5 Best Dog Muzzles for Wire Fox Terriers (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Before you argue that dog muzzles fall under the category of animal cruelty, consider this: For a wire fox terrier, having some protective gear is really necessary when it’s running around. Terriers are quite proactive and won’t hesitate to sink their teeth here and there if they’re feeling frustrated and aggressive. What’s more, since they’re physically so active, they often ram themselves into walls or other hard objects, injuring their face. Given these possibilities, a dog muzzle becomes more of a safety measure than animal cruelty!

Best Dog Muzzles for Wire Fox Terrier

Here are our Wire Fox Terrier dog muzzle reviews.


Bronzedog Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask

This muzzle is a trustable option for young, active wire fox terriers. The metal mesh is completely breathable and doesn’t suffocate your paw pal. It’s also pretty secure and doesn’t loosen easily.

  • Cushioned leather straps.
  • Designed for grown dogs.
  • Heavy-duty metal mesh and buckles.
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2. GoodBoy Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle

Goodboy Soft Mesh Dog Muzzle For Preventing Unwanted Eating, Biting, Licking, Chewing And Barking Ha

If you want something light and comfy for a young wire fox terrier, a mesh muzzle is your best consideration. The mesh doesn’t cover your dog’s snout. Therefore, your terrier won’t feel irritated. The padding is also reinforced for extra protection.

  • Quick-release buckle.
  • Gets rid of chewing damage.
  • One-year warranty.
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3. Wintchuk Dog Muzzle

Wintchuk Dog Muzzle, Dog Mouth Guard Mesh For Barking Chewing Biting, Soft Muzzle For Small Medium

Another terrier-friendly muzzle, the Wintchuk muzzle, is also made of soft, stretchable padding that your dog might absolutely love. It isn’t harsh on the snout or skin and is also anti-bite.

  • Durable Velcro.
  • Adjustable buckles.
  • Snuggly mesh fitting to prevent irritation.
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4. CollarDirect Dog Muzzle

Collardirect Dog Muzzle German Shepherd Dalmatian Doberman Setter Leather Basket Medium Large Breed

If you want a leather muzzle, this one offers the most protection. The CollarDirect leather muzzle is especially useful for training aggressive wire fox terriers. They’re also pretty fashionable and come in rich, monochromatic color variations.

  • Durable leather basket.
  • Sufficient ventilation.
  • Full coverage.
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5. KITAINE Dog Muzzle

Kitaine Dog Muzzle, Soft Humane Rubber Basket Muzzle Upgrade For Small Pups Medium Large Dog Muzzle

As a rubber muzzle, this KITAINE Muzzle is perhaps one of the most popular options out there. If you need something casual and light, you can definitely consider this muzzle. It prevents your wire fox terrier from biting, incessant chewing and picking up random things.

  • Adjustable and reinforced clasps.
  • Heavy-duty anti escape strap.
  • Wide drinkable rubber basket.
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Wire Fox Terrier Dog Muzzle Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing and using a dog muzzle is surely a painstaking decision for many dog owners. These four-pawed creatures don’t like such confinements at all. Regardless of that, dog muzzles are sometimes really necessary for training your dog. Here are some points to factor in while you’re choosing a dog muzzle for a wire fox terrier!

Your Wire Fox Terrier’s Nature

You don’t always need to buy a heavy-duty, strangling muzzle for your dog. Hardly any wire fox terrier requires such an extreme safety measure. Depending on your terrier’s behavior, you can decide the type of muzzle that would be the best one.

Some terriers have a relatively calm nature and aren’t likely to bite out of aggressiveness. For them, there’s no need to buy a heavy-duty muzzle. You can use soft mesh, plastic, or rubber muzzle. These will help your dog to get rid of its relentless chewing and licking habits.

If your wire fox terrier is too energetic and always risks its own safety, you must consider a more advanced muzzle. Metal mesh basket and leather strap muzzles are really useful for training aggressive dogs. These protective and heavy-duty also prevent injuries and are great in training dogs to behave well.


The muzzle material is another critical factor. Make sure you don’t buy something that’s too harsh or too soft for your terrier. Some common muzzle materials include:

  • Metal: Metal muzzles usually come with elastic straps. These are often breathable, but wearing them for too long can cause injuries and strain.
  • Leather: Genuine or faux leather is useful in strapping the mouth tightly. If a wire fox terrier is too aggressive or dangerous, you should try a leather muzzle.
  • Plastic: These types of muzzles are suitable for casual wear. Both old and young wire fox terriers can use this one without any complaint of suffocation or pain.
  • Rubber: A rubber muzzle is great for outdoor training and is in-demand for wire fox terriers. It’s anti-chew, anti-bite, and let the dog play around without harming itself or anyone else.
  • Mesh Muzzle: For young, old, or fragile wire terriers, a mesh muzzle is your most reliable option. These offer more coverage and are also known as grooming muzzles.
  • Gauze Muzzle: They’re a bit different from mesh muzzles. Gauze muzzles act as emergency muzzles and do not offer any real protection except for preventing smoke.

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