Can Cats Eat Sardines?

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Cat Eat SardineIntroducing new foods to your cat’s diet is a good idea, but not all human foods are great for your cat’s health. The best way to give your feline friend plenty of protein and essential nutrients is through a fishy treat. However, it is important that as pet owners, you should carefully select the type of fish and the special treat you want to add to your cat’s food. Regular cat food is already a healthy diet containing all the health benefits, so if a good choice is not made, it can lead to health issues.

Sardine, Cats, and Health Benefits

You can give your cat sardine as cats are obligate carnivores and need to eat meat, but it cannot replace your cat’s regular food to disturb their balanced diet. There are many benefits of sardines as this raw fish is filled with amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and other essential vitamins and a great nutritional value. A cat’s digestive system can easily digest any type of protein, but that does not mean you can give your feline friend large quantities of sardine.

Sardines provides your cats with a healthy coat and is one of the best options for an occasional treat that you can give your feline friend in small quantities to gain other health benefits from it. As cat owners, we should know how important taurine is for cats, but they are taurine deficient. However, fresh sardine contains taurine, an essential amino acid, and your feline friend can get their dose of taurine by eating small amounts of sardine.

Sardines are oily fish with high levels of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. This is good news as these healthy nutrients help your feline friend with joint health and make their bones stronger. Vitamin B12 in sardines helps with the cat’s immune system, nervous system, and digestive system. It does not let your cat have symptoms like weight loss, lethargy, diarrhea, or vomiting due to vitamin B12 deficiency. The DHA in omega-3 fatty acids is good for your cat’s brain health. Omega-3 fatty acids also help fight cancer which is a good thing.

Sardine, Cats, and Health Problems

You can give your cat sardines as a healthy treat but in small amounts, as giving them sardines on a regular basis can cause digestive problems in adult cats which is not a good thing. Due to food chain contamination present in the sea, seafood is highly affected. There are heavy metals present in raw sardines, such as mercury. The mercury level is high, which can cause mercury poisoning in cats.

A can of sardines has too much salt and sometimes other harmful ingredients that are not beneficial for cats. The canned sardines can cause sodium ion poisoning, kidney disease, and high blood pressure leading to heart disease. Raw sardine can cause bacterial infections in cats, usually due to the bacteria salmonella. Due to this, your little kitty might start feeling very sick and have symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, bloody excrement, and nausea.

Can Cats Eat Sardines with Different Dips?

You can keep or cook your fresh sardine in many dips and options. You can keep your raw sardine in tomato sauce, sunflower oil, olive oil, spring water, soybean oil, soy brine, and soy oil. All these options are great if you are eating sardines, but for your furry friend, some of these options can be quite dangerous. 

If you are buying canned sardines, then sardines in spring water are the best option as they do not have high salt content and no high levels of fat/oil. Brine means salt water, and too much salt is bad for your cat, so sardines in soy brine is not a good option. Sunflower oil is fine for your cats, but it is better to avoid feeding too much oil to your cat, so you can rarely give your cat sardines in sunflower oil. 

The same is the case with sardines in olive oil. They are good for the digestive tract and internal organs but should be given as little as possible. Lastly, tomato sauce, tomato sauce sometimes has a lot of harmful ingredients such as garlic and onions. These two ingredients are hazardous for cats, so it is better not to give your cat a lot of fish dipped in tomato sauce.

Should I Give My Cat Cooked Sardines?

As a pet owner, you should know how sensitive your cat’s immune system is. So, the short answer is yes. Giving your feline friend some cooked sardines is always better than raw sardines. For starters, raw sardine might contain heavy metals that can cause severe bacterial infections in your little friend. 

Then there might be too much salt coated on the sardine you bought from the store because, let’s be honest, store-bought fish is not fresh and have preservatives and too much salt on them. This salt can cause heart problems, kidney problems, and other digestive and health issues in your cat. So, it is always better to leave the sardine overnight in fresh water, cook it the next morning, and give your feline friend a small portion of this special treat. 

Can Cats Eat Sardines Regularly?

There are many kinds of sardines that you can give your feline friend; however, it is better to do some research than to give them anything directly. Your cat might love eating sardine daily compared to pet food, but that is not a good idea. If you give your cat any type of canned fish, whether tuna fish or sardine, they are filled with salt, which is bad for your feline friend. Foods for human consumption usually have nutritional values and ingredients suitable for human digestive systems. So, you cannot give your pet food that is for humans. Anyways, if your cat loves sardines, you can give them small pieces of sardines as an occasional treat.


Giving large amounts of human food is not good for your cat’s health. Yes, you can give your feline friend a little bit of human food, but then again, you have to ask your feline nutritionist before feeding your cat anything. The reason is simple: there are foods that are not suitable for your cat’s digestive system, and your cat’s immune systems are sensitive, so giving them food that is dangerous for their health can cause severe issues that might not be easily solved. So, please do not give them any food that is not recommended regularly.

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