Can Cats Eat Shrimp?

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Cat Eat ShrimpFeeding your cat shrimp is not difficult as your feline friend is already curious about human foods and loves eating diets that are a good source of protein. However, including too much shrimp in your cat’s diet is not the safest way to give your domestic cats a tasty treat.

Most commercial cat foods have shrimps in them due to the nutritional benefits of shrimps, but using them as a meal replacement is not a good idea. So, you might wonder, what type of seafood and how much shrimp is good for your cat’s health? Keep on reading to find out.

Is It Okay to Give Cats Shrimp?

Cats are obligate carnivores, so giving your feline friend shrimp as an occasional treat is not an issue. You can give these natural hunters small pieces of shrimp as a healthy treat. However, it does not mean that the whole shrimp’s torso, including the shrimp shells, shrimp tail, and other parts of the shrimp, will not cause health problems. Your furry friend needs a low calorie and high protein diet, and small pieces of fresh shrimps make a great treat.

This healthy treat is okay to give, but you should still look for allergic reactions and other changes in your cat’s body. So, if your beautiful pet is bored with their staple food which contains dry or wet cat food, then you can give them this healthy treat for their digestive tract.

Shrimp, Cats, and Health Benefits

Shrimps have all the essential nutrients and make a healthy diet for cats. Your cats can eat any type of shrimp, prawns, tuna, sardines, salmons, or other seafood. As a cat owner, you can feed your cat shrimp and include them in their healthy diet. Cat’s overall health gets benefits from eating this healthy snack. However, there are some health issues that they might face. 

Shrimps are great for our pet’s diet as they contain vitamin B12, fatty acids, zinc, selenium, and other essential nutrients. All these essential nutrients in a shrimp are a good thing for our beautiful pet as they contribute to healthy skin, strong tails, boost the immune system, strengthen the nervous system and, improve brain health, heart health and help with healthy weight gain.  

Which is Better? Cooked Shrimp or Raw Shrimp

As a matter of fact, cooked whole shrimp The smell of raw shrimp entices your feline friend; however, as pet owners, you shouldn’t give them raw shrimp at all costs. The raw shrimp might have E. coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria that might cause bacterial infections and stomach upsets in your furry friend. Our sea is contaminated, and it contains many heavy metals that are hazardous to sea life, and when seafood is consumed by us human beings, those metals go inside our bodies and cause harm to us.

So, think about if our feline friend ingests raw seafood and such heavy metals, then what will happen to them? They might get food allergies, mercury poisoning, kidney diseases, etc. The primary ingredients in shrimp chips, shrimp snacks, and other best teats is too much oil which is not good for cats and causes hair loss and kidney diseases and makes this healthy treat not too beneficial. So, do not cook the raw prawns, raw fish, and raw shrimps in oil, as this is not the best way to give your feline friend a treat. 

So, giving your furry friend a healthy treat of cooked shrimps is always better, as that is a safe way than feeding the wild shrimp. This way, all the dangerous chemicals will get removed, and you will have a great treat ready. Do not add additional ingredients or seasoning to your cat’s treat, and let them enjoy some food.

Can Cats Eat Whole Shrimp?

Not really. Eating whole shrimp can cause a choking hazard in your feline friend. If your cat accidentally eats shrimp tails, shrimp heads, or even prawn shells, they can get health problems, so look for symptoms like abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, staining, and lethargy. If you observe that your cat is sensitive to fish smell or the smell of raw shrimp, give a visit to your vet to check for food allergies.

There is a chance that your little feline friend might be suffering from food allergies and does not like seafood. They might get ear infections, facial swelling, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, collapse, hives, itchiness, and other symptoms if they face an allergic reaction. Remember, raw shrimp has a good aroma that captures your feline friend’s attention, so if they do not like the smell of shrimp, then take them to the vet and get them checked for possible health issues.

How Much Shrimp Can Cats Eat?

As cat owners, the short answer to this question is to give your cat small amounts of shrimp. Shrimp is a popular seafood, and car loves shrimp despite the health risks this fresh seafood comes with. Cat’s immune systems are sensitive and should be given large amounts of new food. Rather you should start with small amounts when giving your cat some shrimp cocktail the first time. 

You can give your cat that weighs around ten pounds a maximum of jumbo-sized shrimp. Do not overfeed them on shrimp snacks, as they are not good for them. A great way to give shrimp is to remove all the outer parts and cook them without oil. However, if you want to give your cat some raw shrimp, then give it in very small amounts and clean the shrimp perfectly, so there are no issues with their health.


Too much salt, fat, high calories, and sugar is always bad for our feline friends. As cat lovers, we should know the basics of our cat’s diet and health. Now, after reading, you must know what part of the shrimp you can feed your furry friend and what parts you need to remove. Raw shrimp can be eaten by cats easily, but this wild shrimp comes with health concerns, and if eaten in large quantities, it can cause serious illnesses for our feline friend. Therefore, it is better to avoid giving them raw shrimp and give your feline friend some cooked shrimp without seasonings, oils, or anything else. Our cat’s health is in our hands, and as cat owners, we should keep their digestive tracts and other things healthy.

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