10 Best Kayaks For Dogs

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Dog On KayakKayaking can be a great sport for the pet owner and the dog. Many kayaks are available in the market; their quality varies significantly.

To ensure you get the best kayak, we have listed the 10 best kayaks for dogs available in the market. 

1. Driftsun Teton 120


The Driftsun Teton 120 has a total weight capacity of 500 pounds and is compatible with dogs of all sizes. While this product is a bit more expensive than other kayaks on the market, it is a versatile, sturdy, and durable kayak. The Drifsun Teton 120 is designed to stay on the water for a long period of time. The product also offers plenty of storage and has a dry storage compartment.

The seats have double padding, so your dog will sit comfortably in the kayak. The seating area in the center of the kayak will offer the dog ample room. The kayak has plenty of room, so you can sit with your furry friend and have a blast. This wide and stable kayak can easily handle choppy or flat water.

The Driftsun Teton 120 is a high-quality kayak and will ensure your canine friend has a smooth ride. The kayak will also keep the dog secure and safe. This kayak is also lighter in weight than other kayaks on the market.


  • Lightweight product
  • Keeps the dog secure
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds


  • Versatile and durable
  • Offers plenty of room
  • Has a dry storage compartment


  • Tough to carry for one person 
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2. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two


The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is a recreational kayak with a weight limit of 425 pounds. This kayak is designed for calm water bodies such as rivers and lakes. This product comes with a pair of padded seats and in the middle is an area for the dog. Single paddlers can also sit in the middle of the kayak because the kayak has neatly designed footrests.

While this kayak lacks storage space, it is lightweight and cheaper than other kayaks. The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is stable in the water, it is a wide kayak, and you can handle it easily on your own. However, this product comes with paddles, so you will need to purchase them separately. This kayak ensures your dog has a comfortable and safe ride.

The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is made of single-layer polythene and comes with an open and sit-on-top hull. The hull will ensure that you and your pet can easily enter and exit the kayak. This is a large-size kayak, with a length of more than 12 feet. If you want a lightweight kayak, then the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is the product you should invest in.


  • Well-designed footrest
  • Easy to enter and exit kayak hull
  • Broad kayak


  • Large-sized kayak
  • Lightweight product
  • Affordable
  • The kayak ensures the dog has a comfortable ride


  • You will need to purchase the paddles separately. 
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3. BKU TK122U Fishing Kayak 


This Fishing kayak has been praised by dog owners and is the preferred kayak when paddling with dogs. This product is designed to be stable in the water and offers an extremely high weight limit of 770 pounds. The BKU TK122U Fishing Kayak is perfect for large dogs; it is sturdy and comes with dry storage compartments.

This kayak has seats made of aluminum material and comfortable padding that will keep the dog secure. The kayak has plenty of space for the dog and has more depth than other kayaks on the market. This product comes with a pair of adjustable aluminum paddles, waterproof hatches, and paddle parks.

This kayak is made of high-density polyethylene, which makes it a better product than inflatable kayaks. The BKU TK122U Fishing Kayak will remain balanced even in uneven and choppy water. This product comes in six different colors and is accompanied by four fishing rods.


  • Aluminum seats
  • Waterproof storage compartments
  • Stable Kayak


  • Made of high-density polyethylene
  • Various useful accessories accompany it
  • Available in six colors


  • Has too much depth
  • Seats are not removable
  • Expensive
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4. Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe 2-Person Kayak


This is one of the best kayaks in the market for dogs. If you have a large dog and are looking for a kayak that offers stability and durability, you should buy the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe kayak. This product is an inflatable kayak and is accompanied by an air pump. While this kayak has limited space, it is still good enough to hold you and your furry friend.

This product also has a weight limit of 500 pounds, and you can fold it up and store it in your car. This kayak is accompanied by a pair of paddles and has inflatable seats. You will get a repair kit with this product as well. Underneath the kayak, you will find storage compartments where you can keep different items.

The kayak is equipped with an open and closed drain valve, and the product is made of synthetic material. The synthetic material gives the kayak durability and enables it to glide through the body of water. If you want a kayak that requires little maintenance and is easy to store, you should invest in the Sea Eagle 330 Deluxe Kayak.


  • Weight limit of 500 pounds
  • A pair of paddles accompany it
  • This kayak has storage compartments
  • It comes with an air pump and repair kit 


  • Easy to store kayak
  • This product has inflatable seats
  • Made of synthetic material
  • Perfect for larger dogs


  • The kayak is not good at handling rough water
  • This product is not durable against sharp rocks or debris
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5. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak


If you want to cruise down the river with your furry friend, we recommend buying the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. This product is affordable, unlike other kayaks produced by top-quality brands. The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is an inflatable kayak, and when not in use, you can fold the vessel and store it somewhere.

This product has a good weight capacity and can handle up to 400 pounds. No matter the size of your dog, it can easily fit on the Intex Explorer K2 kayak. This kayak has a 10-feet length, so it is a large vessel. The product is accompanied by paddles, inflatable seats, and an air pump, enabling you to set up the kayak in no time.

This kayak is also equipped with an additional keg, which gives the vessel extra stability and enables it to maneuver through the water easily. This product has durable aluminum ores, and the cockpit is designed for optimum comfort for the pet owner and the dog. This product is for smaller water bodies such as mild rivers and lakes.


  • Weight limit of 400 pounds
  • Provides optimum comfort
  • This kayak comes with an additional keg that gives it stability


  • An air pump accompanies this kayak
  • Affordable product
  • Inflatable seats


  • This kayak is made for small water bodies
  • This product is not as durable as other inflatable kayaks
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6. SUN DOLPHIN Bali SS 10-Foot


The UNDOLPHIN Bali SS Kayak is a 10-foot-long vessel made of polyethylene material. This sturdy kayak is one of the most lightweight kayaks available on the market. This product is perfect for dog owners wanting to add customizations to their kayak. This kayak has several accessories, such as paddle keepers and thing pads.

The SUN DOLPHIN BALI SS kayak has extra legroom, which makes this kayak spacious, and there is enough room for you and your furry friend. You can easily tow this kayak with your truck, and it has several waterproof storage compartments. This kayak is available in various colors, such as orange, green, light blue, red, and green.

This kayak is one of the best-performing kayaks in the market and has received customer praise. The SUNDOLPH BALI SS offers maximum stability, and you will have no issues maneuvering it in the water. This is a high-quality kayak; if you want extra legroom, you should purchase this product.


  • Spacious Kayak
  • Has several storage compartments
  • Available in various colors


  • This product has received praise from the customers
  • Easy to tow with a truck
  • This kayak offers maximum stability


  • Weight limit of only 250 pounds, so it might not accommodate big dogs
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7. Intex Excursion Pro Kayak


The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak is an inflatable kayak with a strong internal structure and added durability. This multi-functional product is great for cruising, fishing, and other activities you can do with your dog. This product is made from a polyester core and a PVC shell and offers a total weight capacity of about 400 pounds.

This product is accompanied by a pressure gauge, storage bag, paddles, and an air pump. The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak is also fitted with inflatable and adjustable seats that will give you and your furry friend maximum comfort. This inflatable kayak comes with plenty of fishing gear, such as fish finders, a GPS, a repair path, a carry bag, and more.

This kayak also has plenty of storage space to put your valuables in storage compartments. Overall this is one of the sturdiest kayaks on the market and is expected to last for a long period of time. This product is highly resistant to sunlight, impact, and abrasion damage. Also, this kayak permits more air pressure and increases its rigidity.


  • Accompanied by high-quality gar
  • Made from strong materials
  • Adjustable and inflatable seats
  • Has storage compartments


  • Highly resistant to damage
  • Sturdy product
  • Accompanied by an air pump and paddles


  • Cramped seating area
  • Some customers have stated it is not as sturdy as advertised
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8. Pelikan Sentinel 100X Angler


The Pelikan Sentinel 100X Angler kayak is a plastic vessel with additional floatation built into the hull. This product is sturdy enough to keep you and your furry friend during long kayak rides. This product has a multi-line bottom, which gives the kayak stability and avoids serious accidents like flipping.

The Pelikan Sentinel 100X Angler has a length of approximately 9.5 feet, so it is a big kayak. This product has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and comes with a waterproof removable storage compartment. This kayak is accompanied by many extras such as paddle holders, pole tie down, fishing poles, and more.

This product is available in these colors: Light Khaki, Fade Black Green, and Neptune White. This kayak is one of the most durable kayaks on the market and surpasses ABYC standards. This high-quality product will ensure you and your dog have a safe and comfortable ride. The adjustable seating system will also ensure comfort.


  • Adjustable Seating
  • Made of Hard Plastic
  • Many extras accompany it


  • This kayak is available in three colors
  • Offers comfortable ride
  • Surpasses ABYC standards


  • Weight capacity of only 275 pounds
  • Expensive product
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9. Old Town Canoes and Kayaks Vapor 10


This Vapor 10 kayak is designed by Old Town Canoes and Kayaks, which is a reputable brand in the market. This kayak offers a maximum capacity of 325 pounds, which is perfect for most people and their dogs. While this is a single-user sit-in kayak, it has plenty of space for dogs. This kayak is perfect for a slow-moving river, pond, or lake.

If you want to spend a whole day on the lake with your furry companion and enjoy the views, then the Vapor 10 Kayak is the product you should buy. This kayak is accompanied by inner storage compartments that are waterproof. This kayak has a spacious cockpit, ensuring you and your pup have a comfortable ride.

The comfortable flex seat will enable you to relax and enjoy the views around the lake. This kayak has a paddle case, which is molded into the vessel. Whenever you feel tired, you can take a short break and place the paddle in its casing. The kayak is accompanied by thigh pads that will ensure you don’t rub with the kayak during your voyage.


  • Thig pads accompany this kayak
  • This product has waterproof inner storage compartments 
  • Maximum capacity of 325 pounds
  • Extremely open cockpit


  • Comfortable kayak
  • A built-in paddle case accompanies it
  • This kayak is great for slow-moving bodies of water


  • Poor drain plugin location 
  • Other kayaks have more storage than the Vapor 10
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10. Ocean Kayak Scrambler 


This is probably the biggest kayak on this list, as it has a length of 11 feet. The Ocean Kayak Scrambler has a tri-form hull that has the maneuverability and stability to handle the roughness of the ocean. However, this kayak also does well on flat bodies of water such as calm rivers or lakes. While this is not the fastest kayak out there, it is easier to handle than most kayaks.

The Ocean Kayak Scrambler has a comfortable seat and plenty of room, so you and your dog can easily fit in the vessel. This product has plenty of legroom, so you won’t struggle to maneuver this kayak in the water. This kayak seat comes with four-way adjustable features, which will allow you to adjust the seating according to your requirements.

In the front of the kayak are bungee cords, which are also accompanied by storage compartments that will allow you to store different items. The bungees are a perfect spot to keep a cooler, and other items. This is a good quality kayak and one that will ensure you have a safe ride. 


  • Offers plenty of legroom
  • This kayak can easily handle rough water
  • Easier to handle than most kayaks


  • Accompanied by several storage compartments
  • The seat has a four-way adjustable feature
  • This kayak is equipped with bungee cords


  • Low storage space
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Buying Guide

Hopefully, this list will give you plenty of options, and you can find a kayak that suits your needs. However, buying a kayak without considering a few factors is never a good idea. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of those factors. You can consider numerous factors before purchasing a kayak for your canine buddy.

Since there is a large variety of kayaks in the market, you need to be careful with what you buy. We are going to help you out, and below we have given a brief list of factors that you must consider before purchasing any type of kayak:


When it comes to kayaks, the material is an important factor. The material will decide how long your kayak will last. The material will also guarantee your safety. If you sit in a poorly built kayak, anything can happen, and your furry friend can drown. Plastic, polyethylene, and aluminum kayaks are available in the market and are sturdy.

However, we recommend investing in a polythene kayak as it is more durable than hard plastic and aluminum. Polythene kayaks typically last longer than other kayaks and will ensure you and your pet are safe in the kayak. If you are confused, you should discuss this matter with the manufacturer and then purchase the product.

Storage Compartments 

You should always invest in a kayak that has built-in waterproof storage compartments. These storage compartments will enable you to store different items and keep your dog’s toys in the compartments. Check out 5 Best Dog Harnesses for Kuvasz

Please always check your kayak and ensure it has storage compartments before purchasing. Check underneath the kayak as well; some vessels have storage compartments there. 


A mistake that most people make is that to save a few bucks, they invest in low-quality brands. While many brands in the market manufacture kayaks, most brands are not up to mark. You should always invest in kayaks produced by high-end brands as these kayaks will last for a long period of time and will ensure comfort.

Sometimes, people are just not aware of the quality of the product, so they spend a lot of money on buying low-quality products. This can be disastrous, as it leads to accidents and injuries. The best thing to do is research, go through several brands and their products, and then decide. Check out 10 Best Dog Products for Shollies and 10 Best Dog Products for Sheepadoodles


Space is important when it comes to kayaks because if a kayak lacks space, there are a number of issues you can encounter. Firstly, you and your furry friend will not be able to sit comfortably in the kayak. Secondly, if there is a lack of space, you will have difficulties maneuvering the vessel, and it can also get stuck in tight spots that can injure you or your canine buddy.

Always go for kayaks with a lot of legroom; they will let you sit comfortably and easily maneuver the vessel. The good news is that many brands in the market give their kayaks large legroom. Check out 10 Best Car Seats for Dogs and 10 Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

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