How Long Do Dachshunds Live?

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How Long Do Dachshunds LiveThe Dachshund is a German-bred hound. Even though it is one of the tiniest of its species, it’s known for being a brave-heart. This absolute cutie has a sleek, long back, and petite legs. Dachshunds are small in size but have a larger-than-life personality.

They are known for their oh-so-sharp instincts and agile nature. They’re also great pets for a smaller family. These dogs have a rich bark that can get to any larger breed. These dogs are also very loyal to their master and love being around family members.

These babies love it when you pamper them. People bring Dachshunds home for several reasons. However, their lifespan is one of the best things about them. Wondering what is so special about them? Let us help you with the facts!

The Lifespan of a Dachshund

Dachshunds live for an average of 12.5 years. This a year and a half more than the average breeds. A lot of these dogs have survived up to 15 years or more. However, each individual dog has a varying life expectancy.

Many factors could affect your pup’s life expectancy. Wondering how you can get your furry friend to live longer? We’re here to help you with your questions!

How Can I Make a Dachshund Live Longer?

The first step to making your Dachshund live long is to know their breed well. Although there is no definite way to ensure that your dog lives longer, there are few things that can help. These are the steps you can take to ensure that your fur buddy lives a long and healthy life-

Proper Diet

You need to feed your dog the right food. Dachshunds have a small body frame. This means you need to feed them only as much food as their body requires. Your dog needs nutritious food that balances everything. The food should include raw food, cooked meals, protein, carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats.


If dogs don’t move around, they will become obese. Obesity is also the leading cause of early deaths due to medical complications. Make sure your dog walks, plays, runs, and stays active throughout the day. This makes him healthy and can help him live longer. Now is your chance to have long walks with your furry companion!

Regular Vet Visits

Sometimes your Dachshund may have medical conditions that you’re unaware of. You must take your dog for frequent vet visits to keep a check on his health. You must also ensure that your dog is properly vaccinated. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog! And we all know, happy dogs live the longest!

What can impact a Dachshund’s life expectancy?

Several biological health factors can affect your Dachshund’s lifespan. One of the most common issues is the intervertebral disk disease. This causes pain in the back.

Other problems could be weak eye issues, Cushing’s disease as well as cancer. However, the best way to keep your disease-free is through good food and effective exercise. These are both equally important.

Worried about your dogs’ health? Well, take them for those treasured walks and give them some protein! They’ll do just fine!

Summing Up

The Dachshund is a gem of a breed. It is a dog that is everything you dreamed of in a pet. It is loyal, adventurous, friendly and can give even larger breeds a scare if you’re in danger! They have a long lifespan that will let you have them for many years.

Dachshunds are easy to train dogs that learn commands quickly. They’re very lovable and will soon become a valuable part of your family. Are you bringing a Dachshund home? Well, we’re as delighted as you are!

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