American Bobtail Cat Breed Information – Everything You Want to Know

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American Bobtail CatThe American Bobtail is a unique breed known for its short tail, which is half or one-third of the normal tail length.

The reason for this short tail is a gene mutation that affects the growth of the tail.

The American Bobtail is different than the Japanese Bobtail despite having similar names and physical appearances.

American Bobtail History

The American Bobtail originated in the late 1960s.

According to some beliefs, the American Bobtail resulted from a cross between the Tabby and wild bobcat.

But in reality, the American Bobtail’s initial bloodline was developed by crossing a short-tailed Tabby with a Siamese cat.

These early bloodlines of this breed have already died out, and only a few of them remain.

The Original American Bobcat’s genes were reconfigured to bring new changes to the genes, which included improving that strain. The new strain is available in many different coat colors and types.

TICA recognized this breed in 1989.

American Bobtail Key Facts 

One of the most prominent features that sets the Bobtail apart from the rest is its tail.

It is small and sturdy, giving the Bobtail a cute appearance.

Other than that, they also have an overall sturdy appearance, making them look even cuter.

The American Bobcat also has a loving and compassionate personality.

They love to learn new tricks to impress their owner, which is a devilishly effective quality.

The American Bobtail is a slow-growing breed, requiring more than two to three years to reach full maturation.

They have moderately long bodies, which are stocky and substantially bony.

How Big Does American Bobtail Get?

The American Bobtail is a medium-sized cat.

On average, they can weigh between 7-16 pounds and can reach a height of up to ten inches.

The Males are usually larger and heavier than the females.

These are just the average values, and your cat’s exact size and weight will vary depending on its parents and genes.

American Bobtail Lifespan

The American Bobtail is a healthy breed.

It has an average lifespan of around 13 – 18 years.

You can ensure that they live towards the upper end of this scale by taking proper care of them and providing the essential goods they require for healthy growth.

How Much Does A American Bobtail Cost?

The American Bobtail is not a common breed, as you often don’t see cats with tiny tails.

But you can find them with most breeders with a good reputation.

On average, they can cost between $800 -$1500.

You may have to pay extra for accessories like toys, beds, and leashes, so keep these extra expenses in mind.

American Bobtail Personality

The American Bobtail is Sociable, affectionate, and bold.

They love forming a deep bond with their owners and spending lots of quality time with them.

But this doesn’t mean they can’t survive alone because they love having their own space when they are in the mood.

This amazing breed is also smart, intelligent, and bold.

This makes them do all kinds of things, from dropping things to opening doors; they can do it all.

Their personalities are similar to a dog’s; this is most evident in their love for playing games like fetch and hide and seek.

The American Bobcat is a friendly and social breed, so they are usually good around other pets and children if you have socialized them from an early age.

Caring For A American Bobtail

Your care for your American Bobcat will depend on your love.

It is one thing to say that you love them and a completely different thing to execute and care for all of their needs.

You must take special time from your daily schedule and dedicate it to your cat.

Caring for your cat includes nutrition, grooming, and physical activity.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about caring for your American Bobtail.

American Bobtail Nutrition

 The American Bobtail is a medium-sized cat, so you should be feeding them according to that.

The best way to determine how much you should feed them is their weight.

And when it comes to the kind of food you should be feeding your cat, you should keep in mind that the American bobtails love to eat meat and meat products.

This is crucial.

They also require high protein to help them in growth and maintenance.

So go for cat food that has a lot of protein in it.

And also, make sure that you are feeding your different cat kinds of food, including wet cat food, dry cat food, and raw meat.

How To Groom A American Bobtail?

Grooming the American Bobtail is easy as long as you keep a few important things in mind.

There are three aspects of grooming.

The first one is coat care, which includes brushing and bathing.

If you want your little fellow to have an amazing and lush coat, then brushing them at least 2 – 3 times per week is important.

Bathing them once a month is usually enough.

The Other aspects of grooming include clipping their nails and brushing their teeth, which should be done at least once a week, depending on the requirements of your cat.

American Bobtail Activity Levels

The American Bobtail is a relaxed and laid-back breed.

They love sitting on the couch or, more importantly, sleeping on their owner’s lap.

But these incredible cats have another side: they become highly active and alert.

Their extroverted side usually comes out when they are excited and meet new people.

But your cat doesn’t need to be active at all times, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your cat is moving and getting its daily activity.

American Bobtail Health Concerns

The American Bobtail is a healthy breed but can develop several health concerns you need to keep in mind, including Hip Dysplasia and Arthritis.

Generally, if you are buying from a reputable breeder, the chances of your cat developing a health concern are pretty low.


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