Ocicat Cat Breed Information – Everything You Want to Know

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Ocicat Cat BreedOcicat is a unique domestic cat that resembles a wild cat in its appearance, but despite that, there is no wild cat gene in its gene pool.

This breed is named after its similar appearance to an Ocelot.

The most unusual thing about the Ocicat is its relaxed and calm temperament like all the other domestic cats, but the looks of a wild cat can be intimidating.

Ocicat History

 The First Ocicat was bred in Michigan by Virginia Daly in 1964 when she was trying to breed a specific breed of the Siamese cat.

Initially, her breeding efforts produced an Abyssinian- Pointed Siamese, but she spotted a spotted kitten in the second litter.

This spotted cat was named Tonga, which was neutered and then sold as a domestic pet cat.

But then, More breeding experiments on its parents produced more of these spotted kittens, and eventually, the Ocicat was set to become a completely separate breed.

The Ocicat breeding initially involved the Siamese and Abyssinian, but the American Shorthair was introduced into the mix due to an error by the CFA.

This mixing up of a new breed gave the Ocicat a larger bone structure and added the silver color to the six other coat colors they already had.

Ocicat Key Facts                 

The Ocicat is a devoted and loyal pet that will follow you anywhere you go.

They are quite playful and curious, which means they will explore new places in the house.

Their high intelligence is another thing to remember as they can do a lot of cool tricks if you teach them from a young age.

But this intelligence comes at a price because they can easily get bored if left alone for long periods without any company.

But their curiosity and intelligence also make them highly adventurous, which means they adapt to whatever situation you place them in.

How Big Do Ocicats Get?

Ocicats are medium-sized cats.

An average Ocicat can weigh between 6 – 15 pounds.

The males are usually larger, reaching an average weight of up to 18 pounds.

The Ocicat has a strong and sturdy build that can reach a height of around 9 – 11 inches.  

Ocicat Lifespan

The Ocicat is a healthy breed with a strong immune system.

This means they usually live long lives, which can range from 15 – 18 years.

You can ensure that they live towards the upper end of this scale by taking good care of them and providing ways to relieve stress, like giving them toys to play with or Catnip to relax their minds.

How Much Does An Ocicat Cost?

Ocicats are still rare, so you might struggle to find a good breeder that guarantees a healthy Ocicat kitten, and trust us, you don’t want to buy from a breeder that doesn’t promise good health for the kitten.

On average, an Ocicat kitten can cost you between $800 – $2,500, depending on the breeder.

You can also adapt them cheaper, but it’s rare to find these kinds of cats stranded in shelters.

Ocicat Personality

 As we discussed earlier, the Ocicat is an intelligent, curious, and loving cat that likes to be affectionate with its owners and form deep bonds with them.

Any defines the Ocicat’s personality as being dog-like.

They love interacting with their owner and others, and they may even follow them around the house if they like someone.

They have an incredible athletic build, which they use to the max by jumping from place to place while exploring new places to hide and probably taking a nap.

The Ocicat requires a lot of attention, and it knows how to get it through its ways.

Caring For An Ocicat

Caring for the Ocicat is not that difficult once you understand the basics.

Like most other cats, the Ocicat needs adequate nutrition, daily exercise, and attention and care.

You might have to take some time out of your schedule and spend it with your Ocicat as they can develop bad habits if you leave them alone for too long.

Ocicat Nutrition

Ocicat is an active cat, meaning you have to feed them more food than a lazy cat eats.

The food provides calories that the cat burns to fuel its mischievous adventures, while the proteins from the food are used to build muscle and support growth.

So, it is important to choose a high-protein food.

Vets recommend providing your cat with a mixture of wet and dry food.

You should also provide your cat with cat treats now and then.

Most cat treats on the market are low-calorie, so you can treat your cat without feeling guilty.

How To Groom A Ocicat?

The Ocicat has an easy-to-groom single coat that requires brushing no more than once or twice weekly.

You don’t have to worry about bathing them because they usually lick themselves and keep their coats clean.

But If you decide to bathe them, ensure that you use a high-quality shampoo made specifically for cats.

Brushing their teeth and clipping their nails should also be part of their grooming routine.

One thing many people tend to ignore during their cat’s grooming is cleaning their ears.

This is an incredibly important factor to remember, yet only a few people do it.

Ocicat Activity Levels

The Ocicat is electric, energetic, and athletic.

Their natural curiosity drives them to chase after things and jump from spot to spot in search of something new.

They also love to go for a walk, not every day, but when they are in the mood.

As the Ocicat is a quick cat, you should ensure that they are on a leash or harness when you take them out of the house, or else they can run away.

Ocicat Health Concerns

The Ocicat is generally a healthy breed.

But there are a few diseases you must be aware of and look out for.

But if you buy from a reputable breed, you are good to go, as the Ocicat has no inherited problems.


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