Can Cats Eat Bread?

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Cat Eating BreadThe statement that human foods such as bread, raw dough, sourdough bread, and others are usually not great for your cat’s stomach, but is it true? As cat owners, we need to be aware of our feline friends’ health conditions, and we should take care of our cat’s diet. Like other human foods, bread has some essential nutrients that may or may not be good for your cat’s digestive system. So, is bread good for cats?

Is Bread Good for Cats?

The short answer is yes! But that does not mean you can give your cat your leftover garlic bread, onion bread, pita bread, raisin bread, or toast filled with peanut butter, jelly, and chocolate spread. These different types of bread cannot be given to cats as they may cause serious health issues in your cat. The only health benefit your little feline friend can get from eating bread is fiber. However, your cat is an obligate carnivore and gets its protein and fiber by eating the meat.

San Francisco’s veterinary nutrition cares’ Dr. Amy Farcas, says that your feline friend needs protein and fat, but feeding them carbohydrates, including bread, is not a good idea. Even if you let them eat bread, then small amounts of bread are enough for them. Similarly, Dr. Julie A. Churchill, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota college of veterinary medicine, says that a small piece of bread, given in small quantities, is enough to include in your cat’s diet. However, she puts a condition to it: your cat needs to have ideal health, including healthy and lean body weight.

Can Cats and Kittens Freely Eat Bread?

Cats and kittens have different immune systems, and you can never judge the effect of cats eating habits on the cat’s immune system. Yes, your cats and kittens cat eat a small amount of bread, but that does not make it a high-quality cat food as it is still a simple slice of bread that might cause some digestive problems for healthy cats. If you take about older cats, they can easily eat up to a slice of bread.

However, that is not the case with little kittens with sensitive stomachs, and even two bites of bread with its simple ingredients can lead them to serious problems. Animal products usually contain the real nutritional value for the pet that is perfect for their balanced diet. However, cats’ health can change with time, and on rare occasions, you can give them human food, including bread products, as a little snack.

The best way to feed your cat or kittens some bread is to give them little bread pieces in small quantities. Too much bread is not good for them and can cause health issues for your feline friend. We all know that eating raw bread dough is harmful to humans, so there is no way that you can give it to your cats, but what about toast? You might think it is fully cooked, crunchy, and delicious and might be a great idea, but is it really?

Is Toast a Snack for Cats?

Yes, you can, but then again, there are conditions. You can feed your cat some toast, but only if it is not burned and without any toppings. Sometimes we add olive oil to our toasts to give them extra crunch, but that is not acceptable when giving your cat the toast.

If you want to give them a toast, then make sure it is just bread cooked in a toaster without being burnt or having any toppings. The chocolate spread, peanut butter, dairy products, savory bread, and all other types contain toxic ingredients for your cat. So, giving large amounts of toast is also not recommended for your little kittens.

Cats, Bread, and Health

Wheat bread with empty calories and a little bit of nutritional benefits for your cat’s health is not bad, but do you know what bread is made up of? This occasional treat is not dangerous as it contains simple ingredients like eggs, milk, yeast, olive oil, water, and flour, which are not dangerous for your cat and might even provide them with health benefits. However, bread that contains preservatives, usually store-bought bread is what is not good for your cat.

Similarly, unbaked bread dough is not a good idea as it expands in a warm and moist environment due to active yeast. The uncooked yeast dough can upset your cat’s stomach, causing them to have distended stomach and intestinal blockage, causing them serious harm.

The active yeast releases alcohol which can cause alcohol poisoning in your cat and, if not treated, can lead to symptoms like difficulty breathing or seizures. If your cat gets bread dough toxicity, it might spend its entire day drooling, vomiting, and having high or low heart rates, so either call or visit your vet instantly.

Onion bread is toxic as onions are toxic to cats, and raisins are also toxic to cats and cause kidney disease. Similarly, other types of bread and toppings contain fatty acids, too much sugar, and other ingredients that may cause your cat to have heart disease, weight gain, and digestive issues.

Do Cats Love Eating Bread?

A lot of cats love eating a loaf of bread as they like the taste of bread. It is not the taste of bread but the taste of yeast that your cat might be craving. Yes, bread does have some nutritional benefits and might even have some essential amino acids due to its ingredients but giving your cat a single slice of white bread is enough. Even if your cat craves more, just keep them limited to small quantities of bread.


The bottom line for this question, “can cats eat bread?” is Yes, but only in small quantities. So, what exactly is a small quantity, you may ask? Small amounts of plain bread broken into small bites are enough for your little kitten. Even though your little feline friend can eat this human food, remember their main diet is meat, so if your little kitten loves eating foods other than meat, this can cause problems. The main issues with bread are the addition of garlic, raisins, onions, and raw bread dough, which can cause life and death situations for your cat. So, if your feline friend loves some bread, give them a few small bites only.

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