Froodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Froodle is a cute little breed that resembles the Havachon quite highly in its looks. The Froodle is friendly, lovely and intelligent. It will talk to you and try to understand you better whenever you talk to it. The best thing about the Froodle is its tendency to stay beside its humans no matter what. You probably won’t find a more loyal breed than this. The Froodle has numerous other qualities which have been explained in the next few paragraphs.

Froodle History

Froodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Froodle is a cross between the French Bulldog and the Poodle. Today we will be ananlysing both of their respective histories. The Poodle was originally a German Breed. The actual history of the Poodle is ancient in nature. It was used for hunting water fowl. The distinct shape and figure of the Froodle, that we are familiar with today was developed by the French.

The French Bulldog is a breed related to the Molosser dogs. It is related to the Molosser dog through the English Bulldog. The French Bulldog is in all actuality a toy version of the English Spaniel. It was first quite prominent with the English Lacemakers in England. Afterward it was transported to France where it was transformed into the current version. It was registered with the AKC in 1898.

Froodle Characteristics

The Froodle is a small breed with a well built body. The ears of the Froodle are long and its eyes are round. The head of the Froodle is also round and well defined. The Froodle will have short legs and a clear defined forehead. The muzzle of the Froodle will usually be short to medium in length. The coat of the Froodle will be short and slightly curly.

How Big do Froodle Get

The Froodle is a breed that you can quite literally carry around in your bag. The height range for the male Froodle is usually between 13 and 15 inches with a weight range of 18 to 22 lbs. The females on the other hand are 12 to 14 inches tall and weigh 17 to 19 lbs. The weight range can vary widely, but anything more than the above figure is unhealthy.

How Long Does Froodle Live

The Froodle is a breed that faces a few dire health problems. Despite this the Froodle will live a long healthy life. The lifespan of the Froodle will usually be between 11 to 13 years. The lifespan of the Froodle can be expanded with the help of a good diet and exercise.

How Much Does a Froodle Cost

The price of the Froodle is thought to change between various areas and breeders. Normally the Froodle will cost you a figure between 400 and 1200 years. The price of the Froodle will also change based on the health of the puppy. The more medical procedures that the Froodle has undergone, the more it will cost you.

Froodle Temperament/Personality

The Froodle is a family friendly guy, which just can’t help being the jester of the family. It has a lively personality and a humorous disposition. We guarantee that you will smile, every time you see the Froodle. It has a contagious joyfulness that will cease at nothing. The Froodle will get along well with almost any other breed. You will have to socialize it properly from a young age to remain on the safe side.

Training the Froodle shouldn’t be that hard, because it loves being the perfect goody two shoes. Yes you may experience some problems, if it gets bored in its training. It is of essence that the sessions be engaging and interesting. If you don’t know about the training regimen that you should be following, then a Dog Training Book should aid you in your quest. These dogs can get a bit rough with children but in a playful way.

Caring for Froodle

The Froodle like every breed requires the attention of its human to live a long and healthy life. The portion below will inform you of the best possible way to do that.

Froodle Nutrition

The Froodle has one of the smallest tummies. It needs food according to its size, which is why we recommend looking into the Food for Small Dogs section. You may use brands like Blue Buffalo Dog Food, and Pedigree Dog Food. Either way, you should refrain from giving it more than one cup of food.

How to Groom a Froodle

The Froodle will need different needs for its grooming sessions. Normally we would recommend brushing its coat at least four to five times per week. If you can brush its coat daily, then that’s even better. You should use an easy to use Dog Brush to brush its coat. Bathing the Froodle will be a rare activity irrespective of the inherited coat. You will have to brush its teeth after every one day. Finally you will have to trim its nails whenever you hear that clicking sound coming from its walk.

Froodle Activity Levels

The Froodle is a highly energetic breed, especially for its size. It has an almost limitless well of stamina. You will have to supply it with at least 2 hours of your daily time. Apart from that you will have to keep it engaged and interested in its daily routine. Otherwise it will get bored and wander about. Change is essential for the Froodle.

Caring for Froodle

The Froodle is a small breed and needs care in its handling. The first most important thing to know is, to keep it safe from children. Children have a tendency to get rough with things unintentionally. You will have to supervise interactions between the Froodle and any children inside of the house. You should also keep the Froodle dry, especially after bathing it. Clean its ears, and remove any moisture to reduce the chances of it catching any infection etc.

Froodle Health

The Froodle is hybrid and by its nature is doomed to suffer health problems. Yes it sounds depressing, but it is what it is. The most prominent and frequently reported conditions of the Froodle are Diabetes, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Patellar Luxation, Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia, and Heart Defects. Eye infectiono s are also a possibility with this breed.

To keep your companion safe, it is your duty to take him to the vet. Ensure that he gets a thorough check-up and examinations. Please make sure that the consistency of its diet and exercise remain intact. You should also consult your vet about the possible precautions that you can take to keep your buddy happy and healthy.

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