21 Best Small Dog Harnesses (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Small dogs can be tough to handle on a leash. Despite their small size, some small breed dogs are all muscle and have powerful strides. For that, we recommend you get the best small dog harness.

The best dog harness for small dogs will fit comfortably on your dog while giving you the ability to better control him or her. Small dogs are tricky and are known to slip their collar. That’s why we recommend a harness for your small dog.

We’ve painstakingly gone through dozens of small dog harness reviews to find the very best ones for your dog. Our rankings are based on a combination of quality, comfort, material, sizing options, brand name, Amazon rating, and price.

Best Dog Harnesses for Small Dogs

Here are the 21 best small dog harness reviews:

1. Puppia Small Dog Harnesses

Puppia Small Dog Harnesses

Puppia Dog Harness have a quick-release buckle that acts as a safety feature and also allows you to quickly put on or remove the harness. The adjustable chest buckle ensures a proper, snug fit. Puppia also ensures that your pet is always clean; this harness is machine washable.

  • The Puppia has an adjustable chest belt and quick-release buckle.
  • Puppia is available in 14 colors and multiple sizes.
  • Puppia is machine washable and air dry safe.

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2. Voyager Small Step-In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is lightweight and made of a breathable air mesh so that your dog does not overheat. Available in an array of colors and sizes, even the smallest pet can find a suitable harness. And, the reflective bands add an extra safety feature for low visibility.

  • The Voyager is available in multiple sizes and 16 colors.
  • The two reflective bands on the sides of this harness enhance your pet’s visibility.
  • This harness is made of a soft, lightweight, breathable mesh.

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3. Chai’s Choice Best Small Outdoor Dog Harness

Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness is made for a walk around the block or the wilderness. Constructed of the most durable oxford mesh, Chai’s Choice stands up to the elements. The material is also scratch-resistant and available in a variety of colors.

  • The outer layer of Chai’s Choice is made of scratch-resistant oxford material.
  • The harness features a lightweight duraflex buckle with large loading capacity.
  • Chai’s Choice is available in XS and 9 colors.

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4. EcoBark Classic Small No Pull Dog Harness

Ecobark Classic Dog Harness Soft Gentle No Pull

EcoBark is a versatile harness which is designed to be gentle with no pull. These harnesses sit a bit higher on the dog, ensuring that your dog can not escape or remove the harness with his or her paw. Available in multiple sizes and colors, the EcoBark can be customized to fit your pet’s size and personality.

  • EcoBark is available in multiple sizes, including XS, and 9 colors.
  • The EcoBark is designed to provide a gentle, “no pull” effect.
  • These harnesses are designed to sit it higher than most dog harnesses to prevent escape.
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5. Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Small Dog Harness with Handle

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Adjustable Small Dog Harness With Handle

Copatchy No Pull Reflective Harness has a double adjustable straps that remove stress from the dogs neck. Available in a variety of sizes, the Copatchy had a design for even the smallest dogs. The comfortable, no pull sponge filled material makes this perfect for even a smaller, fragile dog, or a puppy in training.

  • Copatchy clips along the dog’s neck and chest, making application and removal simple.
  • The Copatchy eliminates stress on the dog’s neck.
  • The dimensions of the XX-Small size fit a dog with a chest size of 9.5-12-inches, a neck size of 8-10 Inches and a weight 3-8 pounds.
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6. juxzh Truelove Soft Small Front Dog Harness

Juxzh Truelove Soft Small Front Dog Harness

The Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Harness has an ergonomic design that wraps comfortable around your pet. The webbing allows for maximum airflow and the reflective markings help your pet be seen even in low visibility. With two leash attachments, you can choose how to guide your pet.

  • The ergonomic design fits comfortably on the dog for easy removal or application.
  • The two leash attachment points are made of an aluminium-alloy V-Ring.
  • The nylon webbing has a reflective material for visibility at night.


7. noxgear LightHound – Small Illuminated and Reflective Harness

Noxgear Lighthound – Small Illuminated And Reflective Harness

NoxGear LightHound harness is a revolution. Surrounded by fiber optic cables and reflector technology, this harness sends off beams of light that are visible from far distances. And the rechargeable battery can operate for 12 hours straight.

  • LightHound can change between 8 super bright solid colors – red, yellow, magenta, blue, purple, pink, green, and cyan with six multicolor flashing and slow fading color modes: disco dog, rainbow, cool comment, rescue, independence day, and photon burst.
  • flexible fiber optic cables, and 3M Scotchlite reflective technology actively keep man’s best friend safe by alerting distracted drivers
  • A quickly recharging, long lasting battery, means up to 12 hours of illuminated playtime per charge.


8. PoyPet No Pull Small Dog Harness

Poypet No Pull Small Dog Harness

PoyPet features two leash attachments with reinforced webbing to provide guidance. The durable, scratch resistant material helps prevent chewing and tearing of the vest. And, the front clip provides extra support, especially ideal in training as it guides the dog not to fight the leash.

  • Two sturdy metal leash attachment points have a reinforced webbing and a front clip to discourage pulling and have a relaxed walk.
  • The ergonomic design ensures pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent choking.
  • The scratch-resistant oxford material outer layer is super easy to clean.


9. Bolux Dog Harness, No-Pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Vest

Bolux Dog Harness, No Pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Vest

With the Bolux Dog Harness, pressure is evenly distributed to prevent the dog from choking and creating a more humane experience. Reflective materials ensure that you and your pet are seen in low visibility. This super comfortable harness is available in 13 colors and multiple sizes to suit your dog’s taste and girth.

  • On the Bolux, pressure is evenly distributed to the body to prevent pulling and choking.
  • The dimensions for this harness fit a neck girth between 10″-11.5″ and a chest girth between 12.5″-14″.
  • The added reflective straps to ensure your dog is highly visible in low lights and at night.


10. BINGPET Small Mesh Dog Harness

Bingpet Small Mesh Dog Harness

The BINGPET soft mesh is made of 100%, breathable polyester. Use the adjustable chest belt to find the most secure fit and the quick release buckle mades putting on and removing this harness a process that takes mere seconds. PErfect for the dog on the go, BINGPET’s extra-small harness will fit even the smallest dog breeds.

  • BINGPET has a quick release buckle and adjustable chest belt.
  • BINGPET is made of a soft air mesh that is 100% polyester.
  • The dimensions of the extra-small measure a chest girth of 9″-13″ and a neck girth of 8.5″.


11. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step in Small Dog Harness Reflective Vest Harness

Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step In Dog Harness Reflective Vest Harness

The Pawtitas Pet Reflective Step In Dog Harness is designed even for the smallest breeds. With a highly reflective strip around the harness, your pet can be seen even in the lowest light, protecting you and your pet’s safety. With sizing for even the smallest dog, the PAwtitas can be adjusted for any dog size.

  • Pawtitas is available in 13 colors and multiple sizes.
  • The extra small Pawtitas Reflective Dog Harness adjusts for a chest size from 11 to 15-inches.
  • The Pawtitas reflective strip is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is designed to reflect ambient light.


12. Downtown Pet Supply No Pull, Step in Adjustable Dog Harness

Downtown Pet Supply No Pull, Step In Adjustable Dog Harness

The Downtown Adjustable pet harness makes putting on or removing a breeze. With triple security features and double stitched fabric, your pet will stay comfortable and secure, even with excess pulling. And, the padded design ensures no injury on your pet’s vulnerable neck area.

  • This harness can be effortlessly slipped on or off in seconds.
  • The padded design reduces tugging and pulling on the dog’s neck.
  • The triple security features include double stitched fabric, strong velcro closure, and heavy duty metal D-rings.


13. INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest for Puppy and Cats

Invenho Mesh Harness With Padded Vest For Puppy And Cats

INVENHO Mesh Harness clips around the neck and chest; once sizes, this harness can be removed or pulled on with ease. The breathable mesh keeps encourages air flow to keep your dog, but adds extra warmth in the winter. A provided sizing charts helps you select the perfect fit and color for your pet.

  • INVENHO features a breathable mesh material to encourage air flow.
  • The clips hook around both your pet’s neck and chest, allowing for the harness to be both easily applied and taken off.
  • The dimensions of the chest girth are 13.5-17.5 inches and a neck size of 9.5 inches.


14. Gooby – Escape Free Easy Fit Harness

Gooby Escape Free Easy Fit Harness

Gooby Escape Free was designed to keep your pet secure. This harness has a soothing yet tight fit that reduces the space around the back, making it more difficult for the pet to remove the harness or get a paw stuck. The Gooby Escape free was also designed with small dogs specifically.

  • Escape Free Easy Fit Harness is made for small breed dogs.
  • The harness reduces the space around the back which makes it more difficult for the dog to escape.
  • The Gooby is available in 6 colors.


15. RYPET Small Dog Harness and Leash Set

Rypet Small Dog Harness And Leash Set

RYPET is the easy to adjust harness which has a unique buckle that can be moved based on the chest girth. This harness is made of soft, breathable fabric that encourages air flow and prevents overheating. Recommended for dogs between 3 and 7 pounds, this RYPET keeps even your smallest dog secure.

  • The RYPET is easy to adjust in the chest, simply move the metal clip to enlarge or narrow the chest.
  • RYPET is made of soft and breathable air mesh fabric.
  • The dimensions of the small size measure a chest girth between 9 and 15 inches with a recommended weight between 3 and 7 pounds.


16. SlowTon No Pull Small Dog Harness and Leash

Slowton No Pull Small Dog Harness And Leash

The SlowTon was designed to be the most comfortable, secure dog harness. An O-ring in the back gives you the option of how and where to clip the leash. The breathable fabric encourages air flow, while the padding on the neck and chest strap keep your dog comfortable. Plus, the flannelette padding prevents chafing and irritation and is perfect for puppy training.

  • SlowTon features a breathable mesh dog harness with additional padding on the neck and chest straps.
  • The neck strap and back strap are wrapped with a soft flannelette to protect puppy’s skin from chafing and irritating.
  • The O-ring in the back that allows the option of hooking the leash.


17. PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness with Leash

Pupteck Soft Mesh Dog Harness With Leash

PUPTECK is an attractive dog harness that wraps your pup up in what appears to be adorable red and black checked fabric. The jacket is actually made of breathable mesh and polyester, making it easy to clean and machine washable. The added chest buckle provides extra protection and keeps your dog secure.

  • The PUPTECK is made of 100% Polyester and looks like a red and black plaid jacket and features a breathable mesh inside.
  • The adjustable chest belt and stable buckle offer double secure protection.
  • The PUPTECK is machine-washable.


18. Cymiler Dog Harness, Small No-Pull Service Dog Harness

Cymiler Dog Harness,no Pull Service Dog Harness

Cymiler Dog Harness is made with a highly durable nylon which is chew and tear resistant. Featuring two adjustable buckles, Cymiler can be customized to fit your dog and keep them secure. This harness is available in six colors with a highly reflective striping and is made specifically for service dogs.

  • Cymiler is made of durable nylon material to prevent from chewing or tearing.
  • The breathable mesh lining with soft sponge padding plate provides extra comfort and protection.
  • The service dog vest has an adjustable chest strap with two strong release buckles.


19. CHERPET Puppy Harness and Leash Set

Cherpet Puppy Harness And Leash Set

CHERPET puts your pet’s safety first. The safety buckle allows for a quick release to prevent injury and neck strain. The clasps are made of a strong velcro that stays put but is easy to remove and resize. The breathable mesh ensures your pet stays cool and does not overheat on warm walks.

  • The puppy harness is made of a breathable mesh material.
  • The extra safety buckle assists in removal to prevent suffocation or neck strain.
  • The easy-to-secure Velcro is durable and will not deform.


20. Didog Soft/Cosy Small Dog Vest Harness and Leash Set

Didog Soft Cosy Dog Vest Harness And Leash Set

The DiDog Cosy Dog Vest Harness features a D-ring on the chest that is easy to hang any identification. And with Didog’s designed easy on and off technology, once sizes, the vest can be easily removed and put on for any dog on the go. The classic plaid pattern is very attractive, and also soft, wrapping your dog in a warm hug.

  • Didgo features a classic plaid pattern with plush edges and an inner mesh padding which is soft and comfortable.
  • The D-ring on the chest is designed for easily hanging tag or other decorations.
  • The Didog features easy on/off technology with a buckle on the back of the harness can be opened.


21. PAWCHIE Self Heating Small Dog Harness

Pawchie Self Heating Small Dog Harness

The PAWCHIE has a quick release buckle and adjustable chest belt; once sizes, this harness can easily be put on or removed. PAWCHIE even has a self-heating element in the middle to keep your pup warm on winter walks. PAWCHIE comes with an accompanying leash for a full set.

  • PAWCHIE features a quick release buckle and adjustable chest belt.
  • PWACHIE is constructed of high-quality material and is soft and comfortable to wear.
  • The dimensions of the size small measure: neck girth: 9.8″ and chest girth: 12″-16.5″.


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