5 Best Dog Lift Harnesses (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A Dog Lifting Harness works miracles for your pet and gives them extra support when suffering from disability or mobility issues caused from a geriatric illness, like arthritis or other physical ailments caused by injury. Most options are equipped with adjustments on the harness straps to adapt to the dogs height, size and weight.

However, with so many options and variations out there… how do you know which lifting harness to buy? Each has its own special features, which help target areas of discomfort, as well as fulfilling the right rehabilitation requirements on a day to day basis. There are dog lifting harnesses that take the pressure off either the front or rear legs, but also full-body variations for more serious cases.

So don’t lose hope here we’ve put together a great selection of best selling designs so you can find the right one to fit your beloved pet’s discomfort and have priceless more years together!

Best Dog Lift Harnesses

Here is a collection of 5 best-rated dog lift harnesses available on the market:

1. FrontPet Outdoors Adventure Heavy Duty Dog Lifting / Pulling Harness

Frontpet Outdoors Adventure Heavy Duty Dog Lifting Pulling Harness

The FrontPet Heavy Duty Lifting Harness is a premium quality design with added features, including an extra durable fabric and an adjustable frame fastened and tightened with buckles. It provides extra stability for medium to large size dogs and a customizable strap to adjust width. An ideal accessory for owners who go hiking or climbing and available in 2 sizes.

  • Double-back harness and adjustable frame
  • Leg loops and padded belly support with customized fitting
  • Premium quality, heavy-duty material with strict control measures
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2. COODEO Rehabilitation Dog Lift Harness

Coodeo Rehabilitation Dog Lift Harness

The COODEO Dog Lift Harness is a veterinary approved rehabilitation lifting device. It is easy to use and gives full body support with a soft, light weight material allowing maximum comfort for extended use. The detachable straps with multi-wear adjustments adapt to each situation and problem pain area differently.

  • A breathable fabric with inner cushioning
  • An adjustable, detachable belt for efficient use
  • Washable fabric
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3. Uheng Dog Sling Lift Harness

Uheng Dog Sling Lift Harness

The Uheng Dog Canine Sling Lift Harness is a soft and comfortable full body support, which has a unique two-piece design. They can be used separately or together for stronger support. There is padding on the inner support sling and a soft corduroy lining for added comfort. The exterior is made of hard-wearing nylon and it’s is machine washable.

  • Soft fleece lining
  • Adjustable length straps for convenient lifting
  • Heavy-duty, strong material
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4. Pet Friendz Dog Support Harness

Pet Friendz Dog Support Harness + Hair Remover Glove

The Dog Support Harness by Pet Friendz is a veterinary approved model made for dogs with paralyzed legs relieving the strain off dogs who suffer from arthritis or disability. An affordable, full-support brace harness with added reinforcement at the front. This option comes with two bonus products.

  • An extra support strap for the chest to prevent slipping
  • Adjustable strap with easy-release buckle
  • 2 extra bonus products including a deshredding glove and an ebook guide to “Lifting harness in recovery process”
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5. PetSafe Solvit CareLift Full-body Dog Lifting Aid Harness

Petsafe Solvit Carelift Full Body Dog Lifting Aid Harness

The PetSafe Solvit CareLift is an excellent option for all occasions and all dogs. It is light and easy with a comfortable light-wear durable material. It also has a lifting leash extender to reduce the strain on your back when lifting.

  • Support handles and an extendable lifting leash
  • Easily adjustable sizing straps
  • Breathable mesh material, washable.
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Dog Lift Harness Buyer’s Guide

Here we’ll go into everything you need to know about lift harnesses for dogs.


Simply, fit the harness’s thick strap or sling across the dog’s underbelly. See that you distribute their weight correctly, so they are comfortable and well supported. This is key for a more efficient control too. Many of the upgraded options come with buckles for easy release. However, to avoid incorrect application or usage, as well as putting yourself and your pet at risk make sure you read the Instruction Guide.


Most harnesses are equipped with a belt strap or support straps which are connected to the main harness frame used for gripping, holding or lifting the dog up. In some cases the main harness will have adjustable links to ease control and adapt it to the problem areas where the dog suffers more pain, or disability. On the upgraded versions the belt straps are adjustable adapting to the height of the dog, desired leverage point and more importantly your own height.

Size Adjustments

Most dog lifting harness have adjustable straps to customize the fit by lengthening or tightening them to the pet’s size. They have variations of up to 10 inches around the torso area. This is necessary as your dog is prone to putting weight on when it is immobile. It is always advised to keep your pet on a strict diet but most options are available in different sizes, as well as size specific models for small and bigger dogs.

Weight and Support

There are many variations of dog lifting harnesses with different features to fit the dog’s size and weight, as well as ones used to specifically target areas like the front or hind legs. The brace strap lifting harnesses are especially effective on small dogs. However for larger, more immobile and paralyzed dogs then a full-body harness is essential. There are also options available where the harness comes as two separate pieces and more easily adaptable to different situations.


Dog lifting harnesses are typically made with a heavy-duty, waterproof material which is durable and washable as they can be used outdoors in all weather conditions. The interior is often cushioned, or lined with padding or a fleece like material for extra comfort and to stop the brace rubbing against the animal’s skin.

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