Box Heeler Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Box Heeler Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Box Heeler is a cute and loyal guard dog. It can be your snuggling companion or your running partner. It has the amazing physique of a Boxer with the energy of a Blue Heeler combined. Its friendliness is also second to none if it’s used to you. The next few paragraphs should shed some light on the attributes of this breed.

Box Heeler History

The Boxer Heeler is a new breed with renowned parents. The boxer is thought to be related to the Tibetan fighting dogs and, by some accounts, even the German Bullenbeissers. This breed became famous for its fighting prowess in the 1800s and was officially acknowledged by the AKC in 1904.

The Blue heeler is a mysterious breed. To be blunt, there isn’t any solid evidence regarding the origins of this breed. According to some accounts, its ancestors may have been a cross between the Collies and Dingos. The credit for this cross-breeding has been allotted to numerous people throughout history and ages.

Box Heeler Characteristics

The Boxer Heeler will inherit traits from both of its parents. It will have a strong and lean muscular body, just like the Boxer. The coat on it will depend on the genes of the dominant breed. The coat may also be weather resistant if it takes after its Blue Heeler side. Its ears will generally be triangular, while its face may be any of the two parents’. Apart from this, the data on the Boxer Heeler is limited because of its rarity.

How Big do Box Heeler Get

The Boxer Heeler may have a diverse height and weight ratio, depending on its gender. The males should generally have a height range of 18 to 25 inches, while the females should have 15 to 23 inches of height. The weight range for males can be 35 to 80 lbs, while for females, it may be 20 to 60 lbs. This wide range for weight is dependent on the dominancy of the genes.

How Long Does Box Heeler Live

The range for the lifespan of the Box Heeler is 10 to 15 years. This value may change depending on the dominant blood. The value may also be extended with the help of exercises and a good diet.

How Much Does a Box Heeler Cost

A Boxer Heeler puppy should cost you something around 500 dollars to 1500 dollars. This is a generally affordable breed when compared to its parents. You should still thoroughly check the breeders’ background and info.

Box Heeler Temperament/Personality

The first thing that the Boxer Heeler inherits from both of its parents is the art of being loyal. The Boxer Heeler is also very affectionate and friendly with people of the household, including various pets. It is also very intelligent, just like the Boxer, and will be trained easily if it takes after its Boxer parent. The Boxer’s curiosity will also manifest itself generally in this breed.

It may also be very energetic if it takes after its Blue Heeler parent. This in itself is not a major problem, but the Blue Heelers don’t get along well with dogs and animals from beyond the house. It may also be slightly violent to trespassing humans, including children. Again it is perfectly safe for people it’s used to.

It should be trained and socialized properly. The problem with that is that the Boxer Heeler is generally stubborn because of its Blue Heeler side. This means that you may have a hard time having it trained. This breed is not for first-timers.

Caring for Box Heeler

You already know how awesome the Boxer Heeler is, and you know that it will love you. Now it is your turn to return that love by caring for it the right way.

Box Heeler Nutrition

The Boxer wheeler is a semi-large breed with moderate activity levels. You should feed at least three cups of enriched food per day. You don’t have to worry about overfeeding it because this breed can burn calories relatively quickly.

How to Groom a Box Heeler

The Boxer Heeler needs a moderate level of grooming. The brushing depends on the quality of the coat that has been inherited from its parents. On average, the coat should be dense and short in length. Two firm brushing sessions per week should keep it from shedding. Bathing should be a minimal activity. Otherwise, you may remove essential oils from its skin with excessive bathing. Brush its teeth and trims its nails accordingly. 

Box Heeler Activity Levels

The Boxer Heeler is a moderately active breed. It may have different needs for walks depending on the dominant blood. It will love long walks and playing, and an hour of activity should be sufficient if it takes after its Boxer parent. If it takes after the Blue Heeler, it will need many more activities to remain happy. On average of efficient activities with training should keep your Boxer Heeler happy.

Caring for Box Heeler

The Boxer Wheeler’s overall care depends on the dominant breed. If its traits are similar to those of the Blue Heeler, then the Heeler will need more care and time when compared to the Boxer. The idea of a diet is also easily manageable with the Boxer Heeler. You may have to add in a bit more time and effort for its exercises.

The main thing to take care of with the Boxer Heeler is the training and socialization. It’s a friendly and harmless breed in general, but if it’s not socialized, it may have problems with strangers and other smaller pets. Training may also be slightly exerting because of how stubborn and rebellious it can be at its young age.

Box Heeler Health

The Boxer Heeler is a hybrid breed. Usually, hybrid breeds are weak and vulnerable to a host of different problems. Fortunately, in the Boxer Heeler’s case, they don’t have any health flaws. They remain very healthy and don’t suffer from any acute or chronic problems. It may have to go through some gastric and eye problems with age.

You should remain in coordination with your local vet to keep your little buddy healthy and happy. You may have to go to the doctor frequently when it’s a puppy for some X-rays. It tends to be very energetic and may suffer a few fractures.

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