Can Cats Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

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Cat Eat Hard Boiled EggsCats are obligate carnivores, and they love any human food which is high in protein. As pet parents, it is our responsibility to give our cats human foods that are best for them and fits perfectly with our cat’s diet. A whole egg is a great source of protein for us humans. It provides us with essential animal protein and keeps us fuller for a longer time, but are hard boiled eggs, raw eggs, or other types of eggs really good for your feline friend or not? Keep on reading to find out more about it.

Eggs and Cats, Is It a Good Combo?

A full egg contains essential amino acids and is a good source of protein which has many health benefits. Even the egg shells are a good source of calcium for us humans and your feline friend, but can your furry friend eat eggs, or do they like the taste of eggs is a question that needs to be answered for us to find out if eggs are safe for cats or not.

Eggs are a good source of protein for cats, packed with vitamin B7, other B vitamins, vitamins A, vitamin D, and some essential amino acids and fatty acids. Moreover, eggs are high in protein and provide omega-3 fatty acids, which may provide a shiny coat. Cat food manufacturers even put in some incredible edible eggs as part of your cats’ commercial diet, which means the majority of their diet already consists of a huge amount of protein by adding eggs to commercial cat foods.

Some people even feed their feline friends with small amounts of egg shells. However, if your furry friend is already taking a well-balanced diet through commercial cat foods, it can adversely affect your cat’s health. Never introduce your cat to any new food before talking to the vet. Eggs, especially egg whites, are a great treat for your little friend. You can give your feline friend some egg whites as homemade occasional treats.

Giving your cats eggs whites is considered a safe snack but feeding your cat egg yolks means giving them too much fat as only the egg whites contain good quality protein while the egg yolks have high fat content, which can bring with it multiple health issues. Adding in little extra calories is not always harmful, but adding too much fat as part of a balanced meal plan for your feline friend can cause serious health problems. The extra fatty human food can cause your friend’s stomach upset, issues with the digestive system, vomiting, etc.

If your little feline friend has food allergies, kidney disease, pancreatitis, etc., or the cat’s weight is above normal, feeding them with eggs is not the best choice. Any type of food high in fat is not a good idea for them as it may worsen their condition, causing them gastrointestinal issues, kidney issues, and other health issues. So, if you face such issues after feeding your cat this special treat, immediately take them to a veterinary nutritionist.

Can Cats Eat Raw Eggs?

The short answer is no. Your feline friend cannot eat human foods like raw meat, raw eggs, raw egg whites, or any type of raw diet because they contain a risk of salmonella bacteria, E. coli, and other harmful bacteria that can cause skin infections, common allergy, vomiting, diarrhea, and other related health problems.

So, the best way to give your cat eggs is to cook them properly. If you feed them only egg whites, cut them into small pieces and let your feline friend enjoy their healthy treat. Eggs are an excellent source of protein for them, so giving too many eggs is not a good thing to do, but exactly how much egg can be given to a cat?

How Many Eggs Can I Give My Cat?

The answer is simple, feed eggs to your cat in moderation, depending on their nutritional needs. Eggs have the majority of essential nutrients but overdosing your feline friend on eggs just because it is good for them is not a great way. Start with the safe side if you want to feed your fur baby eggs.

As cat owners, introducing new foods to our cats is not easy as cats are picky eaters and usually do not like regular food. However, a cat’s food needs to be balanced, and even if they do not love normal foods, we can add them to the cat’s diet as special treats only if there are any good reasons to give your furry friend those foods. You can start with a tablespoon of egg and then see how things flow.

If your furry friend eats it without any health problems, you can start feeding them a single tablespoon of the hard boiled egg once a day. Make sure you are not adding salts or peppers to the hard boiled eggs because that will be bad for your feline friend. 

What Type of Eggs Can Cats Eat?

You cats are picky eaters, and deciding the type of egg can be difficult as it will depend on what they want to eat and what they do not want to eat. However, when it comes to feeding eggs, you can give your feline friend some scrambles eggs without any runny yolk and fully cooked because if it is not cooked well, then there are chances of salmonella bacteria being present, and it is harmful to cats and humans both.

You can feed them hard boiled eggs or any other type of fully cooked eggs without adding any spices, flavors, etc. Never give them raw eggs; if your feline friend is a bit obese, then do not give them egg yolk or any other food before contacting your vet.

How To Prepare Eggs for Your Cat

The best way is to prepare scrambled, poached, or boiled eggs. Do not add any vinegar while cooking them, and after cooking, do not season them with salt or other seasonings. If you are making scrambled eggs, keep in mind the choice of oil or butter, as that can help in deciding the overall calorie count of the eggs you are feeding your feline friend.


The bottom line is that eggs are good for your cat but giving too many eggs is not required or a good choice. You can feed your best friend with tiny pieces of egg whites, and they will love it. If you are a pet owner, then raw eggs or raw diets are not recommended for your cats, and if you want to try out some new food, give your vet a call and ask them before feeding your pets.

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