10 Best Dog Slip Leads (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Attention to all dog owners, what is the biggest worry of any pet parent while you’re out on your walks? Your pooch slipping their lead or leash and running off, of course! There’s nothing scarier than the thought of your pal lost and unable to get back to you, but we have a solution so you can walk without fear.

Dog Slip Leads are made especially for this purpose, they come in a variety of different brands, sizes and styles but they all have one thing in common: keeping your pup with you where they belong.

Below are the top ten Dog Slip Leads we recommend for you to try, all products have been extensively researched so you don’t have to!

Best Dog Slip Leads

Now for our dog slip lead reviews.

1. Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

The Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead is conveniently designed to be both a collar and leash in one simple product. The slip rope is made from the highest quality polypropylene, making it sturdy, long lasting and fashionable. On top of being tough, this rope is designed for your cleaning convenience, all you have to do is throw it in the washing machine and it will be good as new.

  • Convenient design allows collar to fit any breed of dog
  • Slip rope is made from high quality materials for your peace of mind
  • Machine washable, looks like new after each wash
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2. Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope

Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope

The Friends Forever Dog Slip Rope is designed to be durable and last for years of daily usage with its premium quality mountain climbing rope material. The material is smooth as well as strong so it doesn’t rub uncomfortably against your pooch’s neck. The lead is light weight and six feet long for your walking convenience, you can shorten it to your wishes easily for heel training.

  • Durable and tough design, material of climber’s rope
  • Anti chafing material is great for long walks or pulling puppies
  • Slip rope is light and easy to carry for walks or travel
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3. Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope

Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope

The Coolrunner Dog Slip Rope is made to survive even the strongest dog’s pulling, with the highest quality of nylon this slip rope is guaranteed to be long lasting. With a length of five feet, this lead allows you to adjust how far out you want your pooch, or to keep them at your side for better training. The slip rope is perfect for training ornery puppies as it tightens when they pull, encouraging them to return to your side, but loosens immediately which reduces the risk of choking.

  • High quality nylon allows for the best durability
  • Five feet of length that you can adjust as needed
  • Perfect lead for training puppies or just ornery dogs
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4. iYoShop Slip Dog Rope

Iyoshop Slip Dog Rope

The iYoShop Slip Dog Rope is designed for your comfort and peace of mind while out walking with your pal, the high density nylon rope guarantees that your pet won’t get loose. The handle is a comfortable grip, with padding specially made to give you the best traction for your pulling pup. Interwoven into the slip rope is reflective threads, making your night walks that much safer.

  • Durable nylon rope allowed you to walk with confidence
  • Handle is great for dogs that pull, reduces chafing on hand
  • Reflective threading adds a safety measure for late night walks
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5. Remington Dog Slip Rope

Remington Dog Slip Rope

Remington Dog Slip Rope is the perfect leash and collar combination lead rope for all of your training/walking needs. The slip rope is made from soft, braided nylon throughout for the best quality while still being comfortable on your pup’s fur. This lead allows your pup to learn how to walk at your side without the choking risk of other collars, when they pull away the lead tightens and gently corrects them.

  • Slip rope works as both a collar and lead for your convenience
  • Made from soft but flexible material for your pup’s comfort
  • Great for training newbies, gently corrects tugging
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6. Grand Line Slip Rope

Grand Line Slip Rope

The Grand Line Slip Rope is designed for your every convenience while training or walking your pal. The reflective threading that is interwoven throughout the rope is perfect for added security on night walks. The slip rope is made from the strongest nylon while still being soft enough to not run your dog’s neck raw. The lead is five feet long for you to choose how far from your side you want your pooch.

  • Reflective threads allow for safer night walks
  • Nylon material makes this slip rope excellent for long lasting durability
  • Five feet in length for your training convenience
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7. Max and Neo Dog Slip Rope

Max And Neo Dog Slip Rope

The Max and Neo Dog Slip Rope is made for all of your training needs, with a five foot length giving you the choice of how far you want your pup to stray. The slip rope is made from high density nylon rope to ensure the highest quality for your pooch and making the rope ideal for pullers. The grip is made from leather, offers both traction when needed and comfort for your hand on long walks.

  • Five feet of length, great for training and walking purposes
  • High quality materials are perfect for durability
  • The handle is designed for your comfort on long walks
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8. PetBemo Dog Slip Rope

Petbemo Dog Slip Rope

PetBemo Dog Slip Rope is crafted with the purpose of giving you complete control over your pooch while out walking. The slip rope is made from the highest quality of rope, the same type that mountain climbers use with confidence, which ensures your pooch stays where you want them. With interwoven reflective threading, this lead is great for increasing your safety on night hiking or walks. With six feet of length, the lead is easy to let out or tighten as you need it.

  • Materials are chosen with care for durability and comfort
  • Reflective threads add safety measure for night walks
  • Length is great for training newbies or heel training.
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9. BRONZEDOG Slip Rope

Bronzedog Slip Rope

BRONZEDOG Slip Rope is designed to last for years of daily usage without needing constant replacements, the material is the same as mountain climbers rope to ensure durability. The lead is comfortable, that way your pup’s neck doesn;t get rubbed raw on longer walks. The color choices are all vivid and stylish for your aesthetic pleasure while still doing their job,

  • Rope is made from the same material as mountain climber’s rope
  • Material is gentle on your dog’s skin, even for tuggers
  • Many colors to choose from and all bright
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10. Joytale Dog Slip Rope

Joytale Dog Slip Rope

Joytale Dog Slip Rope is made with you and your pup’s comfort in mind, the grip is soft and padded for your hand while still offering excellent traction when needed. The material is the exact same rope used in mountain climber’s equipment, ensuring that your pup won’t get loose while out and about. Reflective threading gives you a measure of added confidence when you go out on night walks.

  • Soft handle grip while still good for traction
  • Same durable material that mountain climbers use
  • Reflective threading is used for additional safety on night walks
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Dog Slip Lead Buying Guide

Best Dog Slip Lead ReviewsNow that you’ve perused through our top ten product recommendations, I’ll go in depth for some of the terms used and why they are each excellent bonuses to have to any dog slip rope.

Reflective Threading

When you’re doing anything outside, reflective is nice, but it is especially so when you’re doing night walks with your dog. The biggest worry people have about walking at night is the danger of a car not seeing you. This feature eliminates that concern, as much as a product can, while giving you extra confidence on your walks.

Nylon or Similar Materials

The most common material used in high quality dog leashes, harnesses, and slip ropes are nylon or mountain climbing rope. Either of these materials are designed to handle massive amounts of pressure without ripping or wearing out over time. The higher the density is on the nylon or rope, the better quality you are getting for your money. Stronger dogs require better materials for their leads or they will wear down quickly and have to be replaced constantly.

Comfortable Grip

This is very important, most people underestimate just how much pain you can have from a grip that isn’t made to be comfortable. Even if your dog doesn’t pull, if the grip is made from an abrasive material you are in for a world of pain. If your dog DOES pull then it is even worse, especially if you are going for long walks. It is necessary to find a handle or grip that conforms to your hand while still offering the necessary traction. The grip is useless if it is comfortable but doesn’t do its job.

Rope Length

While this isn’t quite as important as the grip, it is still a major component of your rope. When you’re training or just walking for leisure, you need to have the correct leash length. If it is too small you’ll have back pain from bending over but if it is too big then your pup will have too much lead to be tangled in. All of these are things to think about when buying your dog slip lead.

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