Can Cats Eat Butter?

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Cat Eat ButterCats usually have lactose intolerance, but if your feline friend is okay with dairy products such as butter, you can incorporate these into your cat’s diet. If your feline friend loves butter and you are wondering if you can give them some butter or not, then keep on reading. As cat owners, giving your cat too much butter is not a good idea, and in some situations, the high-fat content of butter can cause serious health issues for your little feline friend. 

Can Cats and Kittens Eat Butter?

In animations, videos, and movies, you see your feline friend slurping milk and licking butter, but that is not the best way to give your feline friend some butter. Butter and other dairy products contain lactose and for your cat’s digestive tract to process lactose is not easy. Even a little bit of lactose can be harmful to your obligate carnivores and may give them an upset stomach despite its nutritional value.

However, compared to adult cats, kittens can easily eat human food, including butter, as an occasional treat. As cat parents, we must know that a little butter is not harmful to our little furry friend. The kittens survive on their mother’s milk and have all of their nutritional needs covered with that milk.

So, they have a great ability to digest lactose and do not face many health problems. Giving your kitten; small amounts of butter is not dangerous for their health, this less lactose can be a good treat for them, but if given in an excessive amount, then too much fat might cause some health problems, especially to the cat’s digestive system.

Cats, Butter, and Health

Many people believe that butter has many nutritional benefits when it comes to eating it as human food; however, that is not the case with cat treats. Cat’s digestive systems are different than humans, and giving them human food without limits is not the solution we are looking for. A large amount of butter can harm your cats, so it is better to go for butter substitutes rather than giving a whole tablespoon of butter to your feline friend regularly.

Some cat owners believe it is a great idea to add butter with high levels of fat to your cat’s diet. Butter is a bad thing for your cat’s stomach and might even make your cat’s stomach upset; however, it has some essential nutrients, such as vitamin D, fatty acids, etc., that are good for your feline friend. This excessive fat consumption promotes weight gain in cats, and some believe it is a great way to get rid of hairball issues, making it a perfect hairball remedy.

Good quality cat foods are a necessary part of a balanced diet, and the empty calories may bring some adverse reactions from this cat treat. If you have an overweight cat, giving the cat lactose or butter is out of the question as it has bad fat, and too much lactose can cause health problems. You might think animal fat is good for cats as it contains good fatty acids, but that is not the case with cats, as when it comes to high fat content, they may experience many serious problems.

Is Butter Toxic for Cats?

Many people practice religiously giving your feline friend some melted butter to clean a cat’s throat and believe it to be effective. However, this situation can cause difficulty breathing and may lead to digestive problems, dairy allergy, and other unexpected changes in your cat’s health. Even a little bit of butter can cause heart disease in cats due to its bad fat.

Butter also usually has flavors and artificial sweeteners, which make it toxic for your feline friend to consume. Almond butter, peanut butter, and even vegan butter made with vegetable oils with low fat content are also not recommended for your cats. These fatty foods directly attack cats’ stomachs, cause stomach discomfort and digestive problems, and might even lead to obesity and cancer.

Are Cats Fan of Eating Butter?

It is good news that your feline friend loves eating butter but also bad news. The main reason is that they enjoy all the fatty foods: butter, ice cream, chicken breast, or any type of animal protein. However, giving your cat a lot of buttery treats is not good for the cat’s stomach. It causes digestive issues and might even lead to dairy allergy so going for healthier alternatives is the best thing you can do in such a situation.

How To Stop My Cat from Nibbling on Butter

If your feline friend loves eating too much butter, then you need to stop them from having their fun whenever they can. Cats are smart animals, but you must take care of their eating habits as cat owners. So, how can you do this?

First, lock your refrigerator, where you mainly store butter. If your butter is placed on the table, then put it in a sealed container so that they cannot easily place their little cat’s paws on the butter. Lastly, never let your feline friend have a taste or even a whiff of butter. 

If you introduce them, then it can cause trouble for them and you. If your feline friend still wants to eat butter, then go for some healthier alternatives, including coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, and more, which can also be given in small quantities.


The bottom line is that you should not give your feline friend butter but if they love butter, then treat it as a human food dessert for your cat’s diet. Butter will only bring harm to your beloved pet than giving them any additional benefits, so it is better to avoid it at all costs. However, if they eat butter for any reason, make sure it is free of flavors, preservatives, and additional sweeteners. Too much butter can cause serious problems for your feline friend, so giving them some delicious catnips and cat foods with some buttery flavors is the solution you can go for.

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