Turkish Boz Shepherd Information-Everything You Need To Know

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The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a huge old dog native to Turkey’s Northern Urfa Mountains. This strong dog is a good protector of cattle & has a low hunting desire, which means they defend rather than attack another animal. It was bred to resist the extreme of either warm or frigid temperatures. This dog is loyal and dedicated to his family, and he is highly patient with small children, even allowing them to ride him like a horse. They will defend your home with their life, but any naive invader will be deterred by their sheer size & weight.

The Turkish Boz Shepherd was used as a household protector, as a security dog, and by the police. They are well-suited to their role as stock guardians and protectors and are capable of dealing with any danger to their charges. They are peaceful and kind with sheep and thus are frequently included in the flock, lying next to them. They are cute and loving as a companion. However, keeping these gentle creatures would require more than one apartment because they are large.

Turkish Boz Shepherd History

Turkish Boz Shepherd Information Everything You Need To KnowThe Turkish Boz Shepherd is a purebred that arose naturally rather than selective breeding. Although distinct from them, they are linked to the Anadolu, Kangal, Kars, and Akbash breeds. This canine is one of the world’s oldest dogs, with a history extending back thousands of years. Due to their natural evolution, they have fewer health problems.

 A Turkish Boz Shepherd is a powerful, instinctual protector of the creatures they protect and their family and is known for their intense urge to bond intimately. These shepherd dogs herded the ancient nomadic tribe Bozoklar (which signifies Brown Arrow) from the Boz Mountain region. ‘Boz’ is a nickname that signifies ‘Big Strong Warrior.’

This breed was recognized for its entrenched and powerful guardian instincts and agility and endurance. There’s no one better than them as guardians of the nomads’ herds.

The Turkish Boz Shepherd has perfected their breed over the last 8,000 years, reacting to natural causes and developing a distinctive healthy body and an extended lifespan for a big breed.

The population of this gentle soul has declined as several regional areas have developed. However, Akin Tulubas, a Turkish native, is dedicated to preserving the Turkish Boz Shepherd & has worked relentlessly to reunite this beautiful dog with its homeland and raise awareness of the breed.

He advocates for the careful breeding and conservation of this beautiful animal.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Characteristics

They have a robust build and muscular appearance, with a boxy appearance due to their height and width being equal.

How Big Can A Turkish Boz Shepherd Get?

The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a breed unto itself. With a height of up over 36 inches and around 190 pounds, this is a large dog.

How Long Can A Turkish Boz Shepherd Live?

The life span of this giant dog is 10-12 years.

How Much Does A Turkish Boz Shepherd Cost?

Let’s say you’re looking to purchase Boz shepherd pups in the U. S. According to the breeder & region, they might cost anywhere from 3000 to 5000 dollars.

Yes, they are pricey; this is due to the fact that most people do not possess this dog breed, such as a German Shepherd or a Pitbull, and so they are difficult to come by; this is why Boz shepherd pups are distinctive. Since they are not rare in Turkey, you can get them for less than $500.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Personality/Temperament

The Turkish Boz Shepherd is a big dog that is clever and devoted. They are compassionate and committed to their family and the animals they guard.

When a real threat is detected, this dog will defend their stock or family members to guarantee its safety & survival.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Nutrition

A Turkish Boz Shepherd is a giant dog that needs 4 cups of dog food each day, and it should be high in protein and carbs.

How Do You Groom A Turkish Boz Shepherd?

Even though the Turkish Boz Shepherd has a shorter coat, they still need to be brushed once a week. Their fur is thick in the winter, as it is for most dogs, so they will require brushing practically daily when they start to shed. 

With their incredible speed and endurance for such a huge physique, the Boz requires a daily stroll or run to stay in shape. If your pet is a working dog, that is all they will need because they can go long distances with the stock while keeping an eye on them.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Activity Level

The Turkish Boz Shepherd has a low energy level and may travel across a broad amount of land watching after the sheep entrusted to them. They are more constant movers, roaming here and there to get a sense of the land’s topography. If you have a companion pup in a city, you should take them for a walk every day to maintain them fit.

They really aren’t runners, but when necessary, they can attain amazing speeds. With the Turkish Boz Shepherd, everything is highly delicate. This is a dog who prefers to be with his family, continually inspecting each member, or be with a herd or flock to defend. They respond to mild tactics with plenty of love and compassion throughout training. If they are handled brutally, they might be emotionally shattered, and they will remember it.

Turkish Boz Shepherd Health Concerns

A Turkish Boz Shepherd is a generally healthy breed. They are descended from a line of ancestors.

Even so, get them to the veterinary for annual exams to ensure that any health problems are discovered early.

The Turkish Boz Shepherd, on the other hand, is an exception. This breed is quite healthy, with minimal health issues to be concerned about. Apart from elbow & hip dysplasia, this breed does not suffer from any other diseases.

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