Gentle Giants Dog Food Review – Recalls, Coupons, Comparisons (Updated 2020)

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Gentle Giants Dog Food Review Recalls, Coupons, ComparisonsGentle Giants is a dog food brand specifically formulated to extend the lifespan of large dogs, which usually have heartbreakingly short life span as low as 5-6 years. Gentle Giants was founded by Burt Ward in 2008. Their recipes are based in Ward’s 23 years’ experience rescuing and caring for dogs and come with a specific feeding and care program for maximum effectiveness. Their brand philosophy is “there is nothing more precious than life!” They claim that a diet of Gentle Giants dog food along with their unique feeding and care program can double or even triple the lifespan of large dog breeds.

Types of Gentle Giants Dog Food

Gentle Giants offers a very limited selection of both dry and wet food options. Each has simple ingredients with nothing too fancy to drive up prices. Both their wet and dry food options are nutritionally balanced and suitable as a primary or supplemental food source. Their wet food can also be mixed with dry kibble as a supplement or treat. All of their food options are formulated for all sizes and life stages, even as they are mainly marketed for large dog breeds. Customers have reported good results feeding Gentle Giants to both small dog breeds and large breeds.

If you are looking for dog food that is more specifically formulated, there are plenty of dog food brands with much more extensive product lines. For different dog breeds, check out our recommendations for food for small dogs and food for large dogs. For special dietary needs, there are dog foods specifically for dogs with sensitive stomachs, low protein dog foods and grain-free dog food.

Following is a complete list of Gentle Giant’s dog food products:

Dry Recipes:

Wet Recipes:


Gentle Giant’s dog food is made up of natural ingredients including meats, vegetables and fruits. Their formulas also include complete vitamins, chelated minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. Their recipes do not contain any by-products, fillers or natural colors. Corn, wheat, soy and gluten are also not included in any of their formulas, and all of their fruits and vegetables are non-GMO. They also do not include legumes, peas or potatoes as these are possibly linked to heart problems in dogs.

Gentle Giants sources all natural, farm raised meat for their recipes. They also include some other interesting animal products lower down on ingredient lists, including New Zealand green mussels, which are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin. Barley, brown rice and oatmeal are used as primary carbohydrate sources in their recipes. Prebiotics such as dried chicory are included to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract.

Their formula is low fat at 9 percent, with the average brand being between 12 and 22 percent fat. They also do not add any extra protein to their dog food, claiming that it is in fact bad for dogs’ health. Protein makes up around 20 percent of the calories in their formulas, and carbohydrates make up the remainder. Fiber content is 4.4 percent, which is on par with the recommended value for dog foods.

Their recipes do include a number of ingredients that are common allergens for dogs or otherwise controversial. Beet pulp and vegetable pomace are often considered to be a cheap filler ingredients even as they are highly nutrient dense known to promote intestinal health and other benefits. Brewer’s yeast, a byproduct of brewing beer, is an allergen for many dogs. However, if your dog is not allergic, it can be a beneficial additive thought to minimize skin problems. Vegetable oil is found in most of their recipes, which is considered to be an undesirable ingredient because it has low nutritional value and is too generic to identify the origin.

Gentle Giants claims that all their ingredients are sourced from responsible providers. However, they do not provide any specific information on their website.

Comparison to Other Leading Brands

Affordability is something Gentle Giants prioritizes to maximize the number of dogs that can benefit from their products. In fact, they sell their products only slightly above cost and the owners make no money from the company. On, their chicken dry dog food costs $40 for a 33-pound bag and salmon dry dog food costs the same for an 18-pound bag. Their canned food is sold in cases of 12 13-ounce cans for between $27 and $31, or around $2.50 per can. This price is similar to more widely available natural dog food brands such as Taste of the Wild and Diamond with Blue Buffalo and Merrick being more expensive options with a wider selection range for dogs with specialized dietary needs.

Recall History

Gentle Giants has not had any recent recalls, which is reflective of their high standards for quality in safety in all their products. All of their products undergo rigorous testing in their test kitchens before release, and their processing plants are held to the highest safety standards.

Coupons and Discounts

Gentle Giants is available at most of the major online pet food retailers, such as Walmart, Amazon and Chewy. These online retailers are your best bet for finding discounts and free shipping on the brand. Gentle Giants is also available for purchase in specialty and chain pet food stores nationwide. Pet stores in California are most likely to stock the brand, as this is where Gentle Giants initially distributed their dog food. You can sign up for Gentle Giant’s email newsletter on their website, which includes special updates and exclusive offers. Individual retailers may also offer coupons for the brand from time to time.

Gentle Giants Dog Food Review Conclusion

We give Gentle Giants a review of “good”. Though their product line is limited, their recipes are everything you want to see without many frivolous ingredients. They are also great value for money, and the company has the highest safety standards and care for their customers.

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