Daisy Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Daisys are alert, loyal, and clever dogs. This breed is famous for being fuzzy and charming with a magnificent personality. This beautiful pup is a result of mixing three adorable breeds: the Shih-Tzu, Bichon fries, and the poodle. It inherits the best characteristics from its parents.   

These small-sized dogs are loving and affectionate. Daisy dogs are super friendly and get along well with other pets and kids- meaning it is not guard dog material. However, they are great family pets who love to play. This fluffy dog is well built, and they are not frail at all. They demand a lot of attention from loved ones. 

Daisy dog History

Daisy Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDaisy dog is a beautiful designer breed. Its origins are pretty unclear, and there is not much known about their history, so let’s talk about three purebreds that produced this sweet pup. The Bichon fries are believed to be originated from the Mediterranean. Due to their gorgeous look and their personality, they became a sign of wealth. AKC (American kennel club) registered this pup in 1934.

The poodle has its origins in Germany. There are three known sizes of this breed. The miniature breed was used for sniffing truffles, the small-sized breed was used as a family pet, and the hunters used the standard-sized breed as retrievers. The Shih-Tzu is an ancient dog who has origins in China or Tibet. They were also called small loins. AKC (American Kennel Club) recognized them in 1969. 

Daisy dog Characteristics 

Daisy is a small to a medium-sized pup with a sturdy build. They inherit all the good qualities from their parents, like a well-proportioned body with small straight legs and a fluffy coat. They have a broad head with ears that can be semi-erect or fold down. Their nose is small, and they have a short muzzle. 

Their coats are smooth, silky, and sleek. The possible coat colors may include silver, gray, black, white, brown, blue, and red. They have deep shiny eyes that are usually oval-shaped, which gives them lively and open expression. 

How Big do Daisy dog Get

As Daisy’s parents are small-sized canines, this breed will also be small-sized. The males have an average height of 11 – 12 inches, and they weigh around 12 – 17 pounds. The females have an average height of 10 – 11 inches, and their weight can be anywhere between 10 – 15 pounds. 

How Long Does Daisy dog Live

As a small-sized dog, the Daisy dog lives comparatively longer than other bigger dogs. They have an average lifespan of 13 – 16 years. You can bump this number up by caring for them and meeting their daily requirements.

How much does a Daisy dog cost

Like its parents, this dog’s price depends on various factors like the breeder’s reputation, confirmation of lineage, and the place from where you are buying it. On average, it may cost you around $500 to $1000. If you’re given the parent’s health care assurance and the dog’s DNA test, it may cost you more than the average price. 

Daisy dog Temperament/Personality

Daisy dog is loving, affectionate, and family-friendly. They have this built-in sweet nature that attracts every passing by. Despite their size, they are highly active and robust. These pups are easygoing, and they are great with other pets, children, and adults. This pup is sweet like sugar, and they love to spend time with the owner and other family members.

If possible, take them with you wherever you go because they love to travel and explore. Their eagerness to explore makes them easy to train and teach. They can show conservative behaviors sometimes, so be patient while training them. These canines hate to be left alone and like to be the center of everyone’s attention. 

Caring for Daisy dog

Daisy Dogs require moderate levels of care. Certain things must be kept in mind when dealing with them. Keep their health under check and groom them punctually. Spend quality time with them to keep their shine and glow. Keep reading to explore more about your little dog. 

Daisy Dog Nutrition

This small-sized dog has high levels of energy. Meeting their nutritional requirements is essential for their good health. On average, they need up to 2 cups of top-notch dog food per day. You can split this into three or more and feed them accordingly.  

How to Groom a Daisy dog

Daisy is a hypoallergenic dog, and its shedding level is quite low. Regular brushing of their coat isn’t necessary, but it is good to avoid tangling and matting. Bathe them only when they are dirty using dog shampoo to protect their skin from drying out and causing itching. Regular teeth brushing using toothpaste specially made for dogs is essential, as they are prone to dental diseases. Clip their nails when they need using a special nail clipper made for dogs and clean their ears once a week. 

Daisy dog Activity Levels

Daisy is a small dog, but they need daily activities and exercise to quit boredom and stay in their best possible shape. Exercising not enough may produce self-destructive behaviors, so take them for a daily walk or jog for about 25 to 30 minutes. If you have a fenced yard, play with them as it will stimulate their mind.  

Caring for Daisy dog

Daisy dogs tend to get jealous when they don’t get attention from their family members, and they are prone to develop destructive behaviors, so leaving them alone may not be a good idea. Regular exercise and activities are necessary to keep their shine. They are prone to obesity so, don’t overfeed them. 

Daisy dog Health

This breed is considered to be Healthy. However, it’s still a possibility that Daisy may inherit diseases from their parents. Some of the major health issues are Epilepsy, Bloat, Eye problems, Patellar Luxation, and Addison’s disease. Make sure to visit their vet at least once a month. Give them medications regularly if they need any. 

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