the most versatile raincoats out there for dogs when it comes to choosing the exact style and size that you need for your particular dog. This lightweight, water-resistant raincoat is made of a Taffeta shell and protects your dog very well against the wind as well as the rain.

This is an adjustable raincoat that packs up compactly so you can store it easily in your pocket or handbag, with an adjustable Velcro waistband and access to your leash. This is a lightweight poncho that is best for dogs that already have thick hair and do not need warmth in addition to protection from the rain. This will repel the rain and keep them dry, but will not actually do that much for keeping them warm except for blocking a certain amount of wind. However, this is one of the highest quality products on the market and it comes from a brand with a great reputation for making amazing pet products. In fact, like all RC pet products, it comes with a warranty the last for the lifetime of your pet.

If your dog needs a raincoat to keep his fur dry, then this is the best choice out there for that. You don’t want your dog to overheat, because dogs are not able to sweat in the same way the humans do, and their body temperatures can rise rather quickly. If it is muggy outside, you simply want to prevent your dog from feeling uncomfortable in the rain when you take him or her on walks, and that’s exactly what this raincoat provides.

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Dog Raincoat Buying Guide

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to getting your dog a raincoat. You will want to weigh many things to decide whether or not to get your dog to raincoat in the first place, and then you will want to choose a customized coat based upon the specific breed of your dog, the size of your dog, the age of your dog and the shape that they are currently in. These are all key factors when it comes to choosing the exact right raincoat for your dog.

However, these are not the only factors the need to keep in mind. You also want to look at things like the price of the raincoat, whether it has a hood or any pockets, what style the raincoat is in, whether it is going to keep your dog warm or make them overheat if the rain stops in the sun comes out and various other things that all have to be considered when buying your dog a raincoat. Raincoats for dogs are little more complicated than most people think. There’s a lot of information to understand and a lot of different factors to weigh. Let’s take a look at some of those factors now.

Does Your Dog Need a Raincoat?

The first question you have to answer is whether your dog needs a raincoat in the first place. Some dogs actually don’t mind rain. In fact, some dogs actually welcome going out in the rain and enjoy playing around in it much the same way that some humans do. But for others, being out in the rain is extremely uncomfortable. This is especially true for dogs that do not have a dog house or some kind of dog shelter that they can go under when they get too wet. You will notice that when dogs get too wet, they tend to shake themselves off to get rid of the water. This is a sure sign that your dog is uncomfortable with the amount of water in their fur.

However, you also want to keep in mind that some dogs do not have very much protection from the rain in the first place. For example, dogs that have very thin fur or are shaved very close to their skin are going to feel the rain a lot more than dogs that have a thick coat. This means that you need to protect these types of dogs with a raincoat. The best way that you can determine whether or not your dog actually needs a raincoat is to study their behavior when they go out in the rain and determine whether or not they are uncomfortable. If they are, then you want to get them a raincoat for the times that they are stuck outdoors when it is raining.

The Size & Fit of the Raincoat

Whether the raincoat is the right size and how it fits are both factors that you need to consider when buying the right raincoat. Size is the first thing you want to look at. Most raincoats are offered in several different sizes. Some of them are only offered in a few sizes, but most are offered in more than a dozen different sizes because raincoats fit dogs differently and dogs come in all shapes. When it comes to size, you want to get the one that is closest to the fit of your dog. Measuring your dog’s girth, length and any other areas that are recommended by the raincoat sizing chart will help you determine the right size.

But you also have to be concerned with how your dog raincoat actually fits. That means making sure it is adjustable or fits the breed of your dog that you are trying to put it on. Every breed is a little bit different, which is why the best choice for dog raincoats is one that it made for that specific breed or has adjustable straps that will allow you to choose the basic size and then adjust the fit as needed for your specific dog breed or the size of your dog.

The Weight of the Raincoat

The weight of the raincoat is also something that you want to keep in mind. Remember, the goal of the raincoat is to turn away rain and keep it from getting into your dog’s fur is much as possible. This is not supposed to be an actual coat for your dog that protects them against the wind or other elements. In fact, if you use this in warm weather, even with the rain coming down, your dog may overheat. Remember that the only way the dogs have to lower their body temperature is to sweat through their paw pads or by panting. You do not want to hinder this process any more than necessary.

In most cases, you will want to go with something as lightweight as possible. The whole point of a raincoat is to repel rain, not actually to provide warmth. Even blocking the wind is a secondary concern, although some of the dog raincoats on the market do this. Make sure that your dog is not burdened by the raincoat and that it simply provides them with a little extra protection against the rain if they are going to be out for a long period of time. The rule of thumb is, if you are taking them for a walk and you need a raincoat, then it is possible that they will need a raincoat as well.

Going Hooded or Hoodless

Whether you go with a hooded or hoodless coat is completely up to you, but something that you may want to consider is that the head is one of the most vulnerable spots when it comes to rain. For one thing, the head of a dog is held higher than other parts of the body. That means that the rain hits it first. Even if you outfit a dog with a raincoat that does not have a hood, they are still going to get wet on their head. For dogs that have very thin for or almost no fur, this is going to be uncomfortable.

Of course, there is also the corollary to consider. A hood may restrict your dog’s eyesight and movement, making it more difficult for them to get around. The hood can be useful when it comes to blocking rain, but if it keeps them from seeing where they are going, then it has to go. The best way to avoid this scenario is to get a dog raincoat that fits properly where the hood only covers the top of the head and not the eyes or ears. This is likely going to mean choosing a dog raincoat that is more expensive but has lots of custom options for adjustability that allows you to ensure that the eyes or ears are uncovered when you pull the hood over.

The Construction Material

The construction material is also something that you want to consider. In most cases, your dog raincoat will have two different materials that make it up. The best dogs raincoats are going to have an outer layer that is impervious to water as well is an inner layer that will absorb any water you that gets through and prevent it from getting to your dog’s skin or fur. The outer layer may be made of waterproof material or water-resistant material, and the more that it prevents water from getting in, the better raincoat you will have.

The inner material may be wool or another absorbent material that prevents water from getting through to your dog’s fur. The reason that this material is absorbent is not only to soak in any water to get through the outer layer, but also to keep your dog warm. That means that you need to be careful about it, because keeping your dog to warm may be a problem and cause overheating. You can find raincoats that just have the outer layer, and you may want to go with this option unless you are trying to keep your dog warm in the cold season. This depends upon your dog and what part of the country that you live in.

The Style of the Raincoat

Of course, you cannot forget about style. The style of your raincoat may not seem like it is that important, but if you get a color that you do not like, then you’re much less likely to use the raincoat when it is necessary. This is nothing to do with your fitness as a dog owner; it is a fact of human psychology. Of course, you want to give your dog is comfortable as an experience as possible, so you want to make sure that you choose a raincoat that you are going to like. Most of the raincoats on the market come in multiple colors, so what you are sure to find something that is going to fit your unique style.

In fact, you may select multiple colors if you choose, and you have the extra money to spend, so that you can color coordinate your outfit with your dog’s raincoat. However, most people just go with the color that they will be happy with and then outfit their dog whenever they go out in the rain. You also want to make sure that you like the look of the dog’s raincoat. Style is probably the least important concern on this list, but it is something that you want to keep in mind when you’re choosing the right dog raincoat.

The Price

Price is always a concern when you’re buying accessories for your dog. Unless money is not a worry for you, then price is going to be something that you consider when you are looking at dog raincoats. There are a lot of raincoats on the market, and all of them are priced a little differently. The one thing to keep in mind about price is that it is worth paying a little bit more for quality raincoat that is going to do the job for many years instead of going with the least expensive one on the market. There are a few companies (mostly overseas) that are making poor quality dog raincoats that don’t actually work, and then marketing them within the United States to make them look as if they are as high quality as some of the other products.

How Much of Their Body it Covers

How much of your dog’s body your raincoat covers is obviously a concern. You want your dog’s raincoat to cover as much of their body is possible, but you do not wanted to impede their hearing or eyesight. Usually, raincoats come with a hood that can be detached if they do not fit properly or covers your dog’s ears or eyes. However, you also want to make sure that your dog can wag his tail without restriction. These are all factors that you need to bear in mind when shopping for dog raincoats. Usually, you do not have to worry about the belly, but the rest of the body should be protected against the rain.

Ensuring Your Raincoat Doesn’t Impede Movement

Another thing that you have to be concerned about is impeding movement. You want your dog to be able to move without the raincoat impeding his or her movement in any way. If your raincoat is too large or too baggy, it can get in your dog’s way and cause them to trip. This can lead to disaster, as dogs that are crossing the road may not be able to get out of the way of passing cars in time. Make sure that any raincoat that you have chosen is not going to keep them from being able to move freely.

Dog Packs & Jackets

There are also items relating to dog raincoats like dog packs and jackets. Dog packs are basically like backpacks that you put on your dog to take him or her hiking. These are very useful because as long as you load them properly, they will not add that much weight to your dog and will allow you to carry extra items for your hike or for your dog’s comfort. Of course, you want to keep in mind the dogs can overheat quickly, and putting too much in their pack can contribute to this. However, if you are taking your dog on an easy hike, and you want to bring along dog treats or other items that will help you take care of your dog better, then a dog pack is definitely a consideration.

Another thing that you may want to consider is a dog jacket. Dog jackets are going to be made up of different materials than raincoats, because they are intended to keep the wind away and warm up your dog when the weather is extremely cold. Remember, your dog gets cold too, and just because he or she has a fur coat does not mean that they do not feel the temperature. If your dog has a thin coat or their hair is closely shaved, consider getting them a dog jacket for the wintertime. You can even get a raincoat and jacket combination so that you can protect them against rain and moisture when it is snowing, as well as protecting them against biting wind.

Dog Cooling Vests

Something other accessories you may want to consider are cooling vests for dogs, which work just like cooling pads for dogs except that they are worn instead of lied upon. Cooling vests for dogs are one of the best inventions ever created, because they allow your dog to stay cool and not overheat in the summertime. When the warm weather comes, your dog can easily overheat, especially with a thick fur coat, because dogs are not able to lower their body temperature in the same way the humans do. In fact, the only way that dogs are able to release heat and lower their body temperature is either by panting or by sweating through their paw pads.

That’s why these cooling vests can be a terrific investment for your dog. There are lots of options out there when it comes to accessories for your dog, but cooling vests in the summertime can be one of the best ways that you can keep your dog’s temperature down. You also want to have the other accessories that we have been discussing on hand in case of cold weather or wet weather. For example, you want to have a raincoat and a winter coat your dog can wear when it gets too cold outside or when you need to take them for a walk in the rain.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are plenty of things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right raincoat. You have to be concerned with the size of the raincoat, how well it will fit your particular dog, whether it impedes their movement or eyesight and other factors. You also have to be concerned with things like price, style and more. This buying guide should give you some instruction on how to choose the right dog raincoat and help you to look at all of the different factors that are involved when it comes to choosing a coat for your dog including accessories that they may need in addition to a dog raincoat.


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