Go! Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Go! Dog Food Review Recalls, Coupons, ComparisonsThe Go! brand is owned by Petcuran, a Canada-based company that also owns brands such as Summit and Gather. Go! describes their line as “providing solutions for your dog’s unique dietary needs”. They offer special formulas for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities as well as a number of other health and coat issues and for dogs that are picky eaters. They also offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of their products so you can try them out risk-free.

Types of Go! Dog Food

Go!’s product line includes a variety of options for wet and dry food that provide complete and balanced nutrition. Go! also provides a “Meal Mixer” program with recipes formulated to promote good gut health, energy, and weight loss among other programs.

Go!’s products are divided into three different formula categories. Their “Fit + Free” line is grain and gluten-free and focused around high-quality meats to maintain your dog’s lean muscle mass. Their “Sensitivity + Shine” line is formulated for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies and are made up of carefully balanced carbohydrate and protein ingredients. Their “Daily Defense” line is formulated for healthy dogs without special dietary needs and is aimed at preserving your dog’s overall health for as long as possible. The brand also recently launched “Carnivore” line formulated for picky dogs who prefer meat centric dog foods. Each of their recipes are nutritionally dense and come in a variety of formulas for puppies, adult and senior dogs. Check out our other recommendations for wet and dry dog food.

Following is a list of all of Go!’s dog food products:

Dry Food Products:

Wet Canned Food Products:


Go!’s recipes are formulated by nutritionists and centered around fresh, high-quality ingredients. Go!’s dog food recipes contain no growth hormones, by-products or artificial preservatives. The first ingredient in all of their products is a whole source of animal proteins such as poultry, fish and red meats. They include a variety of healthy carbohydrate sources, including beans, lentils and tapioca. Their recipes also include a variety of natural supplements to promote good health. Chelated minerals, which are minerals attached chemically to a protein, are more biologically available and generally found in high-end dog foods. Chicory root, which contains inulin, is a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, aiding in the digestion process. Selenium yeast is a nutrient-dense and high-fiber supplement with anti-cancer and other health benefits.

Canola oil is included in most of their recipes, which is often considered to be an undesirable ingredient. Canola oil is derived from genetically modified ingredients and provides limited amounts of healthy fats compared to other higher quality oils such as fish oil.

All of their meats, grains, fruits and vegetables are sourced in North America, though the brand does not provide any more specific information. The only exception is their lamb and venison, which are sourced in Australia and New Zealand.

Nutrition varies significantly between their different dry dog food and wet food lines but are generally satisfactory in their proportions. On average, 47 percent of calories are from carbohydrates, 29 percent are from fat and 24 percent are from protein. The percentage of carbohydrates is relatively high compared to a dog’s natural diet. The estimated fiber content is 5 percent, which is in line with the recommended value for dog foods.

Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Go! is an expensive dog food brand with some price variability between their different lines. Their “Sensitivity + Shine” recipes is the most expensive at around $109 for a 25-pound bag. On the more affordable end, a 25-pound bag of their “Skin +Coat” recipe starts at $50. Their canned food options are also relatively pricey at between $4 and $6 per 13-ounce can, which are sold in cases of 12. Go! is similar in price to more widely available brands such as Blue Buffalo and Merrick, which also offer product lines for dogs with specialized dietary needs. Taste of the Wild and Diamond are more affordable options with similar products. Check out our other options for grain-free or organic dog food.

Recall History

Go! has not had any recent recalls of their pet food. They develop, produce and manufacture all of their products in Canada and have high safety standards at every stage of the production process.

Coupons and Discounts

Since Go! is an expensive brand, you will be glad to hear that there are lots of easy ways to find deals and coupons to save some money. Go! is available at most of the major online pet food retailers, including Chewy, Amazon and Petflow. Their full product line, including new releases, can always be found on their company website. If you sign up for their online newsletter, you automatically receive a $5 coupon for one of Petcurean’s products, as well as access to other exclusive offers and updates. The brand is also sold in a variety of independent and chain pet stores, which may also offer coupons for the brand from time to time.

Go! Dog Food Review Conclusion

We give Go! a final rating of “very good”. While expensive, their higher prices are reflected in their use of high-quality ingredients and carefully formulated recipes to promote health and healing. Their high standards for safety and money-back guarantee make them a great dog food brand to try out if you are looking for something new.

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