Can Cats Eat Corn?

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Cat Eat CornCorn is a food that contains main ingredients like B vitamin, vitamin C, folic acid, and high fiber content, but it does not have essential amino acids and only offers little nutritional value in the diet. Like us humans, your feline friend can also get some help from these essential nutrients like vitamin B and others in whole corn. However, if found in cat food brands, corn plays a role of a filler agent, which is something you should not give your feline friend as cat owners. So, is corn a snack for your furry friend or not? Let’s keep on reading.

Is Corn a Snack for Cats?

Cats are obligate carnivores, and a cat’s balanced diet requires a common ingredient known as protein which they easily get by eating meat. Any new food in your feline companion diet can cause discomfort and a loss of appetite, so is corn a snack for cats? 

Yes, you can feed your cat corn but not in high amounts, as any type of corn eaten on a regular basis can cause their overall health to decrease. Corn has few health benefits and is usually used as a cheap filler ingredient in many famous cat food brands. As per the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ suggestion, your feline friend needs 26-30% protein, 9% fat, and 10% carbs in their diet. You can allow them to eat corn as a snack.

Corn is a good source of carbs, protein, and other antioxidants great for your cat’s digestive system, but you should make sure that the corn is given in small quantities, and if there are any gastrointestinal symptoms, then the corn diet needs to be stopped immediately.

Why Kittens and Cats Cannot Eat Corn

Kittens and cats are on different levels as they have different tolerance to certain foods. There are certain foods that kittens can easily digest while cats can’t and vice versa. So, if we talk about kittens, they have short digestive tracts and sensitive stomachs, so giving them corn is not the best option. Kittens are known to naturally have sensitive stomachs which cannot handle any type of corn products, so if you do not want your kitten rolling with intestinal blockages, upset stomach, or other digestive issues, then do not feed them even with small amounts of corn.

Once your kitten has grown into a cat, you might think it is one the best things, and you can now feed your cat corn, such as plain popcorn, etc., but that is not a good idea for your cat’s health. Cats are sensitive creatures and are known to get food allergies quite easily, so you should check for such things before feeding them with corn, as corn does not give them any health benefits; rather, it acts like a filler food for them.

Corn has insoluble fiber, which is not great for your feline friend. The ingredients present in different types of corn can cause heart diseases, and the pieces of corn can cause choking hazards, digestive issues, and a rise in blood levels. Your best friend might also develop gluten tolerance, as corn is a gluten meal.

What Type of Corn Snack Can I Give My Cat?

As you can see, giving large amounts of corn to your feline friend is not the best way to give them corn, but you can start with small portions. Cats love popcorn if you talk about corn products, but this human food is generally coated with high salt content or other flavorings, which is not great for your feline friend. If your feline friend loves popcorn, you can give them small quantities without any seasonings. Canned corn is also a great option, as your furry friend gets a lot of water while snacking on it.

Corn chips usually have a lot of salt, spices, and preservatives that might be toxic to cats, so avoid these. Corn tortillas and different types of bread are both on the forbidden list of foods as they fill the small stomachs of your feline friend and do not help in any way. Corn dogs are fried, which makes them high in calories and dangerous, cooked corn is good, but it shouldn’t be seasoned. You can give sweet corn without the cob to your cat.

You should not give your cat fried kettle corn, breakfast cereals, and others. Corn husks are not toxic but cause health problems like excessive drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. Corn starch, baby corn, and corn flakes are forbidden as they cause gastrointestinal issues.

How to Feed Corn to My Cat

Many of us think, how can I feed my feline friend some human food like corn cobs, corn chips, corn kernels, corn flakes, and other types of corn? The short answer is to go to your vet and ask them if your cat is allowed to eat such human foods or not. As far as corn is concerned, plain corn is what you need to feed your feline friend, and the steps of feeding them corn are simple.

You have to start with a small amount of corn and take it forward from there. Remember, your cats can start having allergic reactions at any point in their life. Even if your feline friend has been eating corn forever, they may get an allergic reaction out of the blue, and you will have to keep an eye out for it. If they get allergic to corn, stop feeding them and take them to the vet, as your pet’s life is more important than a mere feline diet.

Alternative to Corn Snacks for Your Cat

Even though fresh corn and other corn snacks are not a great choice for your feline friend to have, they can intake some other better alternatives. Many pet food companies make easily available pet foods that you can easily feed to these meat eaters. You can even check the ingredients list of these easily available food sources and can give your feline friend an occasional snack

The important thing is to make sure you are providing your feline friend with high-quality cat food and that there are no health problems due to this occasional treat. The cat food manufacturers know what to add to a cat’s diet and if you are going for commercial cat foods, then look for all the nutritional benefits they offer and talk with your vet before giving your feline friend some commercial animal protein.


So, in short, too much is harmful to your feline friends, and if you still want to give them some corn, make sure to give it unseasoned and in small portions so that your feline friend does not get their stomach upset due to too much corn. Cats are obligate carnivores, and giving them meat is the best option that you can select to add some nutritional benefits to their diet.

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