4 Best Puppy Foods for Border Terriers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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It’s time to get your Border Terrier weaned over to solid foods, however you have to make sure you are choosing him the right recipe, which is going to set him up for a strong and healthy long life. Then, first of all you must opt for a completely natural grain-free and additive-free dog food, which is especially for puppies from 6-8 weeks to 12-15 months that belong to small to medium size breeds.

It is advisable to opt for a recipe, which uses real natural meat protein, rather than only vegetables because they are rich in amino acids, which are especially necessary for your active Border Terrier puppy to build strong, lean muscles and fuel high energy levels. Further supplements from pre and probiotics, as well as antioxidants promote the optimum digestion. Omega 3 and Vitamin E are key to keeping a healthy skin and coat, as well as helping to develop brain function and learning, which are important for your intelligent Border Terrier pup.

Best Puppy Food for Border Terriers

As it is essential for you to buy your Border Terrier puppy the right food, we’ve taken the time to research and find the best dog foods available for him to promote the best start-up diet here:

1. Purina ONE SmartBlend Natural Puppy Dog Food

Purina One Smartblend Natural Puppy Dog Food (1)

Purina One have created the ideal recipe for your puppy Border Terrier to help support optimum health using a special blend of natural ingredients including chicken as the main ingredient for protein energy-boosting intake. As well as, DHA and dual defence antioxidants, which promote a healthy immune system, heart and brain development

  • #1 ingredient is real chicken
  • DHA and Omega 3 promotes brain and vision development
  • Dual defence anti-oxidant blend
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2. Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro offer an excellent high-quality dog food, which uses real lamb as the first ingredient for protein and blended with healthy fish oils for optimum levels of DHA and Omega 3 to ensure healthy brain development and skin condition. There are added essential antioxidants, which are packed tight in small bite-sized kibbles.

  • Made with high-quality lamb as the main ingredient
  • Antioxidants to build immune system
  • DHA from fish oil for healthy brain development
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3. Nutrisource Sm/Med Breed Dry Puppy Food

Nutrisource Sm Med Breed Dry Puppy Food 15 Lb

If you are choosing for your small Border Terrier puppy a dog food that has a simple, yet effective formula then Nutrisource will provide all they need. A blend of all the right nutrients with chicken as the main ingredient for protein to ensure optimum healthy growth into adulthood.

  • Specialised small kibble shape
  • Natural chicken as prime protein ingredient
  • Balance of fish oils and probiotics for healthy growth
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4. Royal Canin Puppy Dry Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Mini Puppy (1)

This expert formula created by Royal Canin for small Border Terrier pups is sufficient to last them from 2-10 months with intense energy levels provided by protein and fat from a natural chicken recipe and added supplements in fiber, DHA and probiotics.

  • Specialised small and adaptable kibble size
  • Balanced moisture levels to ensure hydration
  • Specialised formula for small breeds ranging from 9-22lbs
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Border Terrier Puppy Food Buyer’s Guide

In order for your Border Terrier to grow and develop into a strong and healthy small dog, which is renowned for his intelligence, activeness but also loyal nature. Then it all starts with giving them the right diet of a natural blend of the highest quality grain-free ingredients of real turkey, meat or chicken, that provide the right levels of protein and fat to ensure their diet meets the specific health requirements and energy levels needed for your Border Terrier. Fish oils are necessary to provide DHA and Omega 3. Extra supplements of nutrients and vitamins, as well as minerals, such as calcium are extremely necessary for the start-up stages to feeding them a perfectly balanced and healthy diet.

Health & Nutrition

Your puppy Border Terrier needs a specific and balanced level of the right nutrients and vitamins for promoting a healthy digestive and immune system, brain development and heart. This can be found with the right levels of probiotics, DHA, Omega 3, Vitamin E and other defence boosting antioxidants. Minerals such as, calcium and phosphorus help build strong and healthy bones. If you take one of these high quality blended recipes you will be on the path to giving them the right balanced diet they need to live a happy, long life.

Daily Allowance

It so important, especially with Border Terriers to limit their food intake and diets because they will eat and eat until they burst. They are only going to grow into small dogs and their recommended weight to reach to is 13-16lbs. However, if you don’t keep a regular watch on how much they are consuming they have a tendency to over-eat and put extra weight on, which is unhealthy for them later in life. Not only will it affect their mobility and their digestive system deficiently, but it will also affect their heart too. Take time to measure out in small amounts his meals over three or four times a day for feed optimum only energy levels.

Shape & Consistency 

Puppy food made for small dog breeds, such as your Border Terrier are especially designed in shape and form to ease the eating process. The variant-shaped kibbles are soft, curved and extra small so that they are safe and easy to pick up, chew and swallow in their small, fragile mouths. They also store a high consistency of the best ingredients to give your puppy Border Terrier an optimum level of nutrition, upon digestion. An enriched supplement of antioxidants will promote a better digestive system. However, due to their consistency be careful not to give them too much in one go.


Take time to read the packaging and be sure your recipe fits your puppy Border Terrier’s age, small size and health needs, as well as sufficient levels of protein to fuel their body growth and high energy levels. Fortunately, the best quality dog food packaging comes with helpful diagrams and detailed information in big print, which is easy to read and understand all the ingredients, which are included; what they do and also how to feed them with helpful guidelines based on their weight and height, which you will have to check yourself or with the vet. Be sure to adapt their diet and consumption allowance as they grow and get bigger.

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